15 comments on “Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2018

  1. Dang….those tacky shoes are just awful! The candidates look chuncky and laughable!!!

  2. Another nude color platform with a 2inch sole! Taenang yan!

    Nude color for a maroon gown…

    Nude color for a blue gown…

    Nude color for a tangerine gown…

    Kasehodang lumalabas Yung hinliliit na daliri ng paa, sige pa Rin sa open toe design! Lecheng mga sapatos Yan!

  3. NEWSFLASH: Those tacky platform heels do not make you girls look any taller…

    They just end up emphasizing your short and stubby legs.

    Stop this nonsense.

  4. I have to agree with some of the comments here about the height of those heels the girls are wearing. Not only do they look so disproportionately large, walking with such really tall heels can be potentially hazardous. Trust me when I say this as I have been wearing moderately high heels most of my adult life and I still find them challenging at times.

  5. Oh-Em-Gee.

    The horrible and tacky trend of wearing ugly, ugly shoes 6 inches high has spread as far as Iloilo. This is bad.

    Please, in the name of everything nice, pleasant, good taste and common decency I implore the handlers and the girls:

    > THE SHOES ARE UGLY!!!!!! – (Mr. Bragais, if you are the supplier of these monstrosities, please stop!)

    > YOU CAN SAY “NO” TO VENEERS!!!!!!! – (Mr. Flores, if you have a cut or a side business partnership with your veneer suppliers, please stop)


    Whoever started these trends should be condemned and charged with Human Rights Violation! Lol. It assaults the girls and it assaults us viewers.

    World Peace.

    • The shoe designer is the apparent winner regardless of the girl to be crowned. Those clunky things are the first thing I noticed. Also, the girls are almost all the same height so I don’t know why regular heels weren’t used.

      Agree on the veneers.. they can double as billboards if the girls want to make side money.

  6. There’s nothing morose about the music . If at all , it primes for an exciting night of pageantry .

  7. Is that Ruffa Nava? Looks like she’s trying to get more beauty pageant experience.

    I was actually excited to see her grab a slot in last year’s Bb. Pilipinas Top 25 roster. I like her beauty and those outstanding cheekbones!

    I hope she joins Bb. Pilipinas again next year.

    • Yup I agree
      Ruffa Nava has great potentials
      I hope she practices how to answer questions like Pia by watching you tube videos . I don’t care abt the diction and grammar . If she is able to get her thoughts through , it is more than enough . She can be our MUP after we win another MU title.

      • That’s true if the candidate is able to gather her thoughts, it can help her through. But sometimes there are surprises during the pageant night. There are those that did not really do well in the Q&A portion but they get the major titles.

        Maxine bagged MUP 2016. Her beauty reigned supreme that night despite her weak answer.

        Janina San Miguel got the Miss World Philippines title in 2008 even when she wasn’t able to communicate in English. Her towering height and body made her the winner.

        Dindi Gallardo got so flustered but she became MUP 1993. I commend Apa Ongpin for disciplining the unruly audience.

      • Janina won the swimsuit and evening gown round. I guess she built a lead so insurmountable that even if she fumbled in the Q&A, it was still enough to get her a major crown.
        About Dindi, they were pre judged so the coronation night was only a formality. And according to her, she did well in the preliminary interview. Same with Janina, Dindi also won the swimsuit and evening gown round.

      • Also note that BPCI changed their criteria of selecting winners since last year, giving more weight on intellect/comm skills. So the factors that made Maxine, Dindi, and Janina win (despite their q and a perfs) might not be applicable to pageant girls today anymore

  8. The drama-heavy music used for the video is inappropriate and in fact odd considering the Dinagyang is supposed to be festive. But I like the first two ladies on it.

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