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  1. ordinary lang naman sa maraming bahagi ng
    mundo ang mga ganyan

    sa USA nga hindi naman sikat mga yan

    Pilipinas at Colombia lang ang mga panatiko
    dahil nga utak kolonyalismo pa rin

    3rd world forever

    • Gloria ,
      There are only a few countries where MIss U or any pageant is popular -the Philippines and a few Asian countries plus the Latin America.
      Even in the Philippines , I don’t think it’s that popular . Only a few sectors like the professionals and the Sangkab——n pay attention to beauty pageants .
      U can tell by how many follow Norman .. C onsidering he is the most popular beauty pageant blogger , Entries only happen in trickles .

  2. Yes, warm and intimate wud be more like it.different strokes for different folks..pero this early, naumay na ako sa babaitang ito..while iris seems to appear more relaxed, queenly and glam beyond her reign..maybe dahil sa dot/frontrow sponsored visit last year kaya me unya factor na..

  3. The “matamlay” homecoming is not surprising at all. MU is not as popular as MW in the whole of Africa. We can see it from the big number of countries sending representatives to MW versus the handful of countries joining MU. In some countries, the winner goes to MW and the 1st runner-up goes to MU.

    South Africa is an African country whose economy is dominated by the white minority. It is Africa’s biggest economy, although Nigeria now claims to be the economic powerhouse. (In terms of GDP and wealth distribution, yes, but in terms of GDP per capita and wealth distribution, a big NO for Nigeria). It is Africa’s film as well as fashion capital, as well as an industrial hub. From this perspective, Demi’s choice as MU is a strategic move to strengthen MU’s reach in the African continent. Demi is a good role model, an excellent speaker, and a known advocate of some relatable issues.

    • Speaking of which with a hashtag #pageantQ&A and #currentevent,

      Our neighbor entered the trillion dollar club last year. Nevertheless, if Philippines will sustain the 6% per annum growth or better, it will be able to catch up in 10 years time. The current GDP of RP is at 400+ billion but per capita may slowly catch up because of the malilibog at palamunin na Pinoy!

      • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Thanks for sharing! Indonesia, we did it! Terima Kasih.

    • Scorg, why do you think MW is more popular in the whole of Africa than MU?

      Russia is one of the countries who chose their winner to go to MW and the 1st runner-up to MU.

      Usually, Miss SA trains for both MW & MU. MW pageant usually happens first abt a couple of months before the MU pageant. If Miss SA fails to win in MW she moves on to compete in MU.

      But in 2017, MW & MU pageants were just 9 days apart. Demi or the Miss SA org decided to have Demi compete in MU instead of MW. When I first saw Demi after she won Miss SA, I knew she was going to win either MW or MU. I was hoping she would win MW so Rachel will have a better chance to win MU in 2017.

      I think it helped Demi like MW 2014 & Miss SA 2014 Rohene to train for both MW & MU. Especially with MU who now prefers a candidate to have an advocacy before joining MU.

  4. not comparing pero mas grand pa rin ang nagawa ng PH for Pia. BUT maybe kasi iba naman ang level ng pagiging pageant fans natin. i think okay lang naman yan as long as her win is being celebrated and her countrymen are proud of her.

    kesa naman sa firetruck nakaskay habang motorcade. CHAROT! hahaha

    • Kalowka, bigla kong na-enter kaya ‘M’ lang ang nai-comnent ko. Kalowka.

      M, as in matamlay ang homecoming compared to Pia’s and Iris’. But that is how they wanted to do it, perhaps because of the fact that they remain loyal to the London-homebase beauty pageant, Miss World.

      Be that as it may, we must be happy for the new queen. I would just have to imagine how your countrymen are celebrating for the honor you bring home, ‘no?

      That’s all!

  5. Is that all they can do for a MIss U?
    Even Iris’ homecoming was way grander than this.
    I guess that’s how low MU has gotten in many parts of the world

      • 4m, that’s what I’m saying
        MU is usually more popular in the third world
        In Demi’s case , para Lang pista sa nayon ang arrive
        At Mutya ng NAyon si Demi

  6. GORGEOUS blue sky! It is high Austral Summer there atm, right?

    I wonder if she is wearing an imitation Phoenix Crown, out of security concerns…

    Fringe dress is LOVE.

    Welcome parade is intimate, yet WARM.

    Usain Bolt is Jamaican, right?

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