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  1. Love it! A lot of veks need to be more open minded here. It’s original and very creative.

  2. sorry… but it looks funny and disrespectul of the Philippine terno… good thing there wasn’t a shredded white sarimanok on her head! Ugly!!!

  3. This is a beautiful gown. I wonder how it looks like in red or hot pink. Well done, libiran!

  4. No offense to the designer or Katarina but I would have preferred to see her wearing a more traditional Filipiniana dress. This modern version distracts the attention away from the person wearing it. I know people here may be tired of looking at traditional Filipinana dresses, but the pageant is in Egypt. I think an authentic Philippine dress would look beautiful to people who might never have seen one before.

  5. Because it was rendered on white fabric, it looks more “arts and crafts” than the more edgy though “charred” Sarimanok of Cary Santiago. I suddenly want to go to Echague to buy handicrafts. Sorry.

  6. Obviously it is from Libiran. No need to mention. Parang card board na ginupit-gupit ang style.
    Oversized masyado ang sleeves kaya nagmukhang pandak si Katja. Pero yung skirt, I love it.

  7. I have a feeling that Katarina will be the Philippines first ever Miss Intercontinental.

  8. All I can say for Kat is she is DIVINE!!!
    Dami na nya mga photos sa Miss Intercontinental FB Page. Feel ko cya mananalo. Sa ganyang ganda pa naman sila aayaw

      • Correct. So much hype. Catriona is beautiful but very flat, no sex appeal and the kind of beauty that you will accord a glance but no follow-up.

  9. I like it. It’s pageant stage ready. It says LOOK AT ME. Forget those safe, boring, unimaginative, cheap designs you’ve seen.

    I’m your girl. I want this.

    Ok, Libiran’s designs are getting a bit predictable but at least they are ALTA.

    As for what does it have to do with Filipino culture, it’s Filipiniana with a pageant twist. Really what do some of the most memorable designs we’ve seen onstage have to do with their countries or how true they are to their real subject?

    You want pasabog? Katareyna delivers.

    Can’t wait to see her pink gown too! Go Kat!!!

    • Samantha Bernardo is great at projecting and has a competition ready body.
      Cat needs to practice more on the fierceness. kailangan ung commanding attitude sa stage of gusto nya MU. I was disappointed. Sandra Lemonon was soo plain. Hope she gets trained to present like VS angel that struts the ramp with full of attitude, bagay pa naman sa looks niya. I can imagine an Adriana Lima vibe when she masters to ramp with attitude. Wynonah Buot gives me the same feeling of being palaban like Karen Ibasco and she reminds me of Liz Uy is some angles. Vickie is such a sweetheart with great torso! For AA, sorry wala talaga akong makitang something special hihi

      • Gusto ko rin si Samantha. She’s ready body-wise but how is she in Q&A?

        True. Sandra is a bit timid. I hope she shows a bit of flaunt and flare in the upcoming weeks.

        Wynona is oozing a lot of confidence. I like that!

        I like Aya’s walk. Of course, her modeling experience is working wonders for her strut!

        Ahtisa’s smile is so Dakota Fanning! Body is good. She’s a generic mestiza beauty. I’m not seeing any IT factor.

        Vicky’s body is an hourly figure. With weight training and toning, this girl can rock the stage come pageant night. I hope she’s determined! Ganda pa naman ng mukha.

        I see a lot of ladies that need the gym as their best friend. Malayo pa ang March. There’s still time to get those abs toned and legs defined!

        Best of luck to all candidates!

  10. Maganda sana yung design at concept kung matangkad ang nag suot. Kaso mukhang napunggok siya dito pati lumapad. Kaloka!

    • Naloka ka pa nyan! Pag matangkad, masasabi mo panit ang suot. Pagmaganda at matangkad, mahina sa QA. Sus, baka ikaw ang may malaking kulang. KALOKA!

  11. Katarina and her ethereal beauty. Guwapa!

    This evening gown is very unique. Oversized butterfly sleeves – very Filipiniana. Although it looks “unfinished”, I like this version better than what Mariel wore for Miss International. I like that the heart-shaped neckline frames her face and shows off the décolletage.

    I’m hoping Katarina will wear something that is reminiscent of what Kylie wore for the evening gown competition in MI 2016, which was also a Libiran creation. That pretty powdery blue complimented Kylie’s porcelain skin. Katarina can rock any shades of pink, be it hot pink, baby pink or powdery pink.

  12. I actually like this costume – as long as irarampa nya toh with her usual na bubbly na personality, di magmumukhang patay ito. Mukha syang angel! Bagay sa kanya kasi ang amo nya tsaka malinis.

    • I know right? Iang alambre o tangkay lang makasabit, masisira ang buong costume ni Kat. Lol.

      Nevertheless, I like it. Pageant costumes in general are meant to be ostentatious and impractical to wear. If you will look at most pageant costumes, they look delikado. From the headdress to the shoes.

      I like this costume.

    • not flattering to Katrina. nagmumukha syang maiksi. sobrang laki ng butterfly sleeves. kinakain ng buo si Katrina. at ang kulay patay. naalala ko yung over size at patay na kulay ng natcos ni mariel sa MI.

  13. I LIke-y.

    Unique. I especially love the oversized butterfly sleeves.

    World Peace.

  14. Weewwww😋
    Lahat ng pics nya say Egypt na nakita ko ay hindi sya chubelita hihihi 🤗
    Huwag naman sanang maJennifer Hammond ang peg na maganda, bongga ang rampahan and yet taft 15 lng ba yun😂😭
    Winner ka para sa akin😙

  15. IMO… I love the concept… I just wonder what’s its other historical or cultural significance aside from being a Filipiniana?.. It’s simillar to Kylie’s but the focus on this is more on the structure and volume than beauty and cultural background… The sleeves could have been smaller.. and the fan could’ve at least have laminated lace in between.

  16. Buti na lang maganda si Kata. Sablay itong costume, na emphasize ang kanyang height.

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