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    • Agatha Romero’s cheekbones! Ganda ng pose 🙂

      Vicky’s can be a billboard along EDSA. Very commercial ang beauty.

      Muriel … lumalaban si girl 🙂

  1. Catriona Gray is a strong contender for Bb Pilipinas-Grand International! Panalo na siya diyan! Tita Stella, Nawat, the lady is yours!

  2. Even though I do think Samantha Bernardo is pretty….

    What does she excel in aside from pageantry?…
    What is she passionate of on top of her pageant advocacies?
    How come I can’t feel her pressence in social-media?
    Will the real Samantha Bernardo please stand-up?

    She would always be in my Top 15 but she has yet to prove that she desserves to be in the winners circle.

    • Catriona is better suited for Miss Grand International. She has this vibe to win that pageant.

  3. Also, I noticed nga na wala na yung BBP Grand sa lowest part ng website. although Clenci’s profile is there as BBP Grand International. Nasa lowest part ng website – yung list of titles at stake are as follows

    Miss Universe Philippines
    Bb. Pilipinas International
    Miss Globe Philippines
    Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental
    Bb. Pilipinas Supranational

    Yung pagkakasunod-sunod din.. Does that mean yan na ang ranking? kasi nauna pa si Miss Globe Philippines e and Supra is still listed.

    Keri lang if i drop ang MGI Franchise. ginagamit na lang naman tayo niyan e.

  4. ANYBODY’S ballgame at this point…Watch out for Anjame too…i am curious about this TALLEST and BEAUTIFUL lass from Bulacan. SANA LANG mga FRESH ang mananalo hindi ung BILASA na!

  5. We can post our choices without demeaningly questioning the choices of others. What the hell 🙂

    • Tell that to the Meow Meow fan club!!!! hihihihi Ang bibilis mag thumbsdown pag ibang candidate ang gusto mo…hihihihi

  6. OK, just based on this and your comments, guyth : MUP – Bernardo, BBP-International – Rushton, BBP-Grand International – Gray, BBP-MIntercon – Gumabao, and BBP-(The)Globe – Orais.

      • @ nope : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Most happy to justify my choice!

        From @Morena., Bernardo has height, length, tone, and a good walk (that’s MU!).

        From @MrManila and @ClaiRe IbbeTson, Rushton is photogenic and matronly, respectively (that’s MI!).

        From @Fabian Reyes, Gumabao needs to lose weight (and similar things were said of Katarina Rodriguez in this very blog just last year!).

        As for Gray Cat, why would Angkol refuse someone who can bring VALUE to his brand? He’d be CRAZY to refuse!

        And Orais, for me, though certainly pretty is dogged by her “NU-courtside communications-skills-issue”, so I will just assign her to the DUMB minor derby that gives more weight to Miss Bikini and Miss Disco subtitles than the actual title.

      • Andrew. Someone can improve from past mistakes. I hope Muriel did as her facial beauty is something that is appreciated in the international pageantry. Sobrang ganda talaga. hihihi

      • Andrew, at this point, it’s too early to tell 🙂 Maraming pagbabago ang mangyayari pagdating ng Marso 18.

        If we’re going for today, Sam isn’t for MU. Yes, she has the goods, body-wise, but have you seen her web interview? A few minutes into watching her batting her fake eyelashes (heavy perhaps?), I had to press the stop button and play the next candidate’s video. If she’s aware of what she can change for the better before pageant night, she might just pull a surprise.

      • @Andrew Rachel Peters has the height, length, tone, and a good walk, placed top 10. Keysi Sayago has even better height, better length, better tone, and better walk, managed to be on top 5. Demi, standing at a good 5’7″ triumphed over everyone else. How many times does it need to be emphasized that superficial beauty and proportions wont be enough to win MU? You need to have something extra, be it advocacy, personality, or even just pure X-factor, basta may something extra. like, hello nakaka tatlong MU editions na tayo under IMG dapat gets na natin yan

        I dont think Sam Bernardo has shown anything extra (yet) to even be MUP. At best she’s a Bea Rose 2.0 for BBP-Int’l for now

      • I concur, 4M. I wonder if Bea Santiago is her inspiration? They look eerily similar 🙂

        MI doesn’t have Q&A, just pure memorization of a good speech. The speech must be said and felt from the heart w/o being too emotera. Parang nung kay Kylie, tama lang ang tone 🙂

    • Miss Universe Organization is not looking for a TOP MODEL but a FULL GROWN WOMAN, a SPOKESPERSON who happens to be BEAUTIFUL – – Lu Sierra

    • Everybody observed the absence of Miss Grand title at BPCI website. And just recently, the Miss Grand title was also removed from Puteri Indonesia. It is now a stand alone pageant with Dikna Faradiba as National Director in that country.

      I have a feeling that it’s not the Miss Supranational title which will be removed from BPCI but rather the MGi title. The question now,

      Who dropped who?

      Will there be a new National Director?

      Will the Philippines still a participant in 2018 edition?

      Nawat’s itinerary is heading to Colombia and Venezuela. My hunch, to launch it as separate pageant also.

      Your thought dear readers? Charot!

      • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        I feel Angkol will indulge SMA one LAST time this year. Then, he will be gone for good from BBP NEXT YEAR. The dropping of the “BBP-MGI” title from the BPCI website is merely admonition of 2019. But the contestants and handlers, as they are on the ground, probably know the real score and are keeping it to themselves.

        Supranational makes perfect sense as a second-tier title to World. For example, Indonesia Male Pageants Organization (IMPO) currently holds the Indog franchise for Misters World, Supranational (debuted last December), Ocean, Universal Ambassador, Tourism World, and Universe Model. So, Miss and Mister World – Filipinas will be the top titles, followed by Miss and Mister World – Supranational. And anyway rumors have also arisen as early as 3rd quarter 2017 that Mister World -Filipinas will be named via pageant, not appointed like what Ms. Cory Quirino did with Spainhour and Ajdani.

      • I don’t mind if Miss and Mister Supra as separate pageant with Ben Chan owning so it so we can see real Filipino men with the “goods” to compete. hihihihihi

    • Kung totoo man, genemet Leng telega ni angkol si sma beleng launching pad niya pera mekekuha ng seperta mula se pelepens! Kateled ng pag gemet niya Kay pawikan nung bego pe leng yung pageant niya. Mey tinetegong plano itey!

  7. I think Vickie Rushton has a strong chance of taking the Miss Photogenic award!

  8. My current top5: Cat, Michelle, Murielle, Jehza, Wynona. My first 3, permanent yan. Nanganganib pa mapalitan ang last 2.

  9. Vicky? Really? oh well, Tito Norms knows better naman since nakakasalamuha niya in person ang binibinis. but.. for me.. Vicky looks… like.. a ninang. lol very matronly ang kanyang styling. she needs to look very bagets. that look is very miss globe. LOL

  10. Muriel and Michelle are my personal favorites. The Vickie and the other girl just don’t appeal to me. Can’t wait for Aya’s peaking.

  11. I actually don’t like Samantha bernando make up sobrang puti niya lagi na sobrahan yata sa gluto si ateng sam…. hindi ciya winnable para sakin…. top 15 cguro…. pero daming mag super lakas ang dating… my bets are cat surely, michelle, Wynona, ena parang nakikita ko sa aura niya crown contender… basta dami sila eh…. si eva parang natatabunan na cya ng iba hindi cya nag eestand out para sakin interms of beauty…. good luck na lang sa mga merlat… meow meow my MUP18.

  12. The only one I can see as a winner is Cat!! I would like Karen, Wynona and the anchor woman on that list.

  13. Michelle … she has to prove she can lose weight
    Otherwise she will be another Mariel de Leon

    Samantha Bernardo? I don’t think so . I don’t know where the hell this choice came from . I think Wynona and a few others have a much better chance at winning an international crown .
    And where is Karen ? Now the gloves are off!!!

    • And Bong700, your Jehza is not here either .
      Now the claws are coming out hihihi

    • These are purely “coverage-based” choices – how they project and handle themselves in public without the help of heavy makeup or rehearsed statements.

      • I have a question, though. Didn’t Vickie miss one activity because of a family emergency? If so, and if you are basing your selections by coverage, what made you include her sa list mo if she missed that one? Did she double and pretty much magnify her efforts dun sa iba that she attended para makasali sya sa list mo?

    • I agree with Norman’s pick re Samantha.

      Her strengths are her height, her body (very lean and long) and her walk (commanding presence).
      Her face, however, is always made-up and covered. I wish she’ll showcase a no make-up make-up face soon. Right now, she’s very pageant Betty pero malinis at malakas ang dating niya sa pics at videos.

      Norman’s top list will be longer soon and will most likely change … so calm down and don’t worry 🙂

      • I know, right? Bakit ba nagagambala kaagad? Coverage based, according to Norman. Wala naman tayo dun so wala talaga tayong point of view. Norman even listed how he came up with his first shortlist. Parang get over muna tayo. Let him have his picks or choices, whether personal man or based nga sa list of criteria na nilista nya. Even we have our personal candidates so why not let it be. May pa “hell hell” ka pa!

      • Anon , u have to understand . Norman said the winners would come from his magic 5 if the pageant was to be held tonight . So regardless of his criteria , those (are his winners….
        Where I live now , ‘what the hell’ is a common way of expressing surpiise . It’s like me askin u , May pa-right right ka pang nalalaman.

    • Michelle’s facial structure is much different than Mariel. Mariel has wider jawline than made her face square-ish. Michelle’s structure is almost oval to heart shaped so it is perfect and yes Fabbie she will diet per your order…hihihihi

  14. 100% in agreement with your selection Mr. Norman.

    I hope these five ladies will be consistent and further improve as the weeks go by, and have not peaked too early, too soon.

    World Peace.

      • And where u live now, do they spell surprise that way too? Planet of the no-breeding?

      • Oh Fabian Dear. I always say what I think is the truth. Credit is given when due. And so is negative feedback.

        As to the time of the month dahllinnn, you and I are not that close (yet) to be talking about monthly regla. Lol.

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