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  1. DYOSA ang fezlak. MUP or MGI for me so we can finally win that MGI crown and stop sending girls…hihihi

  2. Maganda si Karen. She is my mgi . Di ko Alam bakit mukhang Photoshop Ang picas at di pantay Ang butas ng ilong. Hinay hinay sa pag photoshop baka instead mapaganda nyo the other way around

  3. kabighabighani! she sounds really sincere.. i also love this girl along with cat , mich gumabao, aya and a few other girls..

  4. Karen Galmann is Catriona Gray’s competitor for the BB Grand International title. But good that if she loses here, Catriona can try both Miss Earth or the new Miss Supranational, mananalo na si ate Cat!

      • Karen has so much amazing qualities and people respect her for that. She’s really articulate and obviously speaks flawless English.

        It’s your rabid obsession of her that’s turning people off.

        Poor Karen. Thanks to you, your calculated insincere comments etc., some people are hating on her.

        You are a liability to #teamkaren

        Enough said…

      • Napakababaw mo naman just because of me, you will hate Karen? Gurl or Baks, threatened ang ganyan or worse INGGIT !!

    • Hindi ko kayo maintindihan, kung kayo pwede mag obsessed sa Bet niyo tapos ako hindi? Wag kang ipokrita .parehas lang tayo, kung nabibwesit ka sa mga comments ko then you are free to unlike it. Wow ha.

    • Ano kayang transformation ang gagawin sa mga ito? Their frontrunners seems to be a backdrop of the BbP frontrunners. That’s all!

    • Grabe puro waley…

      Usually panglaban ni Indonesia over us is height and body… Madaming modelesque proportion sa kanila… kinulang lang ng mukha… Kaya lang Venzuela level na ang transformation nila as in ginastusan talaga ang mga cosmetic surgery…

    • @ star : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Thanks for sharing. Karina of DKI Djakarta looks like Intan Aletrino. 🙂

    • Love ko c Sarah G… kamukha nya ung isa… ung isa naman eh c Crystal Henares.

  5. I wonder why her interview ended like a cliff-hanger? … I can feel more passion from the other girls when they mention their advocacies. In my opinion, she should milk every opportunity to showcase her comskills, credentials and advocacies, etc. so she could make up for whatever she’s lacking compaired to the other front runners.

    I do wish that she was few inches taller but her pretty face does remind me of a cross between Mila Kunis and Christina Ricci… I hope her glam team could turn her into more of a Kiera Knightly on the coronation night.

  6. Karen looks like the clapper (literally, but no pun, intended) of Pia during MU 2015, Miss Bulgaria Radost Todorova who I find kindhearted and pretty but lacks wow factor.

    I hope Karen knows when to peak, so her preparations would not go to waste. At this moment I have this feeling that she will do Carishiela Kujipers 2.0. That’s all!

  7. If she play her game right and if she peak at the right moment, she can easily snatch the MUP crown from the heavy favorite Catriona. I just hope her beauty camp, KF has something instore for her. I see Jimena Navarrete vibe and the glam of Kendal.

    So it will be an exciting fight on the 18th. So good luck Karen. What i like about you is that serene and dignified aura, may lady luck be at your side.

    GOOD LUCK Girl. You’re in my top 5. So fight fight fight.

    • ***instore for judges, and fans i mean. Something like hindi tayo mabobore or we can experience and feel Karen. I guess its more like showing and sharing her beautiful personality.

  8. Yung mga threatened, nag aabang to hit thumbs down everytime may positive feedback si Karen. hehe , pity

    • Actually, no one’s doing that. People respect the opinion of others.

      It’s just you they can’t take. It’s just you they thumbs down.

  9. Pretty. Headstrong. She knows what she wants. May pagka-kontrabida ang dating 🙂

    I won’t be surprised if she’ll be one of the queens of the night.

    To her glam team:

    Please tone down the make-up. Recent photoshoots are revealing a more mature Karen. She doesn’t need buckets of make-up. She’s naturally beautiful.

    • True lang huwang naman makapal ang make up nawawala ang youthful glow ni Karen. She’s at her best nung 2012.

  10. You Got me Sir Norman when you described her with gorgeous face and mysterious aura. Sorry to say pero predictable na kasi yung iba. I loved girls who will surprise us and is mysterious on how they perform in the finals.

  11. A lot of pretty faces in the batch.
    Gallman is prob the prettiest facially . If she was taller , she could be my MUP.

    Cat for MUP. But I’ll be ok if Gallman gets it ….provided they give Cat the first run up position and nothing else.

  12. Ito talaga yung gusto ko sa isang competition, yung laban lang ng laban, huwag pakabog sa hype ng ibang kandidata, malay niyo iikot ang roleta tapos sayo tumama ang pinakamataas na premyo. Dasal at performance level talaga at samahan pa ng swerte ang kailangan. Kaya Laban lang mga Girls.

  13. she’s beautiful. can be International or Grand. she can be trained to be fierce naman e.
    Kaya lang, with the latest photos of her, parang medyo dry ang dating. medyo pilit.. hindi ko alam ha, I saw some photos of her sa instagram and parang latina na ang dry tignan. nabawasan ang glow ng beauty niya.

  14. Fearless Forecast :Karen will be the MUP 2018
    yes,Kulang siya sa tangkad pero hello, that face will rock the universe, Hollywoodish mga ateng.nahiya naman si Demi Leigh Neil Peters at Pia sa nagrereklamo sa height diyan..and talking about advocacy, nakakainspire siya dahil inisip niya ang edukasyon ng mga less fortunate kabataan lalo na sa malalayong probinsya na di masyadong blessed at napag iiwanan. Well Goodluck Karen

    • Why do you keep comparing her height to Demi Leigh’s and Pia’s?!?

      Pia is 5’8” and Demi Leigh is 5’7”.

      How tall is Karen? 5’5-1/2”?

      Every inch makes a big difference. 5’7” is not 5’6”.

    • That’s right; every inch counts… we don’t see you complaining about your boyfriend being a few inches short in the ___ department

  15. evident masyado ang australian accent…sosyalera ang dating…she’ll win one of the crowns

  16. MGI – Liz Clenci 2.0
    Sayang sana tumangkad pa sya ng at least 2 inches. But who knows her destiny in this pageant? Baka biglang sya pala ang MUP.

    • She seems to have that laidback Aussie vibe from what I remember. Perfect for Miss International, Miss Intercontinental, or Miss Globe. No doubt she will take one of these titles.

      Grand needs a fierce type and Supra may not even be in the picture.

      As for Universe, well MEOW.

  17. She’s really pretty and her face can make up for her not-so-impressive height. But her current pics look like she’s older than she really is. Mejo nakakathunders ang styling. Nawala yung youthfulness sa face nya

  18. Depending on how she performs from now on until the finals, she might be this year’s Liz Clenci 2.0 (who from out of nowhere zoomed all the way to the top and clinched one of the crowns). Despite Elizabeth’s height, she exuded a lot of elegance, confidence, eloquence and class that she made heads turn in last year’s MGI and almost bag the crown. Good luck, Karen ! 🙂

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