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  1. Reminds me of Janicel Lubina and Ann Colis…

    Just fix that mild snaggle tooth, tone those curves.. and polish her styling….

    She could be a future International winner….

    BUT before that, she needs to add more amazing achievements outside of pageantry.

    I’ll keep an eye on this girl for sure! 🙂

  2. She’s bubbly and pretty. She’s my bet for BbP Supra. I hope she has good talent, good modelling skill, and I can tell by hers she has a pleasing personality. That’s what Ms. Supranational is looking for.

  3. thai beauty ang arrived nya saken. She looks stunning kapag nakataas ang buhok. that style more suited for her. May potential din. shes still young pa naman so i think a runner is a good start for her.

  4. Give her runnep up.. hone her to be competitive she is still raw and young let her back and 1 or 2 years… she is promising beauty queen in the future… i think she can be miss universe phils.

  5. She should go to the surgeon of Nichole Manalo. Potential Crown holder in the future,if ever.

  6. I like-y!

    Fresh face. Very tall. Proportioned body….and apparently natural teeth!!! A rarity. Lol.

    Top Tier Girl definitely. I hope she would bag one of the major crowns just by beauty, stance and height alone. I have yet to hear her speak though.

    World Peace.

  7. I saw in one forum na bet sya ng ibang latino kasi very asian ang features nya. i agree with them.. pero di ko lang peg ang styling nya. she should wear clothes highlighting her height. ang maganda sa kanya , expressive yung eyes nya kahit medyo maliit at droopy. i suggest the solution will be lagyan ng strong cat eyeliner para umangat yung side at ma balance.tapos palakihin yung mouth nya kasi medyo manipis to to give an over all sultry look kasi right now, she’s giving us cute. and that wont make her win. tsaka yung bun on top of the head is passe’ na. kaumay na tingnan just like wynona buot. bagay sa kanila yung long waistline straight layered hair na extensions. i can see a HUGE potential nito especially if she has a great walk on stage ala naomi campbell or janicel lubina. yung may landi yet gliding in finesse. kasi ang tangkad nya.. tapos aura lang ng aura ineng! master your facial expressions kasi you have all the goods as well as learn your angles that works best for you. like ko rin tong girl na to. she could be a strong contender for MGI phils:)

  8. Siya ata ang prettiest sa matatangkad na candidates na BBP candidates in recent time. In fer naman. Let’s see if she’s articulate… pero baka runner up placement para she can train more and return to compete afterwards.

  9. Fresh beauty! Encouraging ang potentials nya, whether for now or later.

    Having said that, we should all feel free in supporting our candidates. Free nation naman tayo. But why make a positive comment and then mix it up with negas (yes, you Jeremi and Miss Queen Wannabe) about other candidates. What’s wrong with being related to another beauty queen, or if they’ve joined multiple times, etc. If the organization accepted them because they’re within their rights, who are you to judge? Pwede naman kasi tayong pumuri without being bashers. What are you gaining? Nothing constructive….

    • oo nga, pag may nakita tayong nega, suggest tayo kung paano ma overcome yung aspect na yun para mas ma encourage ang mga gurls natin … tama ka anonymous mwahhh

  10. Not now, she’s still young. Give her 4 years more and be trained to become a perfect beauty queen not just for the body, beauty but most importantly her communication skills.
    Huwag muna ipilit baka ma-Janice Lubina na yan.

  11. likely a runner up so that she can repeat … or a lesser crown but it will prevent her from competing again in Bb which will be a waste

  12. seriously, a great contender!!!
    just on the photos alone
    naturally effortlessly beautiful,
    very feminine oval face
    perfect posture, too

    and from her smile, very likeable

  13. Hmmm..maganda sya…pero sana mas i-enhance yung filipina features nya…Does she really need those fake lenses? Off for me e…

    Parang with her sweet smile, kaunting pasexy at playfulness lang, pak sa Miss Supranational ito…

  14. I really like Anjame. I really hope KF hones her personality and communication skills. If she doesn’t win a crown this year, I hope she joins again! She is still very young and has lots of potential.

    And no to veneers and platform heels! She already has a nice set of teeth and is already very tall!

  15. I like these fresh faces hindi yung mga talunan na nga sa major major int’l. pageant eh nagpupumilit pa rin na akala mo eh mananalo na this time. Hello!!!

  16. Isa siya na mas gustuhin ko pa siya na manalo kaysa sa mga pinagpipilitan nilang mga beterana, mga talunan at kamag-anak ng kesehodang tao na manalo sa patimpalak. Sa kanyang tangkad at talino at walang tulong ng doktor na kagandahan, sigurado ko na may pag-asa siya manalo isa sa mga korona.

  17. She’ll likely get a crown. Cat is still the one to beat given her strong comm skills. It’s not enough to be tall and gorgeous, one also needs to know what to say, and more importantly, not to say on

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