15 comments on “Ma. Athisa Manalo: Proudly Quezonian for Bb. Pilipinas 2018

  1. Big Yes for this girl. She’s Mutya Datul 2.0 in the making and I wish her to represent Pinas at Miss Supranational 2018.

  2. yung mga ibang bansa mga 18 to 21 pinapadala at nananalo
    tayo puro gurang ang gusto ipadala
    kaya nganga sa freshness mukhang mga manang

    this girl should have a crown

    • The manangs you are talking about have made it to the Miss Universe Top 10 for 8 straight years. Top 5/6 for six years in fact.

      Many have brought home titles and consistently performed well.
      We are doing the right thing in sending more experienced women as opposed to girls.

  3. Reshaping ng upper teeth and botox sa infraorbital region OR facial liposuction sa buccal & parrotid masseteric regions. Pwede sa MU o kaya MI depende sa kaya ng budget niya for minimal tweaking sa face. Eto yung magandang example ng diamond in the rough. Well, referring ako sa face niya.

    Ano height and age? Malaki ang potential.

    • She’s 20yo & 5’9″. She’s one of my top 6 pick. She’s hungry for a crown and a natural beauty. Hope she’s good w public speaking and Q&A.

  4. Wow, she’s like the Aces version of KF’s Daisha Jimenez….

    She could be this year’s 1st runner-up …or we could wait for a while and she could be our next Miss International or maybe even Miss World… For now her highest possible placement could be Miss Supranational.

  5. Hawig ni Lindsay Custodio ng Ang TV.

    Pag di ka palarin ngayon, balik ka sa 2021 since bata ka pa naman

  6. Charming and beautiful but runner-up position for now. Still very young and needs more life experiences. Mas madaming girls ang mas ready for international competition as of now.

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