9 comments on “In the Spotlight: Your Binibini 13 Kristie Rose Cequeña

  1. she can be the next Miss Supra or Miss Globe… her aura is very regal.at mukhang matalino.. I

  2. Good luck! I hope we can bonding again. 3yrs ago when Lolo is dead, we never talk again because of what happen. We will support you no matter what. Enjoy!

  3. I was reviewing her performance last year when she made it at Top 25 through archive videos and she has potential.

    At dahil Hindi makuha kuha ng KF and AQ Ang formula ng MS, I’ll go for the independent candidate.

    So eto ang bet ko for Supra! I thought Aya was independent but after the last 4 performances of our rep for Supra, I’ll take my chance with this girl!

    • My guess for the formula for Supranational is…. Sexy Flirty Exotic w/ a Great Personality… And wait she has to be Multi-Cultural… an “East Indian” connection could be a recent advantage since one of the multi-cultural directors have Indian ancestry… hence, 2 Indian winners, Mutya Datul has ancient Filipino-Indian ancestry, Korean winner grew up in Indonesia(former part of Indian Empire).

  4. i don’t mind humility in personal statements, but I’d like to see a candidate who can make a case for winning in one sentence, two max. Wit and focus are what will set these ladies apart.

  5. Norman why is it that you don’t have ur predictions on the Miss intercontinental?

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