17 comments on “In the Spotlight: Your Binibini 28 Angelica Mae Corbe

    • Former Binibini candidate Patricia Javier has been very active in her campaign for Lupus “awareness” dahil Wala namang treatment diyan kundi therapy only.

      Systemic Lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease which killed Ferdinand Marcos and recently the case Valeria Piazza (Miss Peru).

      When I check the timeline of this girl Wala akong mahanap na anything related to SLE!

      And just like the timeline of “others” – hedonistic and histrionic.

  1. She is pretty and transformable… but I suggest that she gain more achievements outside of her current impressive pageant credentials. Maybe a timely and relatable advocacy with a more active plan of action in addition to her Lupus awareness.

  2. She did not win Ms Bicolandia for nothing.
    Pics and notes above , however , are wanting .
    I’ll have to see more of her before I throw the judge’s gavel in her face .

  3. Ok, Corbe is pretty. She is Miss Universe Korea 2017’s dead ringer. However, I don’t see an alta beauty in her though. No IT factor as well.

    “I believe that my edge in this Competition is that I am a hardworking and determined person.”
    Every candidate is hardworking and determined to win in this competition. I don’t see these qualities as her edge with other ladies.

    In other news, Cat is Cat. Marunong siyang mag-project sa camera.

  4. This is not my final verdict on this candidate but I am not seeing something special in her. She is just an ordinary pretty girl with simple and not impressive credentials. I hope this girl will work hard because the competition this year is very fierce.

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