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  1. I don’t think Katrina has any noteworthy competition in this pageant. She is definitely no. 1 in Asia and perhaps no. 1 in the whole contest.

    • I agree… her closest competitor in Asia is Malaysia who has a nice then but feminine bone structure….. but the face is too dry and old….. Katarina looks so fresh beside her…. If Katarina makes the Top 5… I think Europe’s bet, The Netherlands and America’s bet, Panama/Colombia….. are her stiffest competion based on Beauty… but as for the Q&A…. Katarina could slay them all…. Lets just hope that the pageant org would give her the opportunity to make it to the TOP 5…

      • Yeah youre right. i said b4 that malaysia is her biggest competitor in Asia. But her arrived for me is like the current winner Edimar of PR. The org will possibly crown someone different or not anyone like PR. But i think we should consider to vote for her katarina for top 6 para sigurado na din.

  2. I love her posts. She’s the kind of queen we need. She’s effortless in her instagram posts and I have a feeling she could very well do well in this competition.

    There are some lovely ladies though as well like Colombia and some stand out European girls that can compete.

    I do pray she gets this elusive second tier crown hihihihih….

    • 3rd or 4th tier , 4m .
      Ika nga ni Julia Roberts , Miss Intercontinental…” is the pus that infects the mucus…that cruds up the fungus … that feeds on the pond scum.”
      It’s the lowest of the lows
      But any win is a win
      So I’m still hoping for a Kat win

      • Yes a win is a win and I appreciate our queens like Katja putting in the effort to win despite it’s a 2nd or 3rd or 4th tier crown…hihihihi…

  3. In fairness naman, ang ganda ng fezlak. Pang MU and MW (major major) ang beauty of face sa totoo lang. Mala Demi ang kagandahan. At in fer, lumiit naman ang bewang at braso niya from ga-palanggana – in fer naman talaga sa kanya. Now, come Q&A, i’m confident na lalamunin niya ang mikropono. Bonggels.

  4. Just by looking at her pics and videos I think she has a big chance of winning .

  5. First ever Filipina to wear the Miss Intercontinental crown!!! Goodluck KataREYNA!!!!!

  6. Our dear Katrina Rodriguez I wish u best in Egypt in miss continental challengingly

  7. I am loving Katareyna Goes to Egypt

    She exudes natural confidence. Parang “I know I’ve got the goods and I’m just going to enjoy myself here and with the other ladies.” It’s entertaining and alluring. And infectious.

    The Latinas are like that and that is one reason they do so well. Personality plus talaga sila. Think about it, when you go to a party, who do you want to be around – the ones in the corner shy and reserved, overthinking everything, chips on their shoulders – or the ones who are laughing and the center of attention?

    Plus, her styling has been ON POINT. Her and Clenci really nailed their wardrobes.

    I am having a blast following Katarina and she is representing herself and the Philippines with flying colors!

    • @ justgrc : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Great analogy with the party! Yup. Don’t go if all you’ll do is sulk at a corner.

      Unless you want to spy on the Party Animal. And in any case, it is the DUTY of the hostess/host to “flush out” any ducks hiding in the rushes. To be shot down by waiting hunters. Hahaha.

      Rodriguez is up against REALLY GOOD Europeans, imho. But she herself possesses a most GLOBAL BEAUTY. And by all accounts, seems a good match for this derby.

      SLAY, Rina.

  8. The best of luck, Kat on your Miss Intercontinental journey ! Casual and chic, you’re looking great 🙂

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