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  1. Ayaw ni Stella Marquez ng nanalo na sa ibang contest. Pustahan tayo hindi sa kanya ibibigay ang Universe. Runner up pa pwede.

  2. OT: TOP 25 BEST OF 2017 PAGEANT GOWNS by Nick Verreos

    The number one pageant gown is by Ivan Gunawan and worn by Miss International 2017 Kevin Lilliana.

    The very stylish Liz Clenci, Miss Grand International 2017 2nd RU, bags the #7 spot in Jaz Cerezo. The 8th spot goes to Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaer in Michael Cinco. Miss World Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmnan in Mark Bumgarner takes the #15 spot.

    Super love Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle’s gown designed by Carlos Alberto. Same designer of that infamous gown worn by Zuleyka Rivera when she won MU 2006.


  3. Ever Bilena may not be a high-end brand but one positive thing I can see with them as a major sponsor in Bb. Pilipinas is that a Philippine-made brand is being promoted.

    It doesn’t matter if a candidate is wearing a high-end or budget make-up, if the assigned make-up artist or the candidate herself is knowledgeable on how to enhance the facial features, she will look good. I’ve seen ladies wear high-end make-up brands and yet they end up looking like overly made-up because they don’t know how to apply it.

    I hope the ladies learned how to properly apply make-up. Having a face with too much foundation is a Pageant Betty 101.

    Less is more, ladies.

    • Not true. Cheap brands make your face like a blackboard painted with colored chalks.
      All are just color and powder based; no minerals, no vitamins, and no nourishers thus they cause allergy eeeeewww

      • Since we are on that topic, please check the ingredients of the make-up you’re using.

        The Ever Bilena make-up products do not show their ingredients online so I can’t confirm if this brand is really using “colored chalks” as one of their ingredients. It would be nice if their website is transparent.

        It’s interesting to note that the US Food and Drugs (FDA.gov) did a survey on cosmetic products and have concluded that some contain toxic chemicals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, nickel, etc. I see MAC, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Nars and other known brands in the surveys conducted.


      • Not true. Cosmetics manufactured and distributed in the PH are government regulated (BFAD). Potah ka Jeremi itikom mo ang bunganga mong mabaho. Tse ka

  4. Lol sila Jeremi at gloria nagwawala dito! Nasan na ba ang mga caretaker ng mga to! Painumin nyo na nga ng gamot!

  5. Lol sila Jeremi at gloria nagwawala dito! Nasan na ba ang mga caretaker ng mga to! Painumin nyo na nga ng gamot!

  6. No Aya and Wynonah please….don’t ever put those on your face di bagay sa atin baka magka-allergy tayo. At saka para lang yan sa mga pang-masa ang faces tulad nila VENUS RAJ 2.0, Catriona Fan (duh obviously), Sophia etc. dahil sothyal daw na brand yan waaahhhhhh hahahahahah

  7. It is always good to see a Filipino brand trying to position itself in a defined market segment. This means that it is not intimidated in a global industry landscape that is dominated by world-renowned brands of multinational giants.

    I do not know much about Ever Bilena as it is not present in the country where I work, and even if it were, my shopping destination for cosmetics is strictly in the Men’s Zone. But from the choice of its brand endorsers, and from my perceptions about their personal brands, I can see that Ever Bilena is trying to position itself along the following market segments:

    Michele Gumabao—athletic achievements at once conjure up an image of action, energy, outdoors… always on-the-go. Market segment: active set.
    Vickie Rushton— calm casual demeanor easily projects the lovable girl-next-door poise. Market segment: confident millennial.
    Murielle Orais– quiet sophistication of a diligent career woman. Market segment: young professionals.
    Catriona Gray– an unyielding spirit to pursue ambition beneath that reserved mien. Market segment: goal-oriented women.

    But the questions are: Are these psychographic segments clearly present in the C, D and possibly E market base of the brand? Do the followers of the Select Four reflect the personal brand image of their respective favorites, such that we can gauge the capacity of their personal brands to influence their respective followers? The answers will determine if the choice is a good move by the owner of the brand.

    • Scorg , those from the CDEF groups hardly use any product at all .. unless they work in the pokpok businesss.
      Even those in the A and B business hardly use make up . … unless they are in show biz or executive positions. In fact , if you watch Eat Bulaga and other shows, the hosts sometimes make fun of those with make up on ‘ay , si Ate naka -make up’. .. even those who are obviously from the Alta groups.

      • Fabie, the cosmetics business encompass make-up products to include the entire range of personal care products like facial toners, skin lotion, face wash, soap, fragrances, deodorants, hair colours, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, hair dressing… i am not familiar with Ever Bilena products but I’s sure they are not confined to make up.

      • Scorg most women in the Philippines are just soap-shampoo-conditioner girls

    • Fabie,

      If that is true for the C, D and E markets, then the decision to make the Select Four brand endorsers is obviously to generate “demand pull” from the dormant markets. The branding goal is to make the products look high-end to the budget conscious C, D and E segments.

      I reviewed online the product lines under EB brand and the sub-brands of Blackwater, Careline and Advance. My reading of the personal brands projected by the Select 4 seems to match the positioning for each brand. An energetic on-the-go person like Michelle seems to be the perfect endorser for Blackwater, bannered by a perfume, body spray, soap and hair gels for men and women. The youthful carefree millennial vibe in Vickie matches the Careline make-up lines targeted for teens. The aura of confidence of a career woman Murielle appears to be the branding message of Advance make up lines targeted at women “who knows what she puts up on her skin”. It is the tagline “Forever fierce. Forever Bilena” that does not clearly define the mother brand Ever Bilena as it seems to be diluted by the sub-brands’ messages and positioning. That the brand owner chose Catriona as the image model seems to point to the direction of equating “fierce” to “unyielding spirit to pursue ambition”. Will this resonate to the C, D, and E markets?

      • Wag magbulag bulagan baks, kitang kita ebidensya oh, ewan ko ba kung extra rice ang dahilan niyan or beer? anyways, suggestion lang naman sa ating future MUP baka mabash tayo ng ibang lahi pag ganyan yung tiyan niya.1 month pa Catriona para magdiet and exercise

      • Bobo lang? Ano pa ba ang higher than Miss U na alam mo? Miss Galaxy? Miss Milkyway? Ah, Miss Pusang Kalye! Bagay! Tatag ka ng sarili mong beauty contest bakla baka kilalanin mas mataas pa sa Miss U. Libre naman mangarap. Inom ka rin ng gamot mo ha? Di ka pa magaling.

    #MissTourismWorld 2017/18 FINALS
    Melaka, Malaysia

    Good luck #MissTourismPhilippines 2017 MARIAN ANGELU ALCANTARA!

  9. anyway congrats sa special awardees
    may you all become titlists

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  11. make up in a global scale
    the special award winner deserves Miss Globe

  12. Good job, Stella! Para actividades moldeadas con MI – recuerde la palabra clave – “proactiva”

  13. Norman,

    Please don’t forget your post pageant assessment of Batch 2017 now that Katarina closed the pageant season. You gave 88% mark for Batch 2016, what is it this time?

  14. A lot of beautiful and smart girls in this year’s batch ! After watching most of their Web interviews, I could single out Cat, Wynona, Michelle, MJ, Karen as good communicators 🙂

    • Bakit bong700?
      Dino ba may boobs kundi yung Sobrang Taba o yung bumili?
      Tse hihihi

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