66 comments on “Playful Binibinis at Art in Island 3D Interactive Museum

  1. i am not even bothered by your thumbs down
    you are just .0000000000000 % of beauty pageant fans around the barangay
    therefore, irrelevant

  2. waste of time sa kaartehan
    wala man lang charity works

    yan ang priority
    at lahat naman ng sankabaklaan
    eh bulag na umiidolo kay Cat

    she will be a runner up and sasali sa MEP

    mga bakla nga sali ng sali sa MissGay minsan dalawa
    tatlo pa isang gabi

    • @gloriamoranwurtzbach: Your mouth stinks! You are so fond of using foul words just for you to be able to express your so called opinion about Catriona Gray. It goes to show that you are so scared of her winning the MUP crown. Assuming without conceding that I am a blind follower of Cat, how would you call yourself? Someone who is on the verge of losing your sanity? Feel free to express whatever ill feelings you have for Cat. Feel free as well to assert beyond your limits. And feel free to live in your own fa tantasies dear! Ikaw ang sumali sa gay pageants! Dun ka bagay. Lastly, I have one word for you. And that is: Pweeeeeeeee!!!!

  3. So I noticed. The girls have started forming cliques already. Catriona usually seen only with Lemonon and Michelle and a few A&Q ladies. Is she being snubbed by some other group of ladies? hmmm Parang totoo yung rumors. Bad yan mga girls ha.. dapat love love love lang. mwaaahh…

  4. Kailangan magpa RF ni Cat para fresh na fresh sa coronation night…. may nakita kasi ako mga linya kasi sa malapitan… kung pwede e sama na nya patangal mga nunal nya… para walang masabi mga kalaban…. lam mo naman mga kapitbahay… total overhaul talaga…

  5. Jehza looking great next to Marilyn M and Michelle
    And Michelle? She’s next to Jehza … in the pic . that’s all!

  6. Oh diva ang Meow Meow eh nag uupdate na ulit ng instagram after I said that she’s not doing enough and not showing personality!!!! Siguro yung mga kampon nya nandito like that foul mouthed girl lurking in the comments area kaya ayan shift ang strategy…hihihihihi You’re welcome #catganerns hihihihi

    • 4m , did you the way she reacted next to Cat ?
      That Bulakena has a chip on her shoulder . Her family and friends must be feeling her with lots of compliments . I prefer humility to beauty hihihi

  7. Infairness stand out si Gumabao dito. Bet ko yung inispike nya yung crown! Hahaha! Nagulat talaga ko nawala yung pagigi nyang Volleyball player nag blossom into an aspiring Beauty Queen!

    • Love how Michele transform herself from a volleyball player to a poised beauty candidate.. Her mother Loli Imperial was a fashion and TV commercial model in the 80s, kasabayan nila Bing Pimentel, Melanie Marquez, etc.

  8. Does BPCI have any activity outside the city which can be considered as the candidates’ enjoyable perks (joining the pageant)? I mean these candidates would also love to travel in some beautiful spots not only in the metro, but outside the city as well.

    That’s all.

  9. mga ganitong comment.. from you and (insert usernames here), yes, we know naman you’re afraid of Cat. She’s a threat kaya puro ganyan ang comment niyo Kesyo for MGI or Miss Globe siya. Hindi nio naman mababago ang katotohanang she’s in it to be the next MUP. I believe she’s the perfect binibini to send to MU. the rest of the girls are fighting for the BBP International crown down to Miss Globe.

    That’s just my take. I know there are other strong binibinis. But if Cat sustains this kind of energy and aura, i wouldn’t be surprised if manalo talaga siya.

  10. Catriona has big bones, talagang pang Miss World siya. But dahil nga ligwak siya doon, she can join Miss Earth after Binibini. Pageantry has become her profession, professional beauty pageant contestant.

    • If you have the goods, why not use it?! Certainly, she has what it takes to be a Queen —and, in fact, she’s proven it! She has goals and aspirations; Let her go after them! Driven and empowered young individuals should serve as an inspiration and example for the younger generations —and for someone like you! Catriona just happens to be beautiful…stop the envy and jealousy. It doesn’t and it wouldn’t help you. 💋

    • and to add
      she will conform to what the pageant is asking for

      all becomes a stage show
      nothing is real

    • She is big boned, while you have a big head. I’d take big boned any day as opposed to being big headed like you. 😂

  11. inuuna ang kaartehan
    meaning yan ang prayoridad nila

    Binibining Pilipnas charity panggap pa more

    • Are you stupid? BPCI and MUO are and will always be a charitable business. Their employees and faces of the company need to adhere and represent their core values so if Cat is so to speak faking it, she is doing a mighty fine job and it isn’t just her looks that is making people turn their heads. She knows how to play the business game. Hence the reason why she has accomplished so much compared to you, you fucking imbecile.

      Go educate yourself.

      • wow nakagamit lang ng word na imbecile.. clap clap clap
        gamit pa more

      • You are a pathetic sad disgruntled little twat who has nothing better to do with your poor little life. You are the epitome of over bearing, narcissistic self absorbed sore loser who has to belittle other people in order to feel good about themselves. People like you will never get anywhere in life because of your pathetic attitude. Karma is a bitch and watch, while you frequently put another human being down while you are behind a phone, computer or tablet your life will continue to go to shits because yes and I’ll say it again. You are an IMBECILE.


        There enough adjectivals for you?

        Go educate yourself hahaha.

      • Naku, Ajay, wag nang pumatol! U r just enabling him to be even more pathetic. Besides, I’m sure di ‘nya naintindihan yung Ingles mo! Lol….

  12. Glad to see they’re all having fun without having to wear those tacky elevator shoes. They did a good job convincing me to visit this wonderful museum. I’d love to go to that amazing interactive art museum the next time I visit the Philippines. Can’t wait to take my pics there. Where is this museum located?

    • Because you cant wear shoes inside the museum. Cubao Expo, Araneta Center.

  13. Nakuh ha Queen Jehza, I like u but sometimes I don’t hihihi 😄
    Gusto kitang sabunutan minsan 😗
    Act like you’re in the MI 2018 competition na para ibigay at ireserve na ni madam Stella ang Japan crown, jawskuh 3rd time mo na to plss at iwasan muna yung hotdog at concentrate muna sa crown 😋
    I wish you can wear the MI crown soon🤗

  14. Wow. I didn’t recognise these ladies without their ugly shoes.

    Beautiful. Lol.

    World Peace.

  15. puro kaartehan ang activities tbh
    akala ko ba Binibini charities ito
    nasan ang charity


    i am confidently beautiful with a purpose

    • Jeez, if it’s all work and no play, people would be miserable! It has to be a balance of both!

      • Please Yari sampalin mo both checks ni Gloria for me. Sobra ang pagka tarantada. Tanx.

    • From what I see, the only charity case that BPCI and the girls need to attend to is for people who are mentally challenged and no class just like yourself @gloriamoranwurztbach.

      Waste of air you sure are.

      • from BPCI,

        we will make it sure thats alphabetically arranged

        it will start with who else?


      • You call that a come back? There is no logic or coherency in your argument.

        Wow pathetic. Good one though! Good luck next time.


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