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  1. May i suggest lang kung hindi pa rin tanggalin ang franchise ng MIC and MGI ni SMA sa mga candidates na ipapadala dito na caliber nila Katja and so on and Ms. Clenci mag resign kayo dahil di talaga tayo papanalunin ng org na yan. Quit then join again. Hayaan na lang na kung sino ipalit sa kanila na less caliber dahil sayang yung mga pinapadala natin na pang mga MU level.

  2. Oh No ! Katrina is runner up to Miss Intercontinental (another McGarry). I think she deserved to win.
    Why can’t we bag this crown… I previously commented that K Gallman must be sent to MGI to bag our first crown there. Now, K Gallman should be sent to Intercontinental next year… Buot or Magbintang for MGI

  3. What other country in the world can boast of national reps that nearly all placed in their respective pageant missions? It’s mind boggling to be this dominant but at the same time parang nakakatakot- can we maintain it? If it ends, how will Filipinos fans take it?

  4. Too bad I wasn’t able to watch it as I’m @ work. So Miss Mexico won with Katya getting 1st RU honors ? How did the winner perform & did she deserve to win over our bet ? Hmmm.. I need to watch the entire proceeding and let me be the judge 🙂

  5. What is the most important thing that you had learn about participating in Miss Intercontinental?

    Miss Philippines: ” The most important thing that I have learned in joining Miss Intercontinental is an Arabic word named after one of the Sunrise Resorts and that is Meraki. It means to do all things with passion, soul and creativity. When I heard this word and it’s definition, it resonated with me, until now and I think it will for the rest of my life therefore that is the most important thing I learned while participating at Miss Intercontinental. ”

    *** Meraki is not an Arabic word but a Greek word it means doing it with love, passion and a lot of soul

  6. She made a mistake when she said Meraki an Arabic word, it should be Greek word which means doing it with love, passion and a lots of soul.

    • Who won ?
      As long as an Indian owns this pageant , a Filipino won’t win the crown no matter how deserving

      • Miss Mexico- Miss Intercontinental 2017
        Miss Philippines – First Runner-up
        Miss Netherland – Second Runner-up
        Miss Brazil — Third Runner-up
        Miss Colombia– Fourth Runner-up
        Miss Korea– Fifth Runner-up

    • Still of the sentiment that these pageants don’t deserve crowned Filipina queens in BB Pilipinas. Even if Kat won, I still would have the same opinion.

      A good run at 1RU, but definitely deserving of the crown. I can’t say the same of the winner. I didn’t notice her.

  7. Congratulations Katarina! Top 6..and still strongly running for the crown!

    I thought I was watching a rehearsal. Lol. Napaka amateur ng hosting, stage, venue and overall vibe. Parang Corporate Christmas Party ang peg. Lol.

    Si kuya singer parang concert lang…with the thank you girls dancing down the stage.

    World Peace.

    • If Miss Unuverse has Colombia… Miss Intercontinental has Philippines. We’re like forever the bridesmaid. Nonetheless, Congratulations Ms Rodriguez.

  8. All the best to you, Katrina ! Keep the momentum going, do your best and slay them all for the crown 🙂

      • oh wow Katja’s national costume’s color shines amidst a see of uber colorful natcoses. Hindi mo masyado maappreciate pag solo lang pero pag katabi na yung ibang Natcos super stand out!!!

  9. Nilait kita noon dahil sa pics mong straight ang bewang but I can feel your winning the crown hihihi huwag lang maPornNaPorn Thailand ang system na mangyari hihihi😄
    Remember hammond and mcgarry too😄🤗hihihi

  10. Go #Katareyna !!!
    You would always be a winner to me

  11. Iba ang vibe ko kay Katja. My gutfeel says she will bring home the crown. Galingan mo, girl. Pampabwenas man lang para sa 2018 Filipina beauty queens!

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