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    • Veks, there’s plenty of time to lose weight. And she plays volleyball so she knows what it’s like to work out. Don’t be threatened by her…hihihihihi

      • 4m , did Mariel lose weight for the competition. ?
        It’s hard to make someone win based simply on potentials . There are more girls who are more ready than her
        Tse hihihi

      • agree Morena! Mariel is big boned… Michelle can def lose a few pounds for a slimmer bod. Can Cat lose weight too? hihihihih

      • Morena ,
        we don’t know it yet . Michelle has yet to prove she’s not Mariel.

        Cat needs to use only a few lbs , not 20 like Michelle

      • Kaya nga Fabian, we don’t know it yet so why put a period for Michele? 😉 Some of her IG posts show she’s working her a$$ off. Lady is determined.

        Kung kaya ni Michele magpapayat, kaya din ni Cat :p

    • If ever Michele wins there’d be plenty of time to prepare her for international competitions.

  1. Good that the ladies are going through training on public speaking. Beauty alone is boring. We need candidates who can speak their thoughts cohesively. And add interpersonal skills because a BQ must be able to mingle during social events (Kata showcased this during the Intercon pageant).

    Share ko lang … Anjame’s reaction beside Cat 😂 Ena is noticeable at the back 🙂

    • The more I see anjame the more I like her and Michele G . They are fresh and spontaneous whereas Cat is rehearsed and polished. I still think Cat will win MUP but it makes me wonder if MU org will prefer a fresher less known girl who has not joined their main competitor pageant before.

      • I also like Anjame but seeing her web interview, she needs more training on the communication aspect and more exposure on different topics. I’d like to see her to expand her thoughts, not just about school and religion but more about what’s happening in the world today.

        She’s just 19. There’s still a lot for her to ingest. I can see so much potential in her if she uses her cards right.

      • I agree, she’s still young and can be trained a lot for 4 to 5 years I think she can be a perfect MUP.
        Wag muna sana this year baka ma-Janice Lubina sya.

      • I doubt also if Stella Araneta will choose someone from another pageant organization.

      • Cat is experimenting … she’s channeling Marimar 👩🏻‍

        The other ladies are not far behind. In fairness, lumalakas na ang laban. Fresh na ulit si Karen at gumaganda na si Aya 😉

  2. This is just a sponsor visit and I think the girls had just a brief overview at how they should gracefully respond under pressure during QnA portion.

    Now, my prediction at this early stage of the competition is this:

    MUP – Cat Gray
    BbP-Intl – Murielle Orais/Wynona Buot
    BbP-Globe – Michele Gumabao
    BbP-Grand – Murielle Orais
    Bbp-Intercontinental (Supranational) – Aya Abesamis
    1st RU – Pat Asturias
    2nd RU – Vickie Rushton

      • I guess mine is the same as yours. Hihi! They may change though. BbP is not yet half way through.

        *I am waiting for Sandra Lemonon’s golpe de gulat. Sayang ang ganda!
        *Eva Patalinhug loses momentum. I hope she regains it soon.
        *Aya is getting more exciting. She is gunning up there.
        *Murielle is refreshingly consistent. I think she is the face of the Binibini.
        *Wynona is a darkhorse. I am guessing she will wow the audience on the coronation night.
        *Cat remains a top contender. She always gives her co-candidates a tough battle in every round. She always comes out with different style, and I would think she reserves the best style on the final’s night.

  3. Very short girls next to Catriona and Michelle…
    Top 5

  4. Ang ganda ni Binibini 25 Jerelleen Rodriguez. I hope she can make it to the Top 15.

  5. I hope Dale Carnegie can train these candidates to be good conversationalist and not orators.

    • I’m glad someone else noted this. It’s one thing to sound like you are running for Congress, with memorized buzz phrases and flowery words but it’s another thing to actually be engaging. When competing in a pageant in the social media era, being engaging throughout (from arrivals to preliminary appearances to rehearsals to web videos to snaps all the way to the final question) matters more than reading off your script with long, fancy English words spoken with the accent of a girl who clearly doesn’t speak like that every day.

      Miss International is the only exception to this rule. I can see why some would argue Miss World too, but really that month long pageant is one long interview where the ladies definitely need to know how to mingle and engage with Mama Julia & friends.

  6. Ang ganda ni MIchele Gumabao. She’s my bet for Bb Pilipinas Universe, and I guess the discipline of sports and the camaraderie she acquired from playing volleyball helped her in dealing with people. Just my two cents.

    • I love Michelle. I’m not fully sold on her being MUP but her beauty is worthy of a crown.

  7. This is good. I would love Muriel to be part of the winning circle and this should help her improve. Catriona is good at public speaking already but I haven’t actually heard her answer some tough questions that involves politics or current events to test her further. Puro torch torch lang…hihihihi

  8. Am not a big fan of platform shoes like what they’re wearing above, it looks so awkward specially with jeans and during swimsuit competition. Yes it adds height to the girls but it doesn’t look proportion to their bodies. On evening gown I guess it’s ok because it’s partially hidden depending on the length and style of the dress.

  9. Kung anung awra ni mareng jehza at nag stood out sya nung gateway gallery churva, ay sya namang losyang ang ganap Nya ngaun dito sa picture sa itaas..pinupuyat kaya sya ng jowa nyang basketbolista?! Your thoughts dear readers..Charot..hiniram ko lang yan.

    • I’m worried nga eh😅worried daw oh huh
      Pero OK lng nman yung 2 sila ni gumabao pics pero nilamon cya ng mga neophytes sa group pics as in muchacha ang dating hihihi 😄
      Kaya Queen Jehza last mo na to to prove you’re worthy of a crown 😋hmmmp

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