18 comments on “Exclusive Interview with Miss Tourism ® World – Asia Marian Angelu Alcantara

  1. Cool it, guiyth! Like Mr. Tinio said, she’s being diplomatic. After all, she STILL carries that organization’s Continental sash. And she’s right. Why OBLIGE her to speak on the matter when she is NOT the one who was at fault?! ‘Yung may sala ang magsalita!

    Obviously, the time she will be staying in the country will be to meet the minimum residency requirements of you-know-what. Michelle Dee and Samantha Lo have just met their arch nemesis for BBP 2019!

    LOVELY, indeed, she is. But even lovelier is the CUTE guy with facial hair at the back holding the food box for Mom/Tita, in blue tank top and red board shorts. Mr. Tinio, seek the help of NAIA and track him down! Perhaps you can convince him to try for pageantry. Did you see his arms? Those are the FRUIT of Heaven. 🙂

  2. O cige na tama na yang pasweet at umpisahan mo ng pag-aralan paano maging Miss International at join ka next year OK😋
    Kainis ka ha gawin sana kitang Miss Universe pero diko nakuha kahit konti ang gusto Kong marinig kahit sinasampal ka na ni Momma N na magsabi ka ng totoo kung sino ang may kagagawan ng kalokohang naganap sa Malaysia 😋hihiji
    Prepare your catwalk and gain more knowledge to answer possible questions in the pageant of kabaklaan 😗

  3. She’s too “safe” in answering Norman’s questions.
    She should’ve just answered the questions bluntly.

  4. it still puzzles me how she didn’t make it to the top 15 despite being crowned Miss Tourism World Asia and winning the best tourism video. nuninuni.

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