16 comments on “In the Spotlight: Your Binibini 34 Mary Joy de Castro

  1. Cohesive. Concise. Spontaneous. An A+ in the speaking department.

    And she’s taking this Bb. Pilipinas experience to benefit her photography and creative skills. This is a great candidate for the international scene!

    Best of luck, MJ!

    Her neck does appear wide in the video due to the hairstyle. If her styling team could please style her hair like this below:

  2. Bongga ka day😄👍
    So, dalawa sila ni Jehza na galing ADDU😊
    Both are qualified for MI crown ☺
    But I want Jehza to give the MI crown and a Runner-up position for u because I want u to get the MU crown or MI next year😚
    Mabuhay ang taga-Davao 🤗cherette

  3. I absolutely love her! But then again, I’m already loving at least 10 girls right now to fight it out for the major crowns. So who will be in? Who will be out?

  4. Very congenial, pretty and natural. Her train of thoughts and delivery are fluid, engaging and coherent. I like her to win a major major crown if only for those attributes. Hope she’s also in good physical shape.

  5. Darkhorse in the competition, she can easily clinch one of the crowns . May pagkahawig kay Pastillas Girl , and above all napakatalino niya.

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