20 comments on “Party Mode a la Miss Intercontinental

  1. Pinag aakasayahan p kc ang mga gnto pageant….wlang sense..wlang datingan…walang latoy…baduy kya wla na suporta s voting kc wla nmn pake mga pinoy s gnto pageant….miss u lng ang care ng mga pinoy….thats it!!! Sayang lbg mga candidate n napunta dto….

  2. Hubad na katotohanan talaga ang angking kagandahan ni Kat!. Sana matulungan din natin siya sa voting. Huling hirit na lang para sa 2017 Philippine Queens. Sayang at baka 1 pang korona ito!

    • kaya nga. paraguay and leading sa TGPC voting for top 16. and for top 6 voting at intercontinental website indonesia is leading. next korea and Phil. we need 600 more vote para easy placement agad sa top 6 para makalamon ng mic si cat.

  3. party mode na din ang indonesia for sure dahil sila ang highest vote for top 6 followed by korea and pang 3 si katarina 3 days left nalang to vote. sana makahabol coz im not really confident enough that katarina will make it.

    • @ jed : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      That’s the TGPC (social media partner) poll. At the Sunrise Resort (sponsor) poll, she is second to Paraguay.

      At least. we Pignoys are CONSISTENT, placing our rep on BOTH polls. Keep in mind, the MIntercon organization is also monitoring these figures. I am confident we will get something for our pain.

      • @ andrew theres 2 type of voting one for top 16 where voting happened in TGPC and another one is for top 6 from intercontinental website. korea, indo and phil are most voted candidates. But Indonesia is leading.

  4. Kat is everywhere and she’s making her presence felt and getting noticed ! Keep it up, girl ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. miss Malaysia should send to miss universe, i think her beauty and body for miss universe….. katja having so much fan in EGYPT….. bring home the first intercom crown kat… wish you all the best

      • impostor ka
        why cant u have your own name
        may last name is sattirically spelt wrong hence, wurzt (worst)
        gawaka ng name mo ..

        world peace

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