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  1. I Love this batch even the fillers are interesting! i wish this doesnt discourage the ladies from tryying again. madami sa kanila are good and are worthy representatives. i think atleast one girl whos not a favorite will win a crown. catriona and gallman are sure winners already IMHO.

  2. Miss Universe Philippines 20. Catriona Gray
    BbP International 17. Ma Ahtisa Manalo
    BbP Grand International 14. Samantha Bernardo
    BbP Supranational 9. Agatha Romero
    Miss Globe Philippines 26. Wynonah Buot
    BbP Intercontinental 38. Karen Gallman
    1st Runner Up 3. Muriel Orais
    2nd Runner Up 32. Eva Patalinjug

    Top 15:
    10. Kayesha Chua (alternate for BbPI)
    24. Edjelyn Joy Gamboa
    30. Sarah Margarette Joson (alternate for Globe)
    31. Jehza Huelar (alternate for BbPI)
    35. Sandra Lemonon (alternate for BbPGI)
    23. Ena Louis Velasco
    11. Maria Andrea Abesamis

    • Agatha Romero looks like Janicel Lubina.
      Anna Patricia Asturias looks like Rubi-Rubi.
      Angelica Corbe is a Miss Korea prototype.
      Angelie Aubrey Asuncion looks like Ana Capri.
      Anjame Magbitang, why did you joined?why girl?
      Henna Cajandig looks like a malnourished Phoemela Barranda.
      Janette Sturm looks like the giant girl in the class.
      Janice Roman looks like a witch.
      What happened with Jehza’s eyes? She’s screaming International but needs more improvement.
      Jerelleen Rodriguez is Laura Lehmann 2.0 with bigger veneers.
      Juliana is Katarina 2.0
      Katherine Ventura looks like a Miss Chinatown.
      Kristie Rose Cequeña, girl, this is not Miss Campus Sweetheart.
      Loren Artajos’ face is fit to be a character actress.
      Aya Abesamis’ face and packaging is screaming Ford Supermodel.
      Marie Sherry Ann Tormes looks like Patricia Javier or some drag queen.
      Mary Joy De Castro looks like Rubi-Rubi.
      Patrizia Garcia should only join Miss Slimmers World or any Miss Bikini contests.
      Rosantonette Mendoza, damn gurl, where did you get the guts to join?
      Rose Marie Murphy should accept acting roles, especially mother roles but please remove first that big veneers of yours.
      Samantha Kaye Avestruz has a bloated face. Why did yah joined gurl?
      Sarah Margarette Joson looks like Gloria Diaz.
      Sigrid Grace Flores looks like a nanny with TB.
      Sophia Baino looks like a noon time show dancer.
      Michelle Gumabao has strong features and broad shoulders. She’s not a beauty queen caliber.
      Vickie Rushton is a hit or miss. And, she’s a miss most of the time. Something’s off with her body (parang laspag na matanda na).
      Stephanie Joy Abellanida looks like Nadine Lustre.
      Trixie Maraña looks like Maine Mendoza.
      Wynonah Buot looks like Nicole Cordovez 2.0
      What happened with your lower lip Sandra Lemonon? Or is it the huge veneers?
      Annalita Vizcarra, why did you joined?
      Eva is Roxanne Guinoo’s doppelganger.

      • You need to criticize the other candidates just to praise Catriona. This is hyping. This is to trend Catriona. This must be stopped. I know Norman will delete this post of mine, but that boorish attitude of Catriona’s fans and ‘feeling entitled’ is not fair. Calling someone malnourished, laspag, etc. – youre a boor. The competition has begun, let them compete fairly. And stop the hyping, unless you are being paid for that.

      • You sounded like you are in the payroll of Ms Gray. Let the girls compete. Yes, Ms Gray maybe is leading now but would not it be a pleasant surprise if someone will rise and slay the giant?

  3. Cat is really the one to beat. But, girls should believe they can beat her. They should posses a sushmita sen attitude who believed she can beat aiswarya. Just compete and who knows luck might strike you on stage and slay the heavy favorite..

    • Wag naman sana. Cat is a rare gem. We seldom send beauties of her Caliber to Miss universe.


    what krown u wish to be removed???

    its confirmed by my reliable source!!!

    major major title decided to leave bpci!!!!

    they want a “SPOTLIGHT!!!”

    kung sa artista, they want a “TITLE ROLE!!!”

    no more supporting cast!!!!!


  5. The ones who caught my eye ever since the buzz about the 2018 edition of Binibining Pilipinas started:

    1. Ahtisa Manalo – her face is undeniably hard to ignore. I have yet to hear her talk or see her walk but I hope she delivers, sayang naman kung maganda lang sya.

    2. Jehza Huelar – she’s back with a vengeance. I hope she translate all her failures in BbP 2017 into a more successful campaign this 2018. I have a feeling she will snatch a crown before she gets hitched.

    3. Karen Gallman – she looks adorable with her baby doll kind of beauty. And I’m sure she is articulate due to the fact that she already finished her studies.

    4. Aya Abesamis – her pedigree alone is to die for. Being a beauty queen runs in her blood and she can’t be denied. I noticed she is being styled in the mold of Maxine Medina. Will it work for her? We’ll see in the finals night.

    5. Wynonna Buot – another beautiful face among this batch. I heard her talk and she can come off as too pageant patty. Too rehearsed. I hope her team address that problem.

    6. Sigrid Flores – gorgeous Oriental beauty this girl is. She is not affiliated with the top 2 beauty camps but I pray that she will deliver for RL’s Angels to break the monotony.

    7. Muriel Orais – another flawless beauty who is still a mystery to me. I guess I ‘ll let her surprise me in the course of the competition.

    8. Vicki Rushton – following the foot steps of former actresses Megan Young, Wyn Wyn Marquez and Pia Wurtzbach. Based on the names I mentioned, girls with showbiz background are true blue performers. Will she be as successful?

    9. Eva Patalinghug – beautiful as she is, her problems in the past is due to her commitment to being a hard working beauty queen. As Kylie Versoza advised to BbP batch 2017, ” boyfriend o korona? ”

    All the 39 official candidates for BbP 2018, I must say, I salute for having the guts and brave enough to proceed and compete for the top crown despite the presence of this girl:

    10. Catriona Gray – had it been me who is in the position of one of the official candidates this year, I will just return next year and sit this one out. Cat is the total package, need I say more? What would be interesting is what tricks or strategy the girls have under their sleeve in able to take a slice of attention from the judges and the netizens and pageant fans, who are all eyes on Miss Gray. Her presence during the application is reminiscent of Aishwarya Rai & Ruffa Gutierrez’s time when they showed up during their screening. She is the one to beat, no doubt about it.

    • Both Aiswarya and Ruffa were outpointed by Sushmita & Dindi, right? Let us see how things unfold. Baka may darkhorse dyan. Catriona is leading now I must say but she is sure beatable. We saw that in MW2016.

  6. Catriona Gray
    Wynonah Baot
    Murielle Orais
    Michelle Gumabao
    Aya Abesamis
    Athisa Manalo

    Vickie Rushton
    Edjelyn Gamboa
    Patrizia Garcia
    Jehza Huelar
    Eva Patalinhug
    Sandra Lemonon
    Kayesha Chua
    Karen Gallman
    Edjelyn Gamboa

    Dark Horses:
    Patricia Asturias
    Samantha Bernardo

  7. Ayan! May two months pre-pageant activities nanaman!

    Ok Lang Yan 3 glam shot session with Raymond Saldana bukod pa sa NatCos pero maglagay din Sila ng group and dual activities. Anim na titulo Ang nasa poder nila na iba IBA Ang gusto na Hindi pwedeng naka-molde Lang sa gusto ng MU.

    Yung IBA mapili sa character kesa sa ganda, Yung IBA ayaw ng Aral na aral Ang pasarela Kaya dapat matutong mag-calibrate ang BPCI sa Kung ano Yung gusto nung pageant org.

    Ang siste nila last year ni-rank Yung pageant then minatch dun sa ranking ng candidate Kaya palpak! Maglagay din Sila ng chaperone na magsisilbing mata Kung Sino MGA maldita!

    Escucha mi, Madam Estella!

    • Andali naman malaman pag maldita… kasi andaming kaaway sa social-media… LOL

      Pag totoong mabait andami nagdedefend…
      Ex. Megan Young, Catriona Gray, Mutya Datul, Ann Colis, Kylie Versoza, Venus Raj. etc…

      In fairness kay Bea Santiago, akala ko nasa loob ang kulo… May pagka authoritative personality lang talaga sya w/c is sometimes misinterpreted as entitled but in fairness, she does mean well and quite friendly. 🙂

  8. If Karen Gallman were 5’8 or higher, then Catriona would have had a very worthy competition but I am not sure though about Karen’s Q &A. The Q & A of Catriona is subok na matibay, subok na matatag !

    • She was listed noon 5’2.5” when she first joined. That time di pa masyado issue kapag maliit at petite kaya honest pa mga girls so I believe that listing. And check na lang mga photos, siya ata ang one of the 3 shortest girls sa batch na to. Noticeable din yung 8” thick stilts este heels niya. Sayang nice pa naman ng face. Ang acceptable na di awkward tignan next to the amazonas na latinas dapat 5’5” talaga, below that height chaka na. Actually 5’5” is already short and 5’7” ang average requirement sa lahat ng countries. If you are going to be short, dapat yung face is above 10 na mala diyosa at mapapaluhod ka talaga, pero Karen is only a solid 8 for me, medyo may pagka typical IG fame-whore ang face. But she would get a crown for sure! Not the MU though. 😊

      • I don’t think she is only 5’2 -1/2″. Walang ganyan height sa BbP. Kahit mga Mutya sa mga probinsya s
        at least 5’4″ ang required.
        Sa BbP ngayon I think 5’5″ ang minimum height. Sana nga gawing 5’6″ na ang minimum height.

  9. Sorry pero natabunan si catriona based sa pics na to.
    There are about 9 who are far more beautiful than her

    • Kawawa naman tong si ajay galit galit sa post ko.
      Hahahhahahaha. Why don’t you slap yourself untill you faint.

      • Jeremi, on that note, do you know why your bets never win? Its because of that ugly lazy eye or glass eye that you have. Can’t tell the difference between katulong beauty or universal beauty.

        Best Gouge that ugly bung eye of yours because it ain’t doing anything great for ya!! Poor you. Poor you. 😂😂😂🤣🤣

      • Alam mo lolo naaawa ako sayo
        Pero as I have said slap yourself until you faint
        Eeeeewww nang aaway

    • I believe that back in the day, it was your very hateful attitude that said and I quote, “Pia won’t win Miss Universe”.

      And yet you were wrong. AGAIN.

      OH I’m not mad, you attention seeking whore. You’re just still as sad, lousy and miserable as you were back in 2015 during Pia’s time.

      No wonder you are still on this site, hating and scrutinising because you’re simply just a waste of space.

      I haven’t commented or even been on this page in a long time. Ever since Pia’s time to be exact. And yet, you are still here. Pathetic scoundrel. Get a life you insubordinate bung eyed freak. Hahahahahahha

      • PS: Catriona for the win!!! People support her because they believe very in her.

        What’s a matter Jeremi, don’t you have anyone who believes in you? You must not, because you are such a Debbie downer.

        Scoundrel, bung eyed freak!!! Hahaha

      • Well I have the right to support whom I want to support. You can’t do anything on that.
        I have supported Rachel Peters during last year’s Binibini who went on to win MUP.
        Now kung hindi ako supporter ni Pusariona at ngagalit ka, it is not my problem anymore.
        Kung galit na galit ka parin then as I’ve said SLAP YOURSELF REPEATEDLY UNTIL YOU FAINT hahahahaha

      • Fact: Lahat ng sinusuportahan ni Jeremi ay minamalas, so take this as a good sign Ajay 😀

      • You can support who ever you want dumb ass but no need to diss Catriona or other people who support her. Wow you’re stupid. Entitled piece of shit.

        Please learn how to speak and type in English. It is not, “on that”. It is, “with that”. I couldn’t be bothered reading whatever you wrote anymore with the amount of syntax errors you had.

        She has WON more than you ever will in life. ENOUGH SAID. HAHAHAH

        Please go find yourself useful elsewhere. Perhaps when you were a fetus maybe?


    • Jusko alam naman ng lahat ang taste mo teh, laging kabaliktaran lol. Pia Wurtzbach, Kylie Verzosa, and now Catriona Gray, now I’m really assured that Cat is going to WIN.

      • Bakit nanalo na ba si Catriona ng international crown at bakit mo sinasabay kila Pia at Kylie
        Ambisyosang baklang pangit

    • Ayan na naman ni manang Jeremi.
      Nag skip ulit sa pag-inum ng gamot sa dementia.
      Nagkakalat na naman ng kabaliwan 🤪 sa comment section.
      Hayaan niyo na po siya. Mahirap makipagtalo sa baliw 🙃

      • Sige nga bakla baka pagdating sa finals aatungal na naman kayo ar kung sino sino na lang ang sisisihin

    • kaya kailangan, total package. magalng nga sa kudaan, walang personality.. kudaera nga, wala namang spark.. lol hindi pedeng rampadora lang. dapat rampadorang may stage presence.. alam mo un..

  10. Vickie Rushton ang magdadala sa KF.A typical beautiful Filipina titleholder.She can represent Philippines again but I have a doubt on her chance to win in an international pageant.Her best chance is Bb. Pilipinas-International.

    Aya Abesamis is the torchbearer of A&Q.She’s fierce and exotic.Pero tingin ko overhyped siya.Modelesque at PMAP member,she can be Miss Supranational Philippines.

    Karen Gallman has the most beautiful face among the official candidates in my opinion.Well,she was Miss Photogenic in Bb.Pilipinas 2012.And most of the time,girl with such a beautiful face wins Bb.Pilipinas-Intercontinental.

    Ahtisa Manalo,Michele Gumabao,Sandra Lemonon,Wynonah Buot,Patricia Asturias,Eva Patalinjog and Jehza Huelar,are the remaining possible and strong candidates na pwedeng makakuha ng Miss Grand at Globe.

    Sa kanila na yung mga korona na yan,si CATRIONA GRAY pa rin mananalo ng MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES.

    • I also like Patricia Asturias… She has a great balance of beauty and personality but her lack of height and flat butt would prevent her from winning a crown.

  11. MU Catriona
    MI Gumabao
    Supra Eva
    Grand Wynona
    Intercon orais
    Globe magbitang

    1st rushton
    2nd huelar


  12. sorry Vickie ang lapad ng katawan… wynonah miss venus raj body may change tong merlat na to.. i heard she is also bulah bulah sa Q&A… Still rooting for meow meow my top conterder for this year…. i don’t get hype to AYA, plain beauty not much to offer…Sandra lemonon and samatha bernardo also crown contender… smell good vibe in them… best of luckkkk… meow meow is my top plum.

  13. It’s a given that Catriona has beautiful eyes and a very symetrical face… but her posing and styling is so simple and yet she proved that she is the godess of this competition… from the angle of her waist that tapers to her hips to the angle of the bend of her arm…. And if you zoom in on her hands… She is rocking the Chinese maiden fingers! Wow!!! Now that is modeling from Head to Toe! – Yeah, I wish this was a full body shot because even the placement of her foot could possibly slay them all! 😀

  14. Last batch was a mess. Zero crown for BBp. This batch I can see three . Let’s see .

    • The whole reign is super boooooring. no much guestings, no much charity activities, magazine covers, appearances, sponsor visits and all. theyre like watak-watak and may kanya kanyang buhay. LOL

    • I think Rachel Peters should have been sent to Miss Grand and Elizabeth Clenci to Miss Universe… Elizabeth could have been one of the Top 5 due to her inspiring back story, charming interview skills and drive to succeed…. while Rachel could have won Miss Grand due to her political connections and her family owning an events production.

      If Serene Sutton did not fail her Q&A… She could have been sent to Miss Supranational, Channel would get Miss Globe and Nelda Ibe would be crownless as a Runner-up…

      • Bat lagi pareho tau ng sasabihin?? Kaloka!!! Peters and Clenci swapping titles!!! Lage ko yan sinusulong adding the fact that Rachel s family is living in Thailand

    • and that would be over-reaching..no disrespect to Norman, pero he won’t be objective..as Angelo is fond of repeating, katapat lang puso ni Norman is a meal in a good restaurant…clearly, wala kang alam on how these camps are actually run…it sort of trivialises what Jonas and Rodgil have accomplished..it takes an actual eye (and not a writer’s eye which norman has) to spot a raw gem, and a network of super-talented stylists, make-up artists, designers and coaches to polish that gem…eto ngang photographer ni Norman eh, (again no disrespect) ang lalabo ng kuha

  15. And I wish this 2018 edition to be one of, if not the most successful edition
    ever, Sir Norman 🙂

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