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  1. uhmm kahit sino naman maging queen
    lotlot and friends naman sa international pageant
    thank you girls and clappers

  2. #20 Catriona Gray
    #1 Vickie Marie Rushton
    #14 Samantha Bernardo
    #32 Eva Patalinjug
    #3 Muriel Orais
    #31 Jehza Huelar

    #26 Wynonah Buot
    #17 Ma Ahtisa Manalo

  3. Cat will give us the second Miss Globe crown! This is going to be big.

  4. I do wish meow-meow represent the Philippines again. Kung ako ang masusunod no less than MUP at Bb. Pilipinas International crown. In my assessment at this early stage of the competition her strongest adversaries in these two titles are: Aya vs Cat sa MUP crown, Eva vs Cat sa Bb. P International crown. The three strongest spoilers are Karen Galman, Jehza Huelar, and Ahtisa Manalo. I fearlessly predict that these six Binibinis will have guaranteed slots in the Top 15.

  5. Hyping, Binibini number historians and conspiracy theorists will strike again.

    E kahit naman sino manalo dyan, kapag natalo sa mga international pageant nila ang dami pa din masasabi.

    Let these girls enjoy their Binibini journey. Overhyping will do them no good. The prelim judges and the finals night judges have minds of their own. It all goes down to their performance and how these judges see them.

    Kapag natalo yang mga over-hyped candidates, isusumpa niyo na naman ang BPCI at si SMA. Ugh!

    Off topic: I hope they will give a tribute to Pitoy Moreno on coronation night and showcase some of his creations – the Philippine terno.

  6. Some of these girls are trying hard…too much make up or over processed beauty prototype appearance that made them look very unsophisticated and provincial looking. The ones that look pretty effortlessly is that Gallman girl and Catriona. I’m not being biased or favoring those two because of them being half foreigners but simply because they just look prettier from the other girls.

  7. I hope Catriona will consider bold colors but simple/modern silhouttes. This satsuma dress looks so elegant and effortless. It’ll be all about the face.

  8. dahil lang mag sikat at may crown , exposure etc siya na agad ang MUP
    give all the girls a chance
    in the end, a dark horse will win MUP and nganga kayong lahat

    cat will settle for Miss Globe Ph and will clap eventually

    • OK… we get it. You do not like Catriona Gray to win MUP and you think she is deserving of Miss Globe. This was very clear when you made this point one million posts ago. People are not stupid… you were very clear of your lack of preference for Cat. So, on behalf of many readers here, can you please stop or at the very least, say something new to keep us entertained? Because frankly, you bore me…

      • Bongga ka Toto! Saktong pangsupalpal sa mga bashers haha. I know you will agree na maraming ibang paraan para iangat ang pambato kaysa mangbaba ng iba. Parang wala din naman kasi akong recollection na inutusan ni Meow ang madla na wag bigyan ng chance ang ibang girls haha. It all boils down to respecting who one’s favorites are to win the crowns. In the end, Pilipina naman lahat yang mga yan. Echoing Miss Tissa’s words…nakana mo, Toto!

  9. I hope this is not as predictable as some of you are hoping…We need some spice!!! Sandra Lemonon will serve as contrabida to Cat Ganern…hihihihi

    • I’d rather it be predictable and send the most deserving girl obvi cat. Excitement for the sake of it is not worth it if we don’t send a competitive girl to MU. Actually I feel
      This batch is even weaker than last years. Only cat really stands out. Maybe Gallman . Also why do people keep insisting the Jezza is a Queen? Let wait until sh wins something before calling her Queen Jezza .

  10. Cat will have the biggest burden of trying to hold off 39 other ladies in trying to steal MUP that is signed, sealed but not delivered yet. It would be interesting to see if someone actually rises above. I like this batch as there are plenty of potential spoilers and contenders. I want Queen Jehza to get a crown (djusko 3rd timer na ang veks hihihi). I hope Aya Abesamis proves her detractors wrong that she’s more than just a blood relative. Of all the ladies, I really want Muriel to give #CatGanern a run for her money… hihihihi

  11. Sana gandahan ng KF ang pag transform kay Jerellen. Palaban credentials nya. Plain ang beauty nya pero feel ko kapag naayos ng maigi may chance to get a crown. Watch her video to see guys. I see a diamond in the rough in her. Another Shamcey. https://vimeo.com/82109729

  12. Well it seems like the real competition is for the Miss International title. Methinks it will go to Gallman.

    The real buzz will be around Cat markets herself for Miss Universe.

    I am already liking the sassy and sexy she’s added. She’s already got the substance and sophistication. I wasn’t thrilled how she was a carbon copy of Megan 2.0 for Miss World, down to the bun and pink gown. Hope she doesn’t become Pia 2.0. All of these women are unique in their own right.

    I am also liking Cat’s engagement with her fans and her inclusion of their role in her journey. Some queens rarely acknowledge the people who generate buzz for them. They may not offer gifts, showbiz connections, or paychecks, but their support generates hype around a contestant and in the era of social media that is half the game. Speaking of connections, I think Cat is being very smart creating a connection with the public this way. That’s what MUO wants now — someone who can engage and not just look pretty on the pasarela and make love to the camera. She’s clearly done her homework making herself accessible.

    I also hope some of our ladies showcase Ben Leguiab this year. I am really like his designs for the pageant stage.

  13. My bet for the Miss Universe Crown are only three girls 20. Catriona Gray, 19. Michelle Gumabao both Beautiful, Tall and Articulate. The last is 25. Jerelleen Rodriguez if she can be transformed into a Queen because Sobra Palaban ang credentials ni Girl parang Shamcey Supsup. Board Topnotcher, Accountancy graduate from UP, UP Law Student at Professor pa ng UP. May height din si girl at Transformable din ang Beauty.

  14. So predictable but so worthy! Cat for MU. Don’t care about other titles tbh.

  15. I am beginning to like Magbitang; Trixia is no. 39 ? I thought she is tall…

  16. I’m all for “C” for the top plum ! Barring any unforeseen circumstances come final night, I just cannot think of anyone else who fits the title to a “T”. All the best to you, Cat 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Catriona is the total package and she is a hard worker. She has the drive, the hunger, and the heart to win it all. Not to mention beauty and brains. I just don’t see anyone in this batch who can top that. Don’t let her get away again! #catrionagray4MUP

      • @Dawn … Miss World didn’t let her get away. They just set her free on her real destiny. LOL hahaha.

        To think, sayang talaga to not have her wear the Philippines sash at Universe.

      • Tama ka rin ha ha. MW isn’t for her and look how lackluster the reign of MW 2016 turned out to be. You know I was there when Catriona Gray shed tears on the MW stage when she didn’t win the crown. I felt her pain and so did all her fans. I’m glad she is taking this path despite the risk of losing again. She is well loved by many, is well aware of the pressures, and she knows she needs to deliver come March 18. Go go go Pusa!

      • She is, indeed, the total package, Dawn !
        * Beauty & brains – check
        * Advocacy & platform which she has supported all these years – check
        * Breeding & demeanor – check na check
        * Hardworking – check
        * Passion for music – check

        And she is a good role model !

        What more can SMA ask for ? Tell me, please ? If any, I’m sure Cat will deliver 🙂

  17. Wow, lots of beauties this year. I’m biased for Gray to win MUP, but will be supportive of the eventual winner… I just hope our girl will rock a one-piece swimsuit for MU. It has an impact and reads classy onstage.

    • Totally agree w you DanDan esp our girl wearing a classy one-piece swimsuit just like what Maria, Ms Thailand did. She still made it to top 5 w one -piece swimsuit and could have won if she didn’t mess up her Q&A.

      • @Mary, yeah it’s good to break from the expected. It really comes down to the girl’s confidence and her stage presence.

  18. First Hot Picks
    Bb Pilipinas 2018
    Universe – Catriona Gray
    International – Eva Patalinhug
    Supranational – Sandra Lemonon
    Grand International – Karen Gallman
    Intercontinental – Vickie Rushton
    Globe – Jehza Huelar
    1st Runner up – Maria Andrea Abesamis
    2nd Runner up – Juliana Kapeundl

  19. Cno mag live coverage sa coronation night, ang rapper este rappler ba? 😗
    I like rapper very much 😄hihihi cherette☺

  20. I want Catriona to clinch the ms universe crown, and i hope she works on her body, giving it more figure and tone. She’s the total package.

    • I’m sure she will! Aces did it an amazing job helping Pia get her MU body after she won MUP.

  21. Totoo ba ang mga bali balitang 5titles na lang ang paglalabanan ng mga girls? anong pageant kaya ang tuluyan ng mawawala sa kamay ng BPCI?@titonorman

    • tingnan mo ang website ng bb pilipinas…
      wala na ang mgi doon… tingnan mo ang section sa baba na “Bb Pilipinas Queens”
      i wonder why…

      • @ath and @star Some sources on IG are telling that hihiwalay daw tong pageant na to kasi feel nila hindi sila pinaprioritize ng BPCI (the way i see it, parang Julia Morley’s perspective nung nasa BPCI pa ang Miss World kaya gusto ni Mamang Hulya na separate pageant for MWP para top winner ipapadala sa kanya)

      • here’s what i saw in Misso forum

        “Here’s what I’ve heard from reliable sources/friends of mine.

        1. One franchise is no longer under BPCI. The said pageant opted to find other nest.
        2. Allegedly, a nicer and bigger offer was made by a certain Filipino Organization
        3. In addition, hosting of this pageant in the Philippines this year (2018)
        4. The owner of the said pageant had a meeting with 2 officers from the said Filipino Organization
        5. The meeting took place in Thailand. BUT this said pageant is NOT owned by the Thais.
        6. The owner was complaining about not having the same focus, spotlight, and publicity from BPCI. Thus, they decided to seal the deal with this new Filipino Organization

        So far, I can’t name names pa. But yes, one crown from Bb. Pilipinas will be removed. Hopefully, they will change it with another title though. Or better yet, having 5 crowns instead of 6.

        I was sad, at first when I heard this. But the other part of me is happy as Philippines will host this pageant for the first time. ”

        >>>comment not mine. But based on these, it’s not MGI. Clues are pointing at Miss Supranational (bec of supposed hosting in Cebu this year). The “Filipino Organization” being mentioned above might be Miss World Ph Org

    • sorry but Abesamis is plain jane, nadala lang sa mga mamahalin niyang outfits.. Sandra Lemonon,Wynona Buot ang angat sa AQ since Catriona is not exclusive sa AQ .

      • Agree 100%.

        Sometimes, someone really has to say that the “emperor has no clothes”. A few of the girls are really not facially attractive at all and the only reason they made it is through their connections.

        World Peace.

  22. Early predictions:
    Universe: Abesamis or Gumabao
    International: Gray
    MGI: Gallman
    MS: Orais
    MInterc: Rushton
    MG: Huelar or Kapeundel

  23. What happened to Monika Sta Maria?

    Catriona still for the the Miss U crown.

    World Peace.

  24. Mukhang height pyramid ang basis. Tallest in the middle and smallest in the beginning and end.

  25. Catriona and Michelle are the towering candidates in this batch, hence their numbers. I am hoping that there will no longer be surprise sudden pull outs of candidates from the roll. Good luck, ladies!

  26. For now, I love these girls based on facial presence:
    #5 Muriel Orais
    #15 Juliana Kapeundel
    #26 Wynonah Buot
    32 Eva Patalinjug

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