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  1. I like Aya’s beauty too. There are at least 10 girls that I really like in this batch.

    Please stop the bullying. Let the girls do their thing and support your girl without bashing the other girls. Come on people, be civilized naman.

      • Oh, good grief, aj. What she was trying to say is this Gurl looks like a Queen…as in a transsexual. However, she prob won’t even make it there; There are better looking trans gurls in that pageant. She just looks like a hot mess Drag Queen —esp in that red dress.

      • Oh I see. She doesn’t look so to me. Maybe because I don’t see or meet a lot of those people. Thanks Meghan.

  2. Is she in the running to become Philippines’ next Drag Superstar?? Gurl, we got a winner in her. Yaaas, hunty. Yaaaas.

  3. Her eyebrows are way too distracting for some reason. They need to be toned down.

    • I like her angled look here. The other pic with her full face showing, not so much. Namimili ng angulo.

      If her glam team could please soften her eyes and go easy on making her brows too rounded and arched and too dark 😉

  4. I must say Aya looks lovely here. If she can have this natural look all the way to the pageant night, she’ll most probably get into the semis. But right now, the too much eye make-up are not doing her any favors. I’m sure her mom and Mafae are giving her extra pointers on how to project as a BQ and get her more comfortable speaking in front of the camera (yes, please!).


  5. We’ve seen this look already in Miss Universe 2016…I wish she competed 3 years ago, seems like she’s forced to compete because she’s running out of time.

  6. I can see her representing our country in Miss Universe but sadly, not this year. Maybe a year later or two.
    Catriona Gray will win MUP and, ofcourse, Miss Universe 2018.

  7. WOW!!!! She will be a contender for MIP and MUP. Love her in the black ensemble. If she loses a few more pounds to make her face slimmer, I can see a Miriam Quiambao aura in her!!! GONDO!!!!

    • Aye naku, heto nanamun – she will be ready for MUP/MIP “if… when… after… plenty of time pa…”

      I want ladies like the era of our 2010-2015 MUPs. Ready na on Day 1 of applications.

      There are at least 5 ladies who are ready to leave for a pageant today.

      I’m getting annoyed she is being shoved down our throats when she has no real pageant credentials besides being a former’s daughter, but that’s life. Artista colonial mentality. Good luck to her na lang. But a no for me for MIP/MUP.

      Give these titles to a beauty queen and not just anaks of them.

      MEOW 🙀

      • Veks I dont want pageant ready girls. I want a girl to go transformation as preparation for the big competition. Kaya medyo nabobored ako sa meow meow no eh kasi you keep on insisting she’s ready. Well I have news for you. She was more than ready for MW 2016 and yet she still lost… Hihihihi. Meow meow meow.

      • @4M Hihihi MEOW talaga

        In ferness, 2nd runner with 2 months prep is very ready. Kung, clapper may point pa. But World class placement for a world-class contender.

        As por boredom, nakaboring na ang Daughter of and PMAP routine. Walang dating sa international stage yan. Gandang Pinay talaga – hanggang Philippine stage lang.

        World Peace, that’s all, thank you 😻

      • not pageant ready? then its philippines era 2000-2010 again.. we are winning because we are not procrastinating.. i believe aya is pageant ready being trained by a&q, kung hindi di nila isasabak yan ng hilaw.. problem is mukha nya medyo masculine ang dating kaya nagmumukhang bakla at sinosobrahan pa ng makeup kaya mas lumalabas na di natural.. i rarely comment pero her styling team should be able to show off her feminine features..

    • Miriam Quiambao, a statuesque beauty and very regal before and after she won Bb Pilipinas World and when she competed for MU. Gandang natural at queenly ang dating. Sure, she got a week of training from Osmel but she is an epitome of beauty and grace. Kahit walang glam team at make-up, she’s a clear standout.

      • last comment is for aya not for miriam.. ang layo naman ng features ni miriam ke aya.. they do not look the same.. me sira siguro mata nyo.. better use eyeglasses…

  8. ano ba yang mukhang baklang matanda? ang lalabo ata ng mga mata ng iba dito.. i agree she is not for the pageant world…

    • Okay lang yung hindi sya maganda sa’yo, pero pa-alta pa? She’s from Abesamis clan. His father is a doctor and a mom who was a 3rd Runner- up in Miss Universe. May K sa alta de sociedad.

  9. I love what I’m seeing! It’s still Cat VS. Aya, for me. I’m not yet convinced with the latter though. #AYAPAMORE

  10. I would love to see a Sandra Lemonon or Murielle Orais to be experimented make-up this way..

  11. not a fan of this girl, but bagay sa kanya ang look na to!
    galing talaga ni fanny serrano!

  12. Catriona Gray – MUP
    Karen Gallman – MI
    Anjame Magbitang – Supra (She reminds me of Ana Fernandina Buquid, raw & fresh)
    Michelle Gumabao – Globe
    Sandra Lemonon – MGI
    Wynona Buot – Possible spoiler to snatch a major crown. Watch out for her.

    As to Aya Abesamis, 2nd Runner-Up for me. She has this Wendy Valdez vibe.

  13. Ms. Ever Bilena 2018- #Binibini20 Catriona Gray

    Ms. EB Careline 2018- #Binibini1 Vickie Marie Rushton

    Ms. EB Blackwater 2018- #Binibini19 Michele Gumabao

    Ms. EB Advance 2018- #Binibini3 Muriel Adrienne Orais

    • When you speak about X-factor, it’s Cat. Hence, she stands out. She is in the running towards becoming the next Miss Universe Philippines.

      Michele Gumabao is a silent killer and seems locked in BbP-Globe. Muriel is my BbP-Grand. Eva Patalinjug is my BbP-International. Aya is for BbP-Supranational (in case this is no longer a BPCI franchise as has been buzzed, then Intercon). Wynona Buot is not yet ripe, but can go back and claim Intercon.

      Fabbie and Bong, I have to let go of your Jezha. Nabalintunaan na yata s’ya because joining BbP has become an afterthought after she got marriage proposal from her boyfie. However, I can see showbiz career in her. She is the deadringer of the Gobingo girl, Maricar De Mesa.

      That’s all.

      • Eva is pretty
        But she has no chance internationally
        We need a cute face
        Cute she is not

  14. halos pareho ang make nila ni wynwin marquez…. styling in all touched by fanny serrano… in fairness kay tita fanny ang galling mag make up…. hindi yong tulad kay albert mas nagging duling ang itsura ni aya…. well nice one… but still not impressed with her web interviewed…. i am sold out to cat my number one.

  15. Pinay na pinay ang ganda! Kung ganda lang ang basehan, ganitong ganda ang gusto kong magrepresent sa Pilipinas!

    • I concur, girl. Pinay ang ganda, sopistikada, yayamanin, class, istariray… Who else can give a tight competition to Catriona, but she. I don’t care about her connections as long as she delivers, which I know she can. Go, Aya, go!

  16. It’s obvious that Aya’s glam team did experiments in order to get the right look for her, after receiving horrendous bashing from netizens. At the end of the day, it’s minimal retouch that is winning.

    While I subscribe to others’ view that beauty pageant make-up has to be more-is-more, it does not apply to all girls. There are those whose facial features are quite detailed that make-up enhancements won’t complement at all. Less is more, they say.

    Thankfully, Fanny Serrano has come to the rescue. He knows how to salvage Aya from the sinking let’s-try-it-today-and-wait-what-people-would-comment experiment. Aya is beautiful. She was just initially erroneously styled.

    That’s all.

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