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  1. She’s pretty pero may hawig dun sa artista na si ANGELICA JONES! Ewan ko I just get that vibe from her!

  2. Miss Sigrid Grace Flores, 25 years old and tall 5′ 9″
    Graduated with Mass Communication Degree at Central Philippine University in Iloilo

    Possible winner for one of the Bb. Pilipinas crowns.

  3. Have you seen their Rated K q&a last sunday? witty/laid back questions and super duper laid back setting (backstage, make up room) pero super duper pageant patty pa rin sumagot most of the girls Including SIgrid

    • She has better photos than what was featured!!! I take my comment back, I say Miss Intercontinental at best ang crown nya!!! hihihihi

    • She looks more like our next Miss Supranational…
      Why keep covering her face with that thin asymetrical curly hair?… Is that part of the plan or she would eventually wear a high bun on the corronation night?

  4. So Gonowon became the first MIss Millenial? When are we going to see her at BP?

      • Morena, do u know if she went through procedures .Pics above look kinda fake_y . I guess if veneers are KF’s , this is this group’s trademark. I remember the previous girls were also very Cher-ish.

        As for Gonowan, she looks kinda baduy-ish …. next to Venus and Kylie

      • You mean Sigrid? I personally don’t know if she went through a nose procedure, however, the pics are telling. In her IG, her mom’s nose is entirely different from hers. I found an old pic of her but it’s not a super close-up. She looks different here. Btw, I do not condone plastic surgery as long as it’s done aesthetically pleasing. Also, if the enhancement makes the person happy, why not? It’s their decision and their life.

        Re: Gonowon being baduy, stylists can help in that department.


  5. I don’t know what to think of her. Conflicted ang veks today but i say next!!! hihihihi

      • No MickeyDaga I am not titasofpageantry and I won’t take credit for their success. Actually one of them is an avid commenter here…hihihi daWho!!!! hihihi

        Watch out for meow meow she might eat you alive..hihihihihi

      • Yah 4m is not titasofpageantry. kakacomment lang ni tita Lavs dito sa blog somewhere

      • Mickey Mouse,
        Hayop ka talaga
        Why call her Baboy? When u call someone baboy , u know more about her than her vital statistics. She is one of the most respected here … and among the most reliable when it comes to providing the most up-to-date Chikas on pageantry. I understand she’s been getting slot of invitations … like Tito Norman

      • Ay boba lang si Fabiang kupal. Self-described yung dalawang baboy na yon na baboy. Tanga mo. Mema lang. “One of the most respected” 😂 ba? Wala naman respetado dito. Lahat may saltik sa ulo. Ikaw Fabian ang may pinakamalalang sakit sa ulo. Hilig mo mangaway at magpabida. Early signs ng alzheimer yang pala-epal na attitude mo. Get some help before you hurt yourself o others diyan.

      • So kung hindi si titasofpageantry si 4m, malamang si bong700 si 4m. Tapos si morena na mahilig iflood ang blog ni tito norman ng mga post sa IG, para sa mga thunders na walang IG dito, ay yung si lavinia na mahilig lumafang ng marty’s cracklin. Yuck! Asim siguro ng kilikili niyan. May classmate ako last year na mahilig sa maasim kaya ang asim ng amoy. Kasuka lang. 🤢

        Yung fabiang creature na epal, baboy siguro physically kaya nahurt sa “baboy” word. Baboy na nga ang budhi, baboy pa pala sa panlabas. Halata naman on how “it” interacts here na may baggage na dinadala ang ugly soul niya. Bigti na fwiend! Hahaha

      • Telling some stranger online to kill himself just to get to your point is not a laughing matter. It’s vile. It’s a disgusting statement. This is cyber-bullying.

        You told a stranger online to get some help before he hurts himself or others. But you just insinuated a stranger to hurt himself by committing a suicide. If he did kill himself, would you be happy? Is it a mission accomplished? But you’ll never know if he committed suicide or tried to hurt himself, wouldn’t you? And how ironic that you get to call out his soul ugly? How about yours?

        You need help, too. If you feel like being mean to someone, find something else to do like playing basketball or watching a movie. Please talk to an adult you can trust, may he be a priest or a guidance counselor or your parents.

        Be nice to people around you, even to strangers and online.

  6. In all fairness, RL’ Angels really leveled up with this girl..

    Wow, she speaks more passionately about her advocacies than Catriona, Megan and Laura combined…

    Beauty: check!
    Comskils: check!
    Academics: Check!
    Advocacy: CHECK na CHECK!

    Pending for aproval nalang is
    Pageantry:??? *- is her questionable styling a clue to her pageant skills?..

    Ok just a few tough love tips for you girl since I like your drive a lot:

    1. Lose the curtain shower hooker hoops…

    2. Use a more natural looking make-up for close-up VTR interviews specialy for your eyes. Blend the edges.

    3. The blush shouldn’t get too high upto the side of the eyes.

    4. I find the curly hairstyle distracting from her pretty face. Use hair extensions to thicken your hair if you really want curls.. Extend it if you want straight hair…. I suggest you stick to either thick straight long hair or a very high bun as a hairstyle.

    5. Really? A trench coat dress?
    Well it did catch my attention…
    I suggest simple yet modern ensembles that evokes class… Less is more.

    6. Resserve the heavy stage drag make-up for the coronation night.

    She’ll definitely make the Top 15…
    And surely Ace the Q&A
    I just wonder if she would be given a BBP crown?

    Whatever happens..
    She’d also be perfect for Miss World ph.

  7. May potential.

    Sigrid was 4th RU to Kayesha Chua (Bb. 10) who won Miss Bicolandia 2017 last September.

    Medyo ninerbiyos siya sa Q&A. Her answer was a bit long-winded (start of video until 1:38):

  8. She graduated Vale in HS. How did she fare in college ? Why did she leave it out ?

  9. Tumulo ang luha ko sa interview nya. Very sincere. Naramdaman ko na my part na pinipigil niya ang emosyon niya parang maiiyak siya.

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