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  1. hinde ko nakayanang tapusin ang screening. kahit team bahay eh nalambot ako. medyo may kaba din thats why. now! all i can say for now is Wow!!!!! its an answered prayer. Thanks GOD. still Cant believe that cat made it! so proud of her. since she made it. prayers must go on!!! tuloy tuloy lang. Kilala natin si madamme and bpci. may list na ako with title pa pero i want to keep it muna. pag pageant month na its more confidently beautiful to shout out our list/prediction but im happy that majority of readers here are eyeing for catriona and wanted her to win as bbp universe come coronation night.
    anyway!!! what went wrong? zara and marah and rose flores didnt make it

  2. CONGRATS Binibinis!

    For me lang ha.. basta makapasok lang si Cat then tuloy tuloy na yan.. remember nung MU 2015 kay Pia, sabi ng lahat for sure makakapasok sa top 15 si Pia.. basta malagpasan niya lang ang swimsuit round dire diretso na siya sa top.

    This is such a strong batch! Unlike last year, boring ang reign ng queens – let’s admit that.

  3. Finally! Catriona got this! MUP lang po Madam Stella. Nothing less. But I must admit this is a strong batch as compared to previous editions. Sayang lang wala si Rise Flores, Marah Munoz at Zara Carbonell. Better luck next time ladies.

    To complete my top 15 as of now:
    MI: Eva Patalinjug
    MS: Aya Abesamis
    MGI: Michelle Gumabao
    MIc: Karen Gallman
    MG: Edjelyn Gamboa
    1RU: Muriel Orais
    2RU: Wynonah Buot
    Vickie Rushton
    Samantha Bernardo
    Jehza Huelar
    Ahtisa Manalo
    Juliana Kapeundl
    Sandra Lemonon
    Jerelleen Rodriguez

    Loren Artajos
    Ena Velasco
    Patrik Asturias

    Goodluck ladies! Simula na ng laban!

  4. If Cat wins, she’ll be Olivia Jordan 2.0 who competed and represented USA both in MW and MU.

    Michelle Gumabao recently signed up with Creamline for PVL. The league will start next month. I hope that this will not hinder her preparation for the nationals.

    I hope that Jehza finally gets a crown, before she become Mrs. PJ Simon.

    Also hoping that “fresh” blood will make most of the cut this year.

  5. if catriona and jehza win the top crowns then its goingto be the worst bloodbath ever for newbies!

  6. trivia time: if catriona wins MUP, would that make her the first filipina to compete at both mw and mu?

    • The first Filipina to have participated in Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth is Riza Santos. She represented Canada in all three pageants.

  7. Before I only had a Top 3 to 8 but this batch is so strong that it’s so hard to pick specialy when more than half of the girls have at least 1 regional title.

    My Top 15

    Catriona Gray
    Aya Abesamis
    Murielle Orais
    Michelle Gumabao
    Athisa Manalo

    Vickie Rushton
    Edjelyn Gamboa
    Patrizia Garcia
    Jehza Huelar
    Eva Patalinhug
    Wynonah Baot
    Sandra Lemonon
    Trixia Maraña
    Kayesha Chua
    Karen Gallman

  8. This is another rare chance to field someone with a very big chance at winning a MU crown … or something close to that . I hope SMA doesn’t not waste it b/o politics.

  9. There are surprises. And I must say, they are pleasant surprises.

    Let’s all hope that there will be no more disqualifications and let the real battle begins.

    Good luck ladies! I can’t wait who’s stars will align come coronation night.

  10. Catriona is the only one I see going to Miss Universe. She is prepared And very hungry for the crown, make history girl.

    BB international – Eva, Ruston, Gallman
    Bb Grand – Gallman, Aya, Orais
    Bb Supra – Aya, Gumabao, Buot
    Bb Intercon – Aya, Eva, Ruston
    Bb Globe – Aya, Buot, orais

  11. Well well well kung Hindi mapulika Catriona already have it on her bag. No more no less.ang mga kapitbahay Bahay nanginginig na sa takot.

  12. Independent:
    Catriona Gray

    A&Q (16 passed out of 23 or 69.57%)
    Ana Patricia Asturias
    Annalita Vizcarra
    Aya Abesamis
    Edjelyn Joy Gamboa
    Janette Roanne L. Sturm
    Jehza Huelar
    Juliana Kapeundl
    Kayesha Chua
    Loren Mar Artajos
    Ma Ahtisa Manalo
    Michele Theresa Gumabao
    Mj de Castro
    Sandra Lemonon
    Sophia Baino
    Trixia Marie Maraña
    Wynonah Buot

    KF (17 passed out of 31 or 54.84%)
    Agatha Romero
    Angelica Mae Corbe
    Angelie Aubrey Mariño Asuncion
    Anjame Santos Magbitang
    Ena Velasco
    Eva Patalinjug
    Jerrelleen Rodriguez
    Karen J. Gallman
    Katherine Ventura
    Muriel Adrienne Isidore Orais
    Patrizia Garcia
    Rose Murphy
    Samantha Bernardo
    Sarah Margarette Joson
    Shane Quintana Tormes
    Stephanie Joy G. Abellanida
    Vickie Marie Rushton

    RL’s Angels
    Sigrid Grace Flores

    Girls whose camp affiliations I have no idea about
    Samantha Abertruz
    Rose Antonette Mendoza
    Henna Kaizelle Cajandig
    Janice Roman
    Istie Cequeña

    ang cute na almost equal ang number ng entrants ng A&Q at KF. For the past years kasi laging mas marami yung one over the other (if i remember correctly)

    • I have a feeling A&Q will field Maria Gigante on Miss World PH this year along with Samantha Lo.

      Sirene might join BBP19. Mukhang naghahanda si ate gurl at mukhang nirerecruit na sya ng A&Q based sa pic nila together ni Nad Bronce

  13. Catriona should win MUP … unless mapulitika
    Like what happened to Ruffa in 1993

  14. is this the official numbering already?
    if so, labanan na ng mga nasa 20 above!
    24, 25, 28, 30, 31 … charot.

  15. This year’s BBP edition has a very strong batch ! I just couldn’t pick one (though you already know who my top pick is). There’s Aya, Eva, Michele, Jehza, Muriel, Wynonah, Sandra just to name a few. This is going to be a very exciting BBP journey for all these girls ! I can’t wait for their transformation and how they all play their cards well (or unwell). I believe it’s going to be a battle of beauty and brains, poise under pressure and a strong legit plarform/advocacy to back these girls up. Good luck, girls and let the battle begin. 👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👍👍👍

    • And bakit sino ka ba para malaman namin ang top pick mo gaga. Sikat ka ba? Tse!

  16. I would say Michelle Gumabao and Aya Abesamis may be a bit overrated… runners up maybe and try again next year

    Edjelyn and Annalita are underrated

    Vickie and Trixia top tier; Catriona way up there above top tier!

    Eva, Karen next and will they finally give Jehza a crown?

  17. Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray
    Miss Universe Philippines! 😍😍😍
    Claim it!!!!

    • I don’t have any with problem with that at all. But I think KF has someone who is uber pretty too that could be MI or MU material. hihihihihi

    • Gusto ko si Jehza lalo nung 2016 sa gown nya!!
      Problema sa kanya sa Q&A talaga parehong sablay Q&A nya 2016-2017
      Sana manalo sya ng kahit anong title,

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