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  1. Raymond Saldana is such a boring photographer. No fresh ideas.
    Those poses are so passe

    • I think Jehza is playing the silent killer this year veks…hihihih she gonna slay cum Finals night… right bongavelles??? hihihi

    • The nose job of Wynonah is so obvious. kaya lang sobrang liit ng nilagay sa ilong niya, why so thhhhrrriffffty?

  2. I want cute and expensive . I don’t want amazonas or pokpok-looking girls

    • Pokpok-looking girls? Grabe ka naman, Fabian 😂 Please do NOT name them 🙂

      No to “cute” girls! We need to send strong and empowered women to the international arena. So, who are the sosyals and altas for you? 🙂

      • Morena, my lips are sealed . I won’t mention the names of those I think look like ‘pokpoks’ hihihi I really hate those that stare like they were posing for a porn magazine
        As for sosyals and altas , I have the usual suspects – Sandra Rashton Karen Aya and Cat.
        Wynona Ajami and Muriel look like beauties from the middle class… but they are gorgeous just the same.
        So far they are my bets .

      • The bourgeois-looking include Gumabao, Lemonon, Galmann, Ena Velasco, Patalingjug and Rushton. Very proper looking. The proletariat-pretty-cheap ones are more marami and they include professional beauty conteseras like Catriona Gray, Cajandig, Huelar. sowee,

  3. “Wynonah’s mysterious aura defines the strength in her character with a dash of fearlessness”. You got it right, Norman. Among the candidates presented, Wynonah struck me as the only one who successfully projected a multidimensional beauty. A take-charge personality is at once communicated. An inner strength and intelligence seem to resonate more in that photo than her physique. While the rest seem to be saying “look at my beautiful body”, she is the only one who seem to be saying “listen to me: I have something important to say”.

    Now, the MU branding direction seem to tilt towards strong women. Does this make her a shoo-in for MUP?

    • Spot on analysis on Wynonah Scorg! She’s one of my top picks for the MUP crown from the start. Cat is my no. 1 pick, then Wynonah with Sandra, Aya & Muriel following.

    • 👍👍

      Wynonah is definitely a shoo-in for the MUP crown 👑! A 5’8″ beauty with wit and mysterious confidence! I’m really hoping she lands the Top 15 para kitang-kita ang labanan sa Q&A … kawawa ang 🎤 😂

      Disiplinado rin. I love that she has maintained her proportioned physique as she looks great in a two-piece bikini 👙 Wowzers!


      • Morena , her comm skills are not comparable to Cat . She has the tendency to go in circle with her answers
        But I like her energy and enthusiasm .. and she is really one of the stand outs physically . I don’t think the judges will ignore her . I just hope she gets first run up or something .

      • Cat is Cat 🙂 She’s still the one to beat. She’s my #1 girl to grab the MUP crown. However, nothing is set in stone.

        I see your point but Wynonah has improved from her Miss Cebu 2015 Q&A days. She has one of the decent Bb. Pilipinas web interviews this year.

        I have high hopes for Wynonah come pageant night.

  4. Raymond Saldaña is overrated and hardly ever shows his subject in the best light. These photos look amateurish, like they were taken at some cheap mall photo booth . So dated, harsh light and wrong angles for beautiful girls. He made even Karen G and Cat look bad which is hard to do. Please fire this so called photographer

    • Venus Rah, Karen G has been really losing steam not just in this shoot but overall. She’s looking like a 40 year old than a fresh 20 something woman. She has strong facial features and they need to find a way to tone it down before it’s too late. I love the girl and want her to win a crown but boy oh boy is she fading really fast.

      • 4M, ‘yan din ang observation ko. What is happening to Team Karen?

        She’s a gorgeous girl. I hope she gets back her groove.

      • Agree, Karen is looking old. Ditto, with Catrional whose chest enhancements make her look like a 40-year old starlet. sana she will continue to look fresh and natural, she’s shoo-in for Miss Grand International 2018. Dapat manalo siya, at hindi na mag compete pa sa Miss Earth.

  5. I like sweet and pretty.
    Where is #1 on your list?
    For me , Rushton and Wynona look the best here
    Still Cat for MUP!!!!
    #9 and 37 look like amazonas , not my cup of tea

  6. reposting here:

    My top 5:

    1. Vickie has the best photo in this set for me. Like gurl san mo tinatago yang fez na yan all this time??? bat ngayon mo lang nilabas??? Seriously tho her photo is alive, nangungusap talaga. Parang ‘Hey bishes tabi jan ako talaga flag bearer namin!”. This photo makes me want to believe that it’s the least photoshopped among the rest yet has the best quality

    2. Aya’s photo is the 2nd best for me. Her beauty might not be everyone’s cup of tea but you cant take being alta and a model away from her. Those things run through her blood. Like OH EM GEEE THOSE SHOULDERS AND HEAD TILT!!!! And she looks super tall too!! I feel like she’s the most relax during this photoshoot, napakaeffortless.

    3. Cat everything is right except for the face/head. Medyo dull yung make up plus idk maybe weird yung distribution ng hair nya. And siguro hindi lang ako sanay that her eyes weren’t used that much unlike her usual photos na nangungusap eyes nya (see pic below for reference). She’s still MUP (and MU) tho. Medyo kulang lang talaga (nang beri beri beri light lang naman) during this photoshoot

    4. Muriel’s body position is on point. And i like the hair!!! Weird ba na i’m seeing Julian Flores in her pic?

    5. Ahtisa’s kinda saying na “hey, pwede rin ako sa ibang pageants not just MI”. Super dialed down yung sweetness sa face tapos ganda nung pagka sensual nung photo, very tasteful

    Other comments:

    Kayesha – OOOh i likey likey!! para di naman puro bun/straight hair

    Michelle – bakit parang dinikit lang yung right hand nya?

    Karen Gallman – Gurl anyare sayo? ineembrace mo na ba nang tuluyan ang ‘tita/lola’ styling? Pose reminds me of Lolas trying to look fierce for the camera with their outdated poses

    Winonah – idk but her photo looks dead to me. Parang zero energy sya nung photoshoot tapos yan resulta

    Kristie Sequena – gurl san ang away?

    Sam Bernardo – gahd her jaw!!!! so ganda!!!!

    Anjame’s rawness is showing. Train pa sana nang konti on projection department

    Eva – looks like she’s competing in the contest where Kevin Balot and Trixie Maristela (?) won. (gets nyo?)

    Oh Sandra, not a good day perhaps?

    Loren Mar – i like (only) her hair

    Trixia Marana ❤ ❤

    MJ de Catro looking effortlessly sweet


  7. well for a change
    wala si fake boobs teeth and flat puwet
    laki bilbil

  8. murielle’s photo is print-ready
    jag could put their logo on it
    and publish it as an ad

    glad to see some of the un-heralded candidates
    do well in this shoot
    like Agatha and patrizia

    well done, ladies!!!

  9. The best thing about this batch is even though Catriona is the probable winner, there’s 2-3 girls I wouldn’t mind winning the MUP crown as well. Great batch so far.

    • I like that even in social media or in their pasavogue photoshoots, the fans can feel the competition happening with the girls. Talagang pabonggahan at aurahan sa styling at make-up 🙂

      I hope it’s a friendly competition though. No to jealousy, hiding away of outfits/shoes, basaan ng opening attire – as shared by Pia when she competed in Bb. Pilipinas 2015.

  10. Norman I have Muriel and Wynonah too but the other three I just maybe haven’t appreciated their beauties yet like I how I didn’t like Clenci and Chanel last year.

      • 4m , the best pose is not necessarily the prettiest
        I wanted to be more specific
        Tse hihihi

      • Hindi ko type si Rushton. Too white for me. Muriel and Wynonah are on my list as well as the dear blogger’s list. hihihihi. Meow meow’s pose isn’t really impactful. Sorry but just being straightforward. Walang dating ang veks. I hope she’s not sitting on her laurels yet….hihihihi cherettttt

  11. Wow. Amazing picks Sir Norman!

    My top 5 based on this pictorial alone are:
    1. Agatha Romero (slay girl, SLAY!!!)
    2. Muriel Orais (fierce! Bet ni tyra banks yan)
    3. Vickie Rushton (cant deny that beautiful face)
    4. Ahtisa Manalo (she actually looks better on this make-up, not so heavy?
    5. Sandra Lemonon (ka-aura talaga ni Patricia Rodriguez)

    Pero Catriona pa din for MUP!!! Lol!

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