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  1. Yes, she’s a bit plain jane….

    Nothing remarkable about her….
    The Video featured her being a nurse…. as if nurses lack representation here in the Philippines… She’s just lucky she ascended to Miss Earth Philippines.

    In my opinion, she should do anything and everything to standout from all these over-achievers to justify that she’s desserving for a spot in the TOP 15.

  2. Issue ko kay Loren palagi kong nalilimutan na candidate pala sya. By the time maisip ko sya it’s always because nakita ko sya somewhere. Ang hirap din kasi ngayon lalo na sa batch Ng overachievers. Either exceptionally good looking ka, malakas hatak mo sa social media, matalino ka (wait ha talino doesn’t equate to strong comm skills pala) or palaban ka. As early as now parang cruising lang si Loren.

  3. She’s pretty naman but not BBP caliber. MEP na nga lang, ni-runner up niya pa. Sorry but I don’t think she’d win any crown. But I still wish you the best gurl.

  4. @Fabian, of course you implied for her to quit, after you said that “she should have been content with being MEP.” What did you mean? Ikaw naman, “dumaan” ka na dun, dinedeny mo pa! Just accept that you implied it and I made the opinion. I have always listened and accepted your opinions here, but doesn’t mean that I will always respect them. I get that you are always “on point” like Bryan stated but we can, and all should be, without being crassy and somewhat trashy! “Umatungal man siya”….when should that comment be taken positively or constructively? May dating na di maganda! You stated your crassy opinion, and I’m calling you out on it. That’s all!

    • Hihihi
      I agree , it sounds like I was telling her to quit
      But no , it’s her decision to make . Tito Norman put her out there to find out what the reaction would be . That was mine .
      Umatungal? Hihihi
      Fate and Genetics , honey . U can only do so much . You won’t win if u don’t have the right genes or the stars are not aligned in your favor …umatungal ka man.
      She wants to try anyway ?
      Let her . Hope she has the strength to face the consequences of her decision .


  6. All the girls this year are ‘in it to win it’. Ganda sa ganda at palaban talaga. Mas obvious na mas prepared ang mga ladies ngayon. unlike the previous years na ma hand pick mo lang yung clear front runners that could possible make the first cut. Therefore the competition now boils down to who has the better edge over the others. height, eloquence etc. dito na magkakatalo. i find her very pretty and has a bit of resemblance to korean actress Ha Ji Won. All she needs to work on is how to stand out in the bevy of equally gorgeous girls. Good luck ameygah. mwahh.

    • i take back the hajiwon comparison. mas kamukha nya pala si yheng constantino. one observation tho. her over enunciation of words is quite distracting.

  7. Bakit kaya tuwing may patimpalak lahat nangangarap lumahok kahit hindi pinalad sa katangkaran. Bigla na lang ba sila tumangkad o uminom ba sila kaya ng pampatangkad o ibang klase ng tape measure na gamit ng BPCI. Kaya pala ang 5′ 4″ ay naging 5′ 6″ na ngayon.

  8. y’all maybe she wasn’t disqualified before bec of height concerns. Maybe tinanggal sya for some other reason na ayaw nila idisclose (idk kung ano, hula ko lang naman to). Tapos since her height is slightly above the minimum required, yun na lang sinabi nilang reason for disqualification. I mean im sure naman na hindi na sya pasasalihin ng Aces kung alam nilang hindi pasok sa banga ang height na natest na ng BPCI di ba

  9. She is pretty, but she is not a beauty queen-ish. Sa dinami-dami ng magaganda in this batch, maswerte na kung makakapasok s’ya sa Top 15. That’s all!

    • Just another ignorant comment! It’s sad to say that I expected it from you! How is down syndrome comical to you, in any context?

      • Jeremi, see? Mema ka lang most of the time. In so doing, you are making fun of those groups/classes which we should be supporting. So ano, gumanda ka?

      • Akala ko pa naman sa JEREMI na to EDUKADO. BALIW pala. Kung kulang ka sa pansin, maghanap ka ng ibang sasabihin na matatawa ang nagbabasa. DS is a serious condition.

    • Jeremi, you are such a lowlife. Please look at your self in the mirror and ask your self what has become of you.

    • Who cares blah blah… who is down syndromish beauty. Bakit kayo nag re react ng ganyan so alam nyo rin pala hahhahah

    • Kingina kang lowlife na kalbo ka patubo ka muna ng bangs. lakas ng loob ng kinginang to pwe tae.

  10. She is articulate ,if she reaches top15, anything can happen maybe a runners up or even Globe will suit her

      • Yes and despite bagging almost all of the special awards, did those get her anywhere? Kaya huwag sana muna mag rejoice in ecstacy ang mga #catganerns dahil lang sa Ms. Ever Bilena award hahahhaha

      • Fabian is correct. Look at Catriona she is a full package pero hindi sya ang Miss World 2016. Walang nagawa ang beauty brain body and branding.

      • Just like Wyn, hindi global ang beauty ni Loren. Kaya waley si Wyn nung 2015. Facial beauty wise, magaganda sa knya ang mga nanalo sa totoo lng.

      • Yeahhhh right!!! Kaya nga sya lang nakapag uwi mg crown this year among all the queens mapa Binibini, MWP and Mutya….at sinampal lahat ng mga detractors nya pati na si old gay Rene Salud at pati ikaw waaaahhhh. May nalalaman ka pang global beauty dyan. Sino ang global beauty si Laura Lehman na tumalo sa kanya?

  11. She was DISQUALIFIED previously because of height issue…how come she qualified now? DID SHE GROW TALLER? What magic did she or the Binibini do? THANK U GIRL!

  12. She will not make top 15 , umatungal man sya
    She should have been content with a Miss Earth Philippines crown on her resume
    A TY girl at BP doesn’t have to be part of it .

    • Dear Loren,

      Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big. If your dreams are big, people will mock you for them. Forget those people; they will not help you succeed.



      • Ryan , just be realistic
        There are more than 10 excellent candidates this yr
        I saw her during MEP 2017 . Girl does not have the x-factor . She looks a lot better now that she has lost weight .. but still.
        Not everyone can be a winner .
        She will not be a winner.

      • @Fabbie and @4M the point is there is no need to put her down. if she loses, so what? At least she tried. She’ll come out as a better person after. No what if’s on her part. Besides, nothing is impossible with science now. Loren looks better than Nichole Manalo pre operation. Anything is possible in Binibini.

      • I agree with you, Ryan. You are just too crass, Fabbie. Let them pursue their dreams; besides the fact na nagqualify sila. Who are we to tell other people to quit?

      • @Anonymous , Did I say anywhere demanding her to quit?
        She came on stage on her own and said , “ Here I am , what do u think? “ . All I said was ..she should quit as a winner .. not a loser .

      • Fabian is always on point not everyone can be a winner. Catriona should listen to him. You can never win all pageants. Look at MW 2016, remember? You should be contented with your MW Philippines crown in your resume and move on.

      • Veks its our opinion and I’m just being honest with my assessment. I’m sorry I’m not the one to give someone false hopes…Hihihihi.

    • Fabian naman eh… u’re building up fire. It would’ve been okay if you said it in another approach because when you mention contentment, it is a different story. It only translates to saying that she has no right to join Binibini. Let her be. Gugustuhin mo ba na pagsasabihan ka ng ganyan kpag ikaw nasa lugar ni Loren? I get Ryan’s point and I agree to it. Its just that u deliver ur words too harsh without the sense of sensitivity towards others, fab.

      Everyone is entitled to their opinions but please have that sense of sensitivity.

      Fabbie, ayaw pagpakauwaw. Please. hehe

    • @Fabian and @Ryan

      You actually both have a point, in my opinion.

      MPE queens pride themselves as eco-warriors and the pageant itself gives no indication of being inferior to BBP but with MEP runners up and queens giving BBP a go after their reigns, the matter of contentment and commitment to the “cause” seem lost and gives the impression that BBP remains THE premier pageant, regardless of the “advocacy” that MEP/ME supporters push.

      On the other hand, we should pursue our dreams and not be held back by what others say. If Loren succeeds, she shall have been twice-crowned by 18 March, which is a great honor.

      I am just bothered by MEP queens who suddenly become “eco-warriors passionate about the preservation of mother earth” after not faring well in BBP (think Catherine Untalan, Jeanne Harn, Karla Henry, Angelee delos Reyes, Angelia Ong, Imelda Schweighart, Loren Artajos, and Karen Ibasco) but it cannot be denied that some of the queens mentioned here eventually became true to the cause.

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