28 comments on “In the Spotlight: Your Binibini 30 Sarah Margarette Joson

  1. Mali ng pageant na sinalihan. Pang Ms. Earth si ate girl. Mala Karen Ibasco siguro to!

  2. From her credentials, she may be assertive and a good speaker, nonetheless , next please..eto ung tipong kandidata na dapat e nuon pa naisala na..

  3. Haaay. Iniwan na pala ni Carol Banawa nursing job nya sa US. Lol.

    Next please.

    World Peace.

  4. 2nd pic: She looks like the young Bella Flores, primera-contaravida and Miss Camay in the 6o’s.

  5. Sara Margarette Joson, fresh and young at 25 years old and very tall 5′ 6″ . She will be one of the lucky candidates. Miss Universe Philippines 2018, maybe?

  6. Kung ano’ng ibinongga ng profile ng last featured candidate ni Tito Norms, s’ya namang ikinulang ni ate girl. Sinimplehan kumbaga.

    Her beauty is average and can be easily spotted on many streets in Manila. Simply put, otherwise stated, there is nothing wow factor in her arrive. I may be wrong because there are beauties who are not photogenic and Sarah can be one of them.

    As I have said in my previous comment, to be in this roll of BbP official candidates is already an achievement to boast (or boost, if you will). Enjoy the perks of the pageant, girl. That’s all!

    • IMO, being an SK chairperson is not an easy feat…
      She must definitely have a good moral character and family background to be popular enough and have that seat. I also find it rare for you to find a Binibini who dabbled in local politics at a very young age…

      • Hi, C2F! If you were talking about SK elections during the 90’s, I would agree. SK elections now are tainted with traditional politics on whose money and influence can have the seat. Pera-pera na rin kase ang labanan ngayon because may fund na rin ang SK na pinag-uusapan. Nakakalungkot lang, ‘no?

    • U can say the same with Janine and Shamcey
      If she can talk and is ambitious and hard-working , I won’t rule her out .

      Oh well, She went to PUP . While she maybe smart , comm skills are likely limited … unless she has experience abroad .

      • No, Fabbie. Janine and Shamcey were beautiful during their respective season. They were noticeable from the inception of the pageant. This girl is not.

        Are you generalizing the verbal communication of PUP graduates? I know someone from PUP who can outtalk Miriam Santiago on the debate floor.

      • Hihihi
        I guess I’m generalizing . I just know that PUP is not the favorite of the pampered and the elite . But who knows? You can find a real gem just abt anywhere . I hope
        She’s one of them.

      • @Ana Winter, to say someone can outtalk Miriam Santiago in a debate (just to prove a point) is way overboard. Miriam is on a league of her own. So unless this person that you know has the same (or even better) credentials than Miriam, say for example sitting as a judge in the International Criminal Court, I don’t think it’s appropriate to say that anyone can surpass her

      • Unorthodox: I am not referring to the full credentials of the beloved senator, ‘no? You are fanatically overemphasizing. Do I have to say it again that “I know someone from PUP who can OUTTALK Miriam Santiago on the debate floor”? (emphasis supplied)

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