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    • Kay Jehza, hindi naman pwedeng si MJ kasi may phone na siyang hawak tsaka masyadong malayo. Hindi rin naman pwedeng si Magbitang kasi morena siya, maputi yung kamay.

  1. Here’s Aya’s web interview. She wants to be the voice of the youth.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Maraming kalaban si Cat when it comes to beauty
    Her only advantage is height and comm skills

    • Again , Lutang na lutang si Jehza -beauty of face and body . Ang galing ng tayo ni Jehza

  3. A lot of pretty faces this year.

    Again, for the nth time, let me repeat again for the second time around (ayan paulit ulit na!)

    1) You can say NO to veneers. Or at the very least, choose something that is natural-looking and in proportion to your face. As someone mentioned, this is becoming an Binveneering Piliipinas. Para kayong ngipen na tinubuan ng mukha. Lol.

    2) The Bragais-ish shoes must go. Not attractive at all. Take note short girls, you look EVEN shorter and stubbier with those shoes.

    3) Fake Lenses. NO! Especially colored ones. Horrendous! You are just displaying your fakery.

    4) The cold wave pagoda lotion wavy hair ages you.

    World Peace.

  4. jehza should stop sporting that bun hairstyle! I believe she looks waaaaaaaay prettier with her hair down, soft curls or the slick back hairstyle like what she sported during bbp2017

  5. #Catriona VS #Gallman
    #Samantha #Gumabao
    #Eva #Abesamis
    #Jezha #Abellanida
    #Wynona #Magbitang
    #Muriel #Rushton

  6. re: teeth veneers

    i had to look up if they have different sizes ? google says yes
    why then….oh, never mind….

    google also says some are removeable—thank god for that

    pick the right size and choose the removeable ones
    and also, please consider that you might not even need them.
    i wish there were trial ones where you can use it for a period of
    time , see if they suit you first

  7. #Catriona

    (Gallman, Gumabao, Abesamis)…

    • Ok sana cya pretty or I mean transformable, may height, at matalino hindi ka naman magiging Top 6 sa accounting board exam at magiging cum laude ng accounting ng UP kung bobo ka pero parang un pagsalita nya parang hindi cya confident at parang wala pa Beauty Queen aura un dating nya. Sayang ka girl. Sana galingan mo sayang yang mga credentials mo sa resume kung hindi ka man lang mag finalist. Pero I am still hoping ma improve pa cya before coronation.

  8. Bb. 39 – Trixie MaraΓ±a

    Sexy lips and expressive eyes. I see Scarlett Johansson in her.

    • i like michele
      she had shed that
      “too athletic” look rather fast
      she’s all feminine now
      and very beautiful at that

  9. Binibini 27 is a sight to behold, mala-Mutya ang beauty. Ahtisa too, I’ve always found her to be one of the pretty faces in this batch but fresh na fresh sya dito. Nagulat ako dun sa first pic, kala ko may tourist na nagpapapicture sa mga binibinis at gumitna pa talaga, turns out it was Aya lol ang laki ng fezlak nya. I didn’t see Catriona in any of the pics here although I saw a video showing her in instagram.

  10. OMG… OMG at OMG pa hihihihi πŸ™‚
    Jehza…. Jehza at Jehza pa hihihi.
    MI na MI ang beauty nya hihi :-)hi
    Ikaw na Queen Jehza ang Miss International 2018

  11. I’m really excited for Aya, Wynona, Karen, Muriel and Queen Jehza… I guess I can add Gumabao too. I think those girls are my sentimental favorites at the moment beauty-wise.

  12. With Sandra and Michele in the next pages …

    View this post on Instagram

    Tita Lavinia: Hola hijos and hijas! Medyo mag uumpisa na kami mag post ng mga make-up and #ootd pics ng mga binibinis para naman as early as now nakikisawsaw na tayo πŸ˜‚ joke I mean ayaw pa namin mag post ng makeup photos before kasi hindi pa sila official candidates mahirap na. Having said this – pasensya na kung medyo mas mapapadalas pag post namin ng same group of girls. Just like you faneys din kami and syempre may obvious favorites din kami but we'll try to be fair and really feature girls na maganda styling on a particular event or kapag lumalaban naman talaga. Lam nyo naman sa mga events meron at merong sleepers na aangat. Way din namin tong mas maging familiar tayo sa mga girls. Way ko rin to mas makilala sila para sa parade putok ugat kong masisigaw pangalan nila. That's all! So these three ladies have have more color on their skin. Do you guys like this new direction? I saw Michele Gumabao and she looked so good with her tan and her darker hair. I hope she's more comfortable with the color. It's the darkest she's gone daw. I love Cat! I'm hoping medyo mag fade pa tan nya ng slight because I actually dont mind her pinkish glow when she had lighter skin last year. Sandra is seriously a sweetheart! She's got this beachy warm vibe going on. Love her! Good luck ladies! πŸ“· @antheabueno / @abtkurniawan / @donaldlapez #catrionagray #catganern #michelegumabao #spikeforthecrown #sandralemonon #bbpil

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  13. my favorite part of the bbp competition
    the bbp t-shirt segment πŸ™‚
    when the candidates look more casual, relaxed and natural

    my favorites
    murielle orais (the pictures speak for themselves)
    jehza huelar (she definitely had a boost in confidence, and looks taller in the photos)
    michelle gumabao ( i can see her looking great with a deep dark tan)
    catriona gray (i don’t know what will look best for her a dark tan to give that japanese-brazilian look
    her medium tan right now gives her an olive skinned italian look, will look great with red lips. in any case enhance, highlight you assets, you have many and do not alter)
    aya abesamis (she’s getting her footing, styling-wise. steady improvements)
    anjame magbitiang (natural looking beauty)
    vickie rushton (sweet)
    agatha romero (looks great in these photos)
    patricia asturias (all about the eyes, she tends to slouch her shoulders though)
    samantha bernardo (very sleek)
    eva patalinjug (looks very refined)

  14. Athisa (or Ahtisa, ano ba talaga?) is Kylie 2.0 (which is a good thing). I find her unconventionally beautiful. Very refreshing.

    Watch out for Michele Gumabao. May Wyn Marquez vibe sya sa akin (of course, from a different pageant), but a winner nonetheless. I’m expecting na brainy din siya.

  15. I dont know but I have a feeling that Aya Abesamis will do a Janine Tugonon this year.
    Parang ang ganda i-polish at itrain. Sarap abangan ang transformation. She has the base already need lang ng enhancement at proper training.

    • Agreed. In contradiction to other’s hate comments to Aya, I uber like this girl’s exotic look. Basta, nagagandahan ako sa kanya and she is very exciting to look at. Pansin ko rin na ‘pag si Aya ang featured sa mga pageant blogs, madaming nagku-comment about her. It means sila ni Cat ang kaabang-abang sa mga pageant enthusiasts!

      Go, Aya, go!

  16. Number 17 Ahtisa Manalo ia the true standout in this pictures. Her face is so immaculately beautiful.

  17. Promising and standouts after a week:

    Magbitang 21
    Patalingjud 32
    Gumabao 19
    Orais 3
    Jehza 31
    Marana 39
    Artajos 36
    Gray 20 (shes becoming boring and descending with her pang MW look)
    Abesamis 11
    Candidate 34
    Jerralyn 25
    Binibini 40

    I want some action from

    Rushton 1
    Patrik Asturias 4

  18. Queen Jehza is a standout. She just needs to have a solid Q&A and I think she has crown on her head. Madame likes to reward girls who persevere. hihihihi

    • Hannah tried 3x and her reward was only a runner up placement. Pia and MJ eventually got a crown after their last attempt.

      It really depends on the judges and how each lady shines during the pageant night.

      • That’s true but Queen Jehza I think is a sentimental favorite. She seems like a really nice girl and a good head on her shoulders. She has the face to compete internationally.

    • 4m as in maganda mayaman mayumi at makiri hihihi
      Jehza IS THE STAND OUT. Not a stand out hihihi

  19. Andaming magaganda. Standout si Jheza. Cute yung Atisha, pero di ko ma gets kung bakit marami nagagalit dahil sa IG issue.

    • Paganda ng paganda si Aya. Yan ang sinasabi ko, wag kasi munang husgahan. Hindi papayag si Miss Verdadero na walang panggulat ang anak niya. #kaAyaAya

      • Yan din nasa isip ko. And im sure Jonas would not put so much effort in convincing her to join kung wala syang nakikitang potential sa babaeng ito. We can all have doubts on Jonas’s personality but we cannot deny that he really has an eye for beauty and he knows his craft. To me Aya is still Catriona’s biggest competition. Im happy that some people here are starting to appreciate her na rin and hopefully nagkaka idea na kayo on why Tito Norms introduced her is such a “hyped” way

    • Gandang…bibigyan mo muna ng panahon para i-appreciate, i-justify, i-explain pa…

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