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  1. I think something can be said for life experience. At 18-21, they are still thinking about life in terms of whether they parents, friends, boyfriends, will approve. At 24-26, they’re starting to think independently and identify their true passions and interests. When you see candidates who have a sense of purpose driven by that, it’s hard to pass them over.

    Also, as you get older life closes doors and knocks you down. People disappoint you. You see your own limits and weaknesses more. When you see candidates who have had to struggle to overcome barriers, internal and external, perceived or real, it’s hard to pass them over.

    Baby pa pag 18 or 19 in the grand scheme of things.

    Even here in the US, the winners almost always tend to be 25-27 and have been on the pageant circuit for years. It’s not discriminating against you, but opting for the wisdom and experience of #living.

    • If it’s really destiny and Miss Gray does go to MU 2018, I only wish she’d go beyond what Lalaine Benett has achieved.

      I wish Cat the very best of luck!

    • Wow what a striking resemblance !
      But Cat should win MUP first
      Then the MUO and the judges have to like her .. which is not hard to do.
      Then she needs to prove to the world .. the universe rather.. that she is smart
      One wrong question ( a la Ms Thailand 2017) and her dream is quashed forever .

      I hope Cat does her homework . The competition now is not like MWP 2016.
      A lot of smart and gorgeous girls are in it to win it .
      Wynonah Buot is right behind her !!!!

  2. gone are those days when 17 or 18 year old girls can win Bb Universe…. Gloria D was 18, Margie M 19, Guada Sanchez 17 , Chiqui Brosas 18 when sent to compete in Miss Universe and they made a mark….other remarkable 18 year old beauties were Pilar Pilapil and Joyce Anne Burton

  3. these girls are deserving
    anyone among them could win the top plum which is MUP

  4. Why does it seem everybody is insinuating (redundant) that Magbitang “just get experience for now”? I beg to disagree. If she is OK NOW, why not give her a title? Perhaps it will open doors she needs…

    • Andrew … aka … Fabian … Reyes … omg , so many alter accounts. Dissociative disorder?

      • Wow , am I really that good? It’s definitely a compliment to be mistaken for Andrew!!!

      • @ Jennifer Magnayon : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Please tell us you are related to Catriona Elisa Magnayon-Gray.

        Pleathe po, guyth, hindi po ako thi Fabieeee…! War kami, nu’n. 😦

      • Konting polish sa comm skills?
        I think she needs a lot of improvement . But I agree, she is smart and should learn very fast.

  5. If Cat wins BBP-U or Grand…

    I guess it is between Athisa Manalo and Patrizia Garcia for International…

    Unless, Jheza nails the Q&A w/ flying colors…
    Only then could she win BBP-International…
    If not then she could settle for Miss Globe or another runner-up placement. 🙂

    If Cat doesn’t win BBP Universe or Grand…
    Then she could get International.

    • i know Miss International in terms of choosing a winner. they are fair and they have crowned more deserving winners now a days. But do you think after winning MI from 2013 to 2016. do you think they will give us the crown again in a span of 1 year if we will send uber prototype MI rep and lalo na kung ginalingan talaga? pangatlo na natin yan if ever sa loob ng 6 years lang. Kung meron noon na nanalo ilang beses in 1 decade lang. before is different to after.
      Sa MU naman possible na ibigay ulit satin ang crown kahit nanalo tayo nung 2015 as long as deserving rep natin..
      Ang sakin if cat is willing to join again next year. then if hinde ibigay sa kanya ang MUP ths year. then ist runner up muna. para makajoin pa. basta sana sure nya nasasali pa talaga sya. so pag nakuha nya ang MI that year. mas madali na compare this year. Pero kung hinde na sasali. at hinde nya makuha ang MUP. well Miss International is second to the top 4major pageants. not bad. May qualities din naman sya ng MI. mas MI talaga sya. Pero transformation exists. May make up artist. may stylist and may trainors to guide her. to mold her into MUish peg. so i want her to be our MUP2018. si cat ang mauunite sa dalawang bigating camp natin. tho may connection pa din sya Aces and also to harley who is more close to KF. so parehong camp ang mabebenefit. after all we are one country. Philippines!!!!

  6. If these girls are the only ones qualified for BPInternational, I’d go for Jehza Huelar, handsdown.

  7. maganda yan…start at around 19 and 20 to gain confodence and experience….para at 24 or 25 you’re very ready

  8. Ahtisa and Sandra are the top 2 of this batch. Jehza is my sentimental favorite pero she’s kinda lost the interest. Sabagay sa third attempt ni Pia, wala naman ding malaking support on her. In fact si Ateng Norms na lang ata nag predict noon na siya magwawagi ng MUP crown. Let’s see.

  9. Catriona is likely to win MUP
    But pls let’s not act like there’s nothing wrong with her.
    She s pretty tall and articulate
    But her body needs toning
    And while She’s very good with FTF interviews ( comparable to Nia and the 2 Olivias),
    you see a lot of nervousness and Apparent self-doubt in her answers to The questions onstage.
    Pia immersed herself in YouTube videos of previous MU editions
    Janine kept a note book of Q&A’s
    I hope she does the same … and make a commitment to get her body MU- ready when the time comes .
    And I really hope she returns to her MWP/MW look on finals night. Scratch that Marimar Look which to me works only if you are blonde and blue

    Cat , Wynonah Buot is at your heels!!!!

    • Honestly , Cat’s hair reminds me of Dindi’s last yr . We already know what happened to her . Hihihi
      Cat , hair is everything !!!!

      • Ikaw naman sistah, parang isa or dalawang beses lang siyang lumabas ng ganyan inassume mo na agad. We both know that her glam team is trying to experiment and show all of us na diyosa siya na khit anong ayos ay babagay. To me, di naman panget. Maybe not the best, but still she nailed it. Di lahat kayang bagayan nang ganung hairlaloo sa totoo lang.

    • Honestly , Cat’s hair reminds me of Dindi’s last yr . We already know what happened to her . Hihihi
      Cat , hair is everything !!!!

  10. “Now who do you think has the greater upper hand among them to zoom up to the second-highest spot in the final tally?”….why Tito Norms? Can’t the top 2 spots come from this group?

      • Tito Norman , pls train your kababayan on how to talk in public . She is struggling big time in the comm skills dept . I wonder how she will fare in the Q&A

      • Maka past few years naman si ateng akala mo ang tagal na ha… for all we know di naman sinadya yun, baka nagkataong the best performer overall ay 25 na ganern. Tse!

      • “Maka past few years naman si ateng akala mo ang tagal na ha…”

        @Yari Kah uhm teh, blog nya to di ba? makapang away ka sa blogger wagas ah. pero sigi patulan kita, 2014 2015 2016 2017, 4 years na yun teh, ewan ko na lang kung di pa yun matagal sayo.

        Also, why does it seem to me na you view this “trend” na parang si Tito Norms ang nagdecide nun? He’s just merely expressing what has been happening for the past 4 years, na totoo namang older binibini ang nagiging MUP (altho this doesnt necessarily naman na napunta lang sila dun bec of age, malay natin sila naman talaga top performer sa batch nila di ba). Although nakikita at naiintindihan ko rin naman yung perspective nyo na it seems medyo leading ang statements toward a certain candidate, pero ayun sana hinay hinay tayo sa speculations kasi waley tayo proof

      • Candidate should send MU is the deserving one no matter how is young or old she is in the competition. should not be like Pia, past kailangan palitan…. i think if Mr. Norman will be the judges he will send the old one to MU even not deserving one.

  11. For just this batch, these ladies can speak their thoughts comfortably in front of the camera without getting flustered.

    Bb. 34 MJ de Castro
    Bb. 23 Ena Velasco
    Bb. 35 Sandra Lemonon – This lady is multi-lingual and a sexy spokesperson.

    If it’s just about the height, posture and Filipina beauty:
    Bb. 19 Anjame Magbitang

    May mga dating:
    Bb. 9 Agatha Romero
    Bb. 37 Patrizia Garcia

    I’d love to see these ladies make it to Top 15.

    • Dr. Ena might win even a runner-up placement. ANJAME might really pull a surprise. She may be good in Supranational or even International. Maswerte ang DOG at TIGER this year…if u belive in feng shui

  12. Ahtisa and Sandra are very pretty . Sandra prob a better talker… but ahtisa is not that bad either . Both of them can rightfully own a crown this yr

    Anjame is still raw physically and definitely needs a lot of work when it comes to comm skills . She said she was top 1 in HS. Does it mean she graduated valedictorian? Someone has to train her how to talk with feminine grace and poise . This can only happen if she softens her diction .

    • As for Eva, I find her pretty . But I don’t think she can win an international crown . I’m concerned abt the facial shape and definition .

  13. I think Jehza has loosen her momentum in the competition. She is no longer a crowd favorite and many of her fans are also now supporting other stronger new candidates. I guese is if you start strong like her first try in 2016 where she placed 1st runner up. You got to be stronger on your next try and she clearly did not perform well on her second try. Her Q & A is a disaster so she did not even get a runner up placement. She cannot be compared to MJ and Pia because many people still support them on their third try because on their second attenp many are shock on why they did not get a runner up placement even if they did well on all parts of the competition. I hope she improve her performance a lot because clearly I see the newer faces( 19 Catriona, 20 Michelle, and 23 Ena) winning the Miss Universe Philippines title. She is also quite short at 5’6 or 5’6 1/2. I only a lower title or a runner up placement for her. Just sharing my though and not to offend strong supporters of Jezha.

  14. My vote goes to Eva Patalinjug and Ena Velasco for the crown
    Ahtisa will be a future Philippines title holder on her next try .
    Jehza should drink more energy drink to shine. Wag mo sayangin Jehza dapat manalo ka

    • Go fight Jehza, show them you can still compete….you did fail big time on your second try, but 3rd time is the charm….i hope……..Runner ups or Ms. Globe for you for sure.

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