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  1. the new MUP is Binibini

    twenty…… hala sigawan na ang mga veks!!!!

    binbini twentyseven


  2. mapagpanggap

    nung MW eh amputiputi at mahinhin
    now ang peg morena nag pa tan pa ha, tas fierce kuno
    pagsumali sa ME naman eh magpapachinita at talinu talinuhan
    pagsumali naman sa Mutya iba din

    iba ibang anyo

    get real!!

    the real authentic girl will win MUP and definitely not you meowmeow na nagpasulsol sa mga veks

  3. Guyth, CUTENESS OVERLOAD si 25 – Jerelleen Rodriguez. I predict she will be the Jessica Ramirez of 2018. Wasted despite being wonderful in person.

  4. My bets to win MUP are Karen Gallman (most beautiful eyes and face with or without makeup at kaheight ni Demi) and Samantha Bernardo (super inspirational transformation, the best makeup artist is herself)

    Yung iba parang nasunog ang balat, parang chorizo de cebu ang hulma ng katawan juicekolord hindi naman tabachingching… naku may iiyak na naman sa coronation.

    • Ibahin mo naman ang comment mo!
      Para kang sirang plaka paulit ulit!

      Sino ba ang bet mo teh?


    • Mananalo si Catriona Gray. Bagay siya sa Bb Pilipinas-Grand International title at kauna-unahang Miss Grand International ng Pilipinas. Galingan mo Catriona!

  5. Physically, this batch is a strong one. Whoever the winners will be, I hope they have spunk and personality. It’s never about being able to speak English. We already know what happened to a half-pinay. What matters is you can relate yourself not just to Filipinos but also to a live crowd and millions of remote viewers.

  6. Lots of fresh faces! #21 is a pleasant surprise. She’s the tallest at 5’11 and only 19! I found her social media page, and the girl is naturally beautiful without any enhancements. Here she is at 13:

    I just hope she finds a cause she’s passionate about and interviews well in English.

    Please KF don’t give her those awful veneers! She has a beautiful smile as it is.

    Good luck to all the girls! Looking forward to following the pageant this year 🙂

  7. Based on the pictures alone:
    3 12 14 20 26 28 32 34 35 38

    Yung iba, mukhang Titas of Manila na. #Peace

  8. Sa totoo lang, silang lahat ay puwedeng manalo sa patimpalak, pero paano na ngayon kung dito sa Pilipinas gaganapin ang MU at iba pang patimpalak.

    • @ mightypen : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      “Iba pa’ng patimpalak”? Yaaazzzzzz! I want Angkol to stage his pageant here in Filipens this year. 🙂

      • Totally agree! All the KF ladies are wearing this ugly 8″ elevator shoes, even the one who is 5’11 already! It should be banned!!!

  9. I’m all for Wynonah Buot for now. If Miss Universe happens now, she is the only one I see that can compete right away.

    • @ Morena Batong-Bakal : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Is that similar to Nicole Cordovez’ body at MGI 2016?

      • Andrew, hmm I would say no. Nicole actually showed a bit of bilbil during the MGI preliminary swimsuit competition. It could be because she was wearing the wrong size bikini bottom but she has better legs than Eva; her legs are shapelier than Eva’s.

      • Nicole is way more proportioned than Eva… She has a smaller waist and toned legs… And Nicole is 5’9.

    • Another tacky shoes….why these midgets insist on wearing such tacky shoes???? Also it made this Patalinjug girl very short and she got some chunky thighs….she belongs to Barangay pageant or something mediocre.

    • looks ok….she has that cute chinita girl vibe going on…..with proper make up and gown…she’ll be a threat……….but only if she brings her A game.

      • Ang sweet ng face ni Cat 🙂

        Even when she was competing for MW Philippines, her body wasn’t toned. She needs to work on her waist and butt. Squats, sit-ups, planks and weight training until March!

      • Yep. There’s no noticeable muscle definition in her butt and waist. If Pia was determined to change her body for MU … I’m sure Cat is more determined 🙂

    • Cat’s on the voluptuous side. Her bod is passable for BbP where tone isn’t as important as the international stage. However, even under “body acceptance” MUO I agree she could slim down more, especially waistline.

      She reminds of Janine Tugonon who was on the thick side when she won. Slimmed down perfectly for Universe and way more slimmer now as an NYC model.

      Janine herself said madali yan katawan. It’s your whole being that you transform to compete that’s the hardest.

      Cat has already won a national title and placed on the international stage. Easy to step up the cardio, pick up the weights, and cut out the carbs.

    • Na a-awkwardan ako sa smile nya nowadays. Cya mismo halata nako-conscious sa mga videos and pics nya..nag pa veneers ba din cya?

    • Magugustuhan siya ni Nawat. Catriona will be the first Pinay Miss Grand International! amg ganda niya.

    • Prettier than Catriona….for some reason, she’s more photogenic. BUT PLEASE NO MORE OF THESE TACKY CLOWNED SHOES……it’s ridiculous. LOL.

    • She looks a bit like Mila Kunis and Christina Ricci…
      Just like Jheza Huelar …. they are almost physically perfect… except for their height… between the two.. I guess Karen could beat Jheza in the Q&A.

  10. naku naku shoes ko po. Ang chachaka at sino naman itong isa na nagakalat na nga sa Miss World gusto pang magkalat uli

  11. MUP will be a threeway battle between #CatGanern, Karen and Muriel but Wynonah Ryder could be a dark horse.

  12. Looking at the unofficial profile pictures of the BbP official candidates above, it made me curious about candidate # 34 Mary Joy De Castro. She looks gorgeous in that photo, such that I had to Google search for more of her photos, and then I found this photo below. She is being crowned as Bb. Davao Del Norte by no less than Catriona Gray herself! And now they are contending for a BbP crown. Aliw!


  13. Gloria MU1969
    Margarita MU 1973


    Pia MU MU2015
    4 years



    • No to eva’s Beauty
      There are more pleasant-looking girls who can talk better than eva

    • Tama si Fabian, mukha ngang tambay sa kanto at lasenggera yung aya busabos. Lapad ng pisngi at talagang gumitna pa sa dalawang reyna. And what’s with that stupid face sa 3rd pic? Mukha siyang personal alalay ni Cat at Vim diyan. Hahaha!! Halatang she grew up sa matapobreng lifestyle, pati yung smile di genuine, halatang pilit at may bahid ng kahaliparutan. Overhype pa diyan Aces! Pwera na lang kung may negotiation deal na naman na naganap closed doors, gaya ng 2016 at 2017 edition. I mean, let’s be real here lang, Maxine had the ABS CBN connections, Rachel had the Araneta/Midas connections. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE those two queens, but those results were predetermined. Pero that is not my point. Ang gusto ko sabihin dito is kung gaano kalakas ang connection ni Joy Viado, este, Desiree Matadero Verdadero sa BBP? Nabili na ba ang korona para sa chakang anak niya?

  14. Bakit hindi sila maganda sa mga kuha? pero pagdating sa pictures sa Official Binibini kaloka parang naligo ng 10 times. Ang Layu ng itsura compared sa photos dito. #AllTeaNoShade

    • exactly…ang hahaggard ng mga itsura nila dito…halos lahat sila pangit sa pics…yan ba mga itsura nila pag unfiltered/ unedited?

    • It’s bad lighting and poor camera projection. Still, they look good than their ordinary days perhaps. I can imagine if a non-goodlooking is being photographed this way. It’s dooms day. That’s all!

  15. too long to spend two months doing bb activities before coronation… too hard to keep composure especially for the new ones… also for the multiple repeaters like Jehza might lose concentration

    one month is enough in my opinion

    • Agree. 1 month is actually too long. 3 weeks is perfectly fine as the girls have also commitments in their own field.

    • @jaretwrightlover : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      It’s like Miss Earth 2017 in duration. Indeed, two months into it and public interest was variable throughout.

  16. Ang daming hanash na tone down pa katawan ni Cat, kumusta naman Kaya Katawan ni Sierra sa MU?

  17. She is one of my MUP bets… Go go go go Muriel!!!

    View this post on Instagram

    Muriel Adrienne Isidore Orais 26, Cebu City Registered Nurse Flight Attendant & Presidential Cabin crew TV and print ad model Academics St. Theresa's College Velez College until 3rd year Graduated in National University Hobbies • loves to work out like indoor cycling, muay Thai and gym • ‎ loves to travel been to a lot of places Knowing their culture and exploring things that makes my adrenaline pump. • ‎ have done paragliding, parasailing, skiing, bungy jump, sky dive. Public Relations • celebrates her birthday at the orphanage of Franciscan sister of Guadalupe • Volunteer as teacher at ‎Aha Learning Center Experiences ➢ started joining pageants during college and joined a local pageant won as Miss Philippines Water 2011 ➢ A Ramp Model, TV and print Ad model ➢ Works at indoor cycling studio ➢ Before deciding to join the Binibining Pilipinas 2017, she was a flight attendant at Philippine Airlines , where she got the chance to travel and experience a lot of things like ✓ hot air balloon in Cappadocia ✓ paragliding in Australia ✓ parasailing in San Francisco ✓ skiing in korea ✓ paddle boarding in Hawaii ✓ sky diving in Dubai ✓ bungy jumping in Macau and Bangkok Of course there's no place like home • canyoneering in Kawasan Falls • ‎ water rafting in Davao • ‎ surfing in Siargao • ‎ wake boarding in Nuvali

    A post shared by KF Crown. Glory. Legacy. (@kfforcrownandcountry) on


      • She was courtside reporter of NU in the UAAP several years back. She was fired after a few games, because she didn’t know how to report. Google it there might be footage pa around.

      • Isang malaking no.
        Walang comm skills. Bopols. Yan ang ikinatalo nya sa Miss Cebu. Katawa tawa sya non

      • Of course veks..hihihi What do you think she used sign language? hihihihihihi Based on her IG she is a well traveled individual and as a flight attendant, I think she has good public speaking skills. She’s the one I am looking to track with #CatGanern and Gallman for the top plum.

      • Hindi porket flight attendant good speaker na at magaling na sa q and a.
        Hello Charmaine Elima!

      • miss tissa I just said good public speaking skills. Just because you can talk doesn’t mean you have the smarts and poise to answer questions under pressure…hihihi…

      • @4m why do we always seem to equate being well-traveled to being well-spoken/good public speaker? Im not saying a person cannot be both, but i just cant find the connection why one would result to the other

      • Being well traveled provides you the exposure to communicate with people that are different from you. You are forced to speak sometimes a different language and express your thoughts clearly so people can understand you. Meeting people that do not look like you gives you an ability to comprehend and understand differences amongst each other. This is why I always think that well traveled people are more at ease. She is also a flight attendant and so that’s where that public speaking should come from.

    • Medyo di ko feel Yung registered nurse tapos flight attendant ang labas?

      It’s as if Hindi mo Alam Kung anong career path ang gusto mo?

    • Morena, just based on pic above , I agree.
      Parang walang class ang dating ni Aya.
      Parang tambay lang sa kanto Inom At sigarilyo hawk.
      Let’s see how she moves and talks .. maybe my impression will change

    • When I see Aya, I see Kylie Versoza. Kylie’s challange was that modelo siya and it took time to ease into being a beauty queen so by her 2nd attempt, yun na. Aya has all the right ingredients- pedigree, education, height, modeling experience…malalaman na lang on finals night if she’s able to calibrate all of these into a fit that’s good enough for a crown…she can always join next year

      • I beg to disagree.

        That both Kyle and Aya started as models is true. But the similarity stops there. Kyle has the beauty of the face what this Aya woman sorely lacks.

        World Peace.

      • May I agree ako with Thomas. Maganda naman fez ni Kylie. Ewan ko na lang si Aya.

      • Didn’t Kylie go under the knife too? Aya can def make enhancements for her next attempt if the first doesn’t yield anything.

    • Me too! May mali eh. Kilay ba? Ngiti? May kahawig sya na di ko maisip kung sino. Di ko alam kung si margo bourgeouis ba yun yung miss trinidad and tobago 1997. Minsan yung tawa nya ruffa mae na rubirubi. Hanep sa katawan at catwalk though very statuesque

    • I think she still “raw” at the moment. How old is she? Aces is probably just giving her some experience to grow.

    • Ganda ni 21- pasok! In fact, barring any glaring mistakes sa finals, a crown for her could be in the offing…

    • Agree. 21 stood out in this photo. Her posture, her skin color and her Filipina face.

      I thought this was Ru Paul’s Drag Race upon seeing the faces of No. 18 and 23. Sashay-away!

      World Peace.

    • i have seen better photos of #22 shes gorgeous to me. .. looking very fresh in her candids and professional photos.

    • hmmm very Aniporn MUT15 nga si #21. magkavibes sila sa fez

      #23 is standing out for the wrong reasons. Something’s really wrong with her mouth (and we all know what those are)

  18. 19

    great group!

    #3 muriel had the best projection in this set of photos
    it’s a good sign, looking great despite the harsh/bad lighting

  19. Ito lang masasabi ko, huwag mag Assume that much baka maging katulad si Catriona nung panahon ni Kylie Versoza na hinahype ng mga bakla masyado dahil sa MUP crown ito nababagay pero it end up Miss International Phil. Crown at yun nadismaya ng bonggang bongga ang mga baklush,.. at katakot,kahindik hindik ang inabot ng nakoronahang MUP Maxine Medina..Basta ha, kung ano ang magiging resulta this year, tanggapin at suportahan sa kani kanilang international pageants. Walang iyakan at dapat walang Bitter!!

    • I do t think so .
      Once Kylie won MiP , everything sort of mellowed down. … with everyone a ccepted that maybe Kylie would do well at MI … which she did.
      The issue with Maxine continues to dog her .. yrs after she won MUP … and understanadsy so.

    • Wag itulad ang hype kay Cat kay Kylie. Oo na hype si Kylie nung una kasi sya ay returning candidate at malaki pinagbago. Ngunit unti unti umaangat ang ganda ni Maxine sa mga activities. Bago mag coronation, tatlo silang paborito – Kylie, Maxine, Nichole.
      Wala din nag iyakan, dahil nung coronation night, angat na angat ang ganda ni Maxine. Perfect yung styling, ang ganda ng mukha sa close ups. Na kahit nagkalat sya sa Q&A, wala pa din nakahabol.

      • Iba talaga ang ganda ni Maxine. HIndi kailangan ipaliwanag. Anyway it worked out for Kylie in the end.

        Pero the best yung sinabi mo dahil totoo. Kahit anong pagkakalat ni Maxine sa Q&A, sa sobrang ganda nya, wala pa ring nakahabol.

    • Tama. Ganyan ang ginawa ng mga Catriona fans sa MWP. Sobrang hype, at nung natalo sa MW, atungal baka. Basta gusto kong manalo siya ng Grand International tite.

      • @ Ms Adela Lopez : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        With all due respects, I believe it was unnecessary to correct the typo. Doing so only “aggravated” matters. Hihihihi. 🙂

  20. #1 and #39 are so cute
    I would say the same thing about Edjelyn if I didn’t know how she talked … and If I didn’t see her appearance on Willie’s show.
    But people change , don’t they ? So I have to give Edjelyn that.

    Still , Cat for MUP.
    Based on pics above , Gumabao has a chance if she can lose 20 lbs and improve on her feminine grace . I know she is among the very few who can converse in English well.

    I can’t wait to know more abt the other candidates.

  21. Sandra looks amazing but I know she’s short…..Karen looks amazing as well but very short….catriona looks ok on her recent pictures….she’s not smiling for the camera….but with her height and great communication skills she’ll go far!!!

      • Yep, Fabian … Anjame (#21) is a bit stealing some of the attention from the front runners in this video and some recent photos.

        And of course, Edjelyn! She has great potential, too!

      • Morena, I doubt Ajami is fluent in English .. unless she has lived or traveled abroad . If she does well at Q and A , she may win a major crown .

      • Fabian, remember Mutya? She was not fluent in English nor have traveled abroad when competed but she eventually won Miss Supranational. Anything is possible with determination and sheer luck 😉

    • Confirmed na talaga etong sa candidate 21…Edjelyn is so pretty but so lightweight…

    • Anyare kay Jehza?? This ‘pared’ down look reminds me of the same strategy that erstwhile fan favourite Angelique de Leon used when she joined binibini for the last time…the transformation from sultry bombshell to miss au naturel just proved that a change of make-up/styling is never convincing enough. You need to show a different, more determined persona than your previous one…

      • Remember pia also toned down and exuded a more relaxed look the 3rd time she joined. Parang ” eto na last ko na to tanggap ko na anuman kapalaran ko. Ligwak ako ng second time but im stil alive.” Go get a crown jehza! Wag lang mup

    • Number 17 looks so sweet and its easy to say MI siya, pero the last two Filipinas who held the crown, Bea and Kylie may look doll-like and delicate, but actually had strong, quietly confident personalities. Let’s hope 17 has the same………………and Cat- I don’t envy her- the woman who has everything to lose and yet if she is anxious about the pressure and the expectation, it’s either she’s hiding it well, or that she doesn’t feel it at all.

      And this is what makes her the true contender for the top crown in spite of what everyone else is saying – which is nonsense anyway because the most that her critics can hurl at her are sad insults- is that she is humble and level-headed; she pitches her voice just right and doesn’t try to over-shadow anyone.

      There is that sense from her that she is doing this for something other than herself. I mean, she was the girl who was unanimously tipped to win the other big crown but didn’t; it’s easier to have walked away instead of putting yourself through another, more difficult challenge.

      But she’s not doing this for herself you see, that’s why she’s here…

      • ano’ng not doing for herself kA jan? Hindi ka magpapakahirap magtrain at magpaganda para lang sa iba…gusto mo dapat ginagawa mo para maging matagumpay ka…she’s doing it bec she wants it nothing else. Ang dami mong nalalaman jan

      • Marami talaga akong alam- eh paano mo makukuha yung victory for your country kung di ka naman talaga magtratrain??? Beauty pageant nga eh helloooo kaya puhunan mo ganda mo…kung di ka pa naman ubod ng tanga Tita…..think before you speak and since obviously di mo naman magawa, just FUCK OFF

    • I like Trix, the lady in red! Perfect styling. She looks like a mix of Pia & Megan. I Think she’ll do well. Karen has a very pretty face but I’m not feeling much presence from her.

    • Yup that’s right- Karen has that (weird) Demi Leigh Peters look…para bang ang liit ng mukha nila, like a lemur or a tarsier (if you dont know what these creatures are, Google them!) pero perfect..in fact, Karen’s face is more symmetrical than Demi’s….kaso, her accent sounds strangely affected….

    • Patrizia Garcia has the personality and comskills, but her previous work at Globe may prevent her from winning a crown.

    • she’s a mowdel..i’m sure her handlers are scouring all of social media to get an assessment of how pageant fans are reacting to her looks and will adjust accordingly……

      And @thomas, I disagree- when Kylie started, she was a chinless/jawless wonder with a weird smile…Aya has much better to work with…hanapan lang talaga ng tamang styling

    • since, her nick name is cat
      i really would like to see catriona
      in 60’s-style cat-eye make-up
      ha, she slightly resembles sylvie vartan

    • its her crown to lose just like IRIS in MU. the hype is well deserved never have we seen such a glamazon in binibini since melani marquez, gem padilla and abigail arenas.

  22. Muriel is giving me MU vibes. Gallman deserves a crown. So does Queen Jehza…hihihi that’s all. That was a horrendous pic of Cat…hihihihhi

  23. Ohmygod Wynonah! You caught my attention. Ganda. May laban talaga si girl!!! But Catriona pa din ako! 🙂

    Special mention din kina Edjelyn, Muriel and Karen. Gaganda nyo girls.

  24. #20 Catriona Gray
    #21 Anjame Magbitang
    #14 Samantha Bernardo
    #35 Sandra Lemonon
    #31 Jehza Huelar
    #32 Eva Patalinjug

    #26 Wynonah Buot
    #3 Muriel Orais

  25. #20 Catriona Gray
    #1 Vickie Marie Rushton
    #14 Samantha Bernardo
    #32 Eva Patalinjug
    #21Anjame Magbitang
    #31 Jehza Huelar

    #26 Wynonah Buot
    #3 Muriel Orais

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