20 comments on “In the Spotlight: Your Binibini 18 Rosantonette Mendoza

  1. Wow I commend her for her determination. Great backstory and definitely something that could catch on. If only she used obesity as her advocacy to be closer to home that would have been a perfect fit for her.

  2. I like her facial form; I hope she is given a chance and placed in the semifinals;

  3. She’s beautiful….pero ang daming outstanding ang beauty sa other girls. 🙂

  4. Most of you don’t seem to like her beauty which is a typical Filipina beauty. Hmm… Now that’s interesting.

  5. If you had a reasonable high school performance , would you go to Lyceum ?
    This question is for Edjelyn G too

  6. Congratulations on the transformation. Admirable result of weight loss.

    Her face has character especially the last small photo. Fierce.

    Unfortunately, I think she has a small chance of getting even a minor crown.

    PS. Nothing turns me off than reading contrived, cliched phrases like “beacon of beauty” and “bedazzled metal on her head”. Get real girls.

    World Peace.

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