27 comments on “In the Spotlight: Your Binibini 12 Janette Roanne Sturm

  1. “… a distinct plus to not being beholden to one of the two camps in a future post”? W=O=W!

    Looking forward for Mr. Tinio to SPILL the (jelly)beans on this one. 🙂 I shall make a HEADY stew.

  2. Janette Roanne Sturm beautiful and young at 26 years old and very tall 5′ 6″. I hope her successful experienced is enough to achieve a crown. Bb. Pilipinas International 2018, maybe?

  3. I saw her in person and she looks so much better in person than on pictures…. She needs to work on her make-up and facial projection… workout her butt to add an hourglass figure on that lanky frame …. As for her personality and comskills.. I give her an A+. I love the credentials!

  4. Mas maganda sya in person nung nag abang kami sa Kia Theatre sa screening. Karamihan sa ibang girls (yung mga 24/7 open ang bibig. Haha) naman na kasama niya maganda sa photos pero sa personal keri lang or below average. Well the wonders of photoshop. May mga tao lang talaga na hindi gaanong photogenic. Haha

  5. She does not look like a maid or a provinciana.. that’s a big plus.
    I think she should join as camp . Often times , u just don’t see yourself in the mirror very well. U need a third party , pref a professional , to do the looking for you . What’s the big deal? Neither team charges a fee.

    • There’s a screencap of an alleged conversation about certain camps indeed not charging fees for training, but instead for ancillary services.

  6. Page 1: Ang sweet talaga ng beauty ni Cat.
    Page 2: Those tacky platforms! Trix caught my eye.
    Page 3: Angela Corbe and MU Korea 2017 Cho Se-Whee can be twins.

  7. Mas maganda siguro sya in person.
    Kakayanin pa yan i-make over. At sigurado magaling sya sa q and a.

  8. She’s long and lean, but strikes less like any other plane janes. Oh well, being in the roster of the official BbP candidates is an achievement to boast (or boost). Enjoy the pageant, girl! That’s all!

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