19 comments on “In the Spotlight: Your Binibini 35 Sandra Lemonon

  1. Guwapa! Those voluptuous lips and sexy eyes! Sexy pala siya magsalita and can speak 4 languages: English, Filipino, Portuguese and French.

    Sandra’s lovely. I hope she gets a crown.

    • She doesn’t remind me of Pops!!!! She’s pretty and hmmm fresh looking….another half pinay!!!!

  2. Jawskuh ngayon ko lang napatunayan na pangkama lang talaga sya pero pero pero baka ipagpalit pa rin cya ng jowa nya sa vaklah kc mas marunong mag vaccum c vahdengvaxia hihihi 😄
    Puedeng itransform to sa MI beauty kc memorized naman yung speech at smile smile lang sa press interview 😄
    Hayz nakuh Ms. Lemon. Disappointed ako noong MWP days mo dahil akala ko maging 1st RU ka and now sa BBPilipinas interview ay wala lng na parang wala lang hihi hihi 😋
    Sali ka uli nx year kung hanggang dyan ka na lang hijiji kc maraming baguhan ang sasapak sa yo at suerte na kung maka runner up ka hijiji Tseh😄 cherette

  3. Very beautiful and speaks English flawlessly but needs to talk with more substance and conviction. Sometimes tends to be unsure of herself.

    Has opinions on diversity and inclusiveness but no real advocacy yet.

    Hopefully, she snatches one of the crowns that doesn’t require an advocacy.

  4. MGI na toh!!! pramis kakabog kay Nawat to!!! Gawin nyu lang to babaeng baklah!!! pak ganern na to!!!

  5. She could very well be Catriona’s toughest competition… but she needs to lay off the collagen lip injections.

    • Yes! I have Sandra and Cat as my top 2 right now. Cat is still no. 1 for me after the web interviews. It’s amazing that they are really good friends and they support each other.

      But there are others fighting hard and that were pretty impressive with their web interviews like Michele, Wynonah, Ahtisa, Ena etc. I had Aya in my top 3 but her web interview was not as good as my top 2. Hope Aya gets better with interviews come finals night.

    • Dear Lily, Sandra’s never had injections in her life. You can go to her Instagram and look for older photos of her when she was younger and you’ll notice how her lips have always been full and beautiful.

  6. Sandra is undoubtedly gorgeous from head to toe, but why can’t I think of a crown fit for her head?

    Sandra must level up her game. She needs to excite her followers each and every time she comes out in BbP activities. She has to be uniquely flirty, baklang-bakla, but maintain elegance.

    That’s all!

    • @ BiZackcle : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Kindly refer to earlier post. BBP-Supranational is NO MORE.

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