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  1. Graduated vale in elementary and HS .. and then went to Lyceum of the Zphippines .
    I guess Lyceum is more prestigious than I initially thought .
    … Did she leave something unsaid there … like … she went to UP after Hs then got expelled and went to Lyceum to finish her Comm degree?
    Having said that , I know that schools can only do so much . Ultimately , it depends on the individual how he fares in the sea of life .

    • Dear Fabian The Fab,

      Let us try not to be snarky and condescending towards the educational attainment and the schools these girls went to. I think it is plain mean. A valedictorian should not go to Lyceum? Graduating in college in Lyceum when one graduated valedictorian in HS means the person is expelled?

      I have seen and met successful, well-spoken, decent people who graduated from small, provincial colleges and universities.

      What is wrong with Lyceum ? (full disclosure , I attended a , what’s your pretentious word again? “prestigious school).

      Then you will close your entry with a disclaimer saying “I know schools can only do so much..”?

      Let us try to give feedback (no matter how bitchy) on things that can STILL be corrected (ex. ugly shoes, ugly veneers, ugly pagoda cold wave lotion hairdo). Lol

      World Peace.

  2. C Janice dapat ang pinag-uusapan dito at hindi yang mga kandidata nyo hihihi 🙂
    Nang dahil dyan ay c Janice Roman na ang MU2018 ko 🙂 cherette lang.

    • Hoy Sandra, umayos ka ha.
      Ikaw ang inaasahan ko na maging 1st RU ni Cat sa MWP noon pero naging “I’m confidently beautiful, ahhhh mmmmm ahhhh” ka sa Q&A.
      Naku, mabuti na lang at 5 ang pag-aagawang crown kaya ayusin mo ang kending mo sa Swimsuit at ihanda ang bonggang pang-reyna na gown para umabot sa Q&A at sana maayos mong masagot lahat ng tanong sa yo dahil baka lalamunin ka na naman ng buhay ni Michele… Tseh ka kung ganyan na naman ang mangyayari hihihi 🙂

  3. Nope. That hairstyle is not doing her any wonders. She has good creds and smart but again, not a beauty queen material. Walang IT factor.

    In other news, I’m also liking Trix. May sex appeal at nangungusap ang mga mata.

    Karen, please don’t go back to being blonde. Mas maganda ka kapag black/brunette ang buhok.

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