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    • The international title was not won it was bought. True charity does not aspire public recognition, a true philanthropist does not shout to the whole world look at me I’m mother Theresa.

  1. The pageant is supposed to be a “scholarship pageant that provides career opportunities for the winners in the field of business, diplomatic corps, information technology, communications, culinary arts, design and other areas of expertise”. It claims to focus on Tourism, Culture and Education as its main advocacies. Why were the candidates wearing swimsuits in the Press Presentation? I have not seen any video clip on the Finals Night itself, and I would be disgusted if the contest included a Swimsuit Portion, the usual fare in a beauty contest. There is nothing wrong with young women and men parading in swimsuits on stage. But for a contest purporting to be a “scholarship pageant” and an advocate of tourism, culture and education, to judge candidates on their vital statistics is to measure their worth and humanity based on physical assets. There should have been more focus on cerebral prowess and moral values.

    • Well, look at Miss America! It is also a “scholarship” beauty pageant.

      Mr. and Ms. RP is called and held as a pageant for a reason — not just an essay, oratory, or talent contest. Hey, they want someone pleasing to the eyes representing their so-called advocacies…and reward them for their fitness, beauty, and intelligence. It takes work to be beautiful and stay beautiful.

      • Why follow Miss America? Parading in swimsuit is not part of Philippine culture. Besides, from what I heard, even Miss America has downplayed if not completely dropped the swimsuit portion in its competition. For someone “pleasing to the eyes” to represent an advocacy, one need not have to show off their body measurements, their abs, their veneered set of teeth, their pasarela, the way they carry their formal wear…. They just have to have pleasing personalities. Let us not equate fitness with beautiful body sculpture and its hedonistic display via pasarela. Fitness can be seen in some sporting events that test one’s stamina and strength. I am sure when these winners talk to the public about their advocacies, people are interested on what they have to say– not on their vital statistics, height, abs, skin complexion, catwalk skills, fashion sense, etc.

      • @Scorg

        Swimsuits not being part of the Hispanic culture was promoted by the Catholic church to keep our native women loyal to their Spanish lovers and while making native men’s image inferior. But prior to their arrival… native men & women were more in touch with their sexuality free of diseases brought by the colonizers… They could engage in pre-marital sexual activity with no negative consequences… Men could have more than one wife and women could “divorce” their unsupportive husbands. There were no discrimination against iligitimate children because they were all given the same opportunities in society. Sexual fluidity and expression was celebrated. The pre-colonial Filipino society and moral was way ahead of it’s time. It is the Europeans who pulled us backwards.

        Proof, women owned properties and could pay for themselves… (ex. Laguna Copperplate)

        Maranao Royalty held pageants to showcase their noble young women to their would be husbands… Hence the dance singkil which showcased their skills to interpret the Ramayana with good memory, artistry, agility, grace, poise and sensuality. Their costumes prior to islamization where quite tasteful in todays society but would have been too revealing based on standards of the Hispanic era. (Showing waist, abs, legs, etc)

        Warriors wore loin cloths for ease in battle… while regular clothes for both men and women were like robes that protects our skin from the harsh elements but could easily be removed when bathing or for sexual activity. Ex. In the land of Tawalisi according to Iben Batuta… Urduja the Princess warrior held a pageant that allowed her to battle with her suitors to showcase their fitness, strength, vigor, martial arts skills and of course physicality..

        Women wore bronze belts with bells…. it was interpreted by western archeologists as a form of chastity belt… but recent studies show which based it on the sexual norm of that time, it was actually a tool for seduction… based on influence from the ottoman empire… a form of belly dancing may have been popular as a sensual form of performance art.

        Contrary to popular belief that babaylans(religious leaders) were women… They could actualy be of any gender.. men or women… dressed in clothing that westerners assumed that was only meant for women.

        Again, our early pre-colonial society was already civilized and had social norms that was quite advanced for it’s time. Foreigners traveled to our land for economic trade and to find attractive mates. Our Men and women artisticaly flaunted their phisical endowements for many reasons maybe to attract a mate and to intimidate opponents but it is mainly to showcase their value as contributing members of society.

    • Each organization have their own set of hiring criteria; The directors of Mr. and Ms. RP have chosen the “typical” beauty pageant route to find the young man and woman to represent them. And, let’s be honest, if someone is introduced as a “Mr.” or a “Ms.” of a certain organization, university, or country, there is a certain aesthetic expectation. People would be curious, drawn to, and more likely to engage with a beautiful (adult) person —that’s just human nature.

      I don’t know which Miss America you were talking about, but the swimsuit portion of the pageant has not gone to the way of the dinosaurs; It is very much alive. Sure, there are “changes” coming in light of the recent scandals, but we still don’t know what the new directors have in mind. I doubt it would be rid of because it would just bring viewership down even further… And we would be left with and have to endure a boring ceremony, er, pageant —like Mess World.

      • Thanks for explaining your point Meghan. This guy needs to learn the truth about pageants may it be scholarship or the traditional.

      • Ok, so to win a scholarship award, and to get the chance to be the spokesperson for Tourism, Culture and Education, one has to show that he and she has the best body curves, height, abs, skin tone, veneered teeth, and pasarela. Miss America is a scholarship contest, but basically based on the platform the winning candidate commits to advocate during her reign. And the winning candidate really works towards promoting her platform in an entire year. Besides, whether Miss America drops the swimsuit portion or not, wearing swimsuits in public is part of its culture. It cannot be said about the Philippines.

        To me scholarship awards and winning the right to be the spokesperson on Culture does not sound right if the criteria is evaluating one’s worth is based primarily on physical assets.

      • Sa mga contest laging may considerasyon ang pagiging gwapo at maganda pati na ang magandang pangangatawan! Kung ikaw ay pipili ng isang mag-eendorso ng iyong produkto natural ang pipiliin mo maliban sa magaling magsalita ay yung maganda hindi lang ang mukha kasama na ang pangangatawan.

  2. Bulacan na naman ang nanalo sa lalaki? Wala nabang ibang mga pedeng manalo bukod sa Bulacan (lalakihan) ? Congrats anyways sa lahat…

    • maraming kc na quality candidates from Bulacan…yung mga guys dun prepared both physically and mentally…at masipag mag scout yung mga handlers sa Bulacan

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