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  1. Congratulations to all who made it to the official roster of BBP 2018 ! To Cat – all the best on your Binibini journey ! I have always believe in you – you’re beautiful inside and out ! As Dawn would repeatedly put it – in the eyes of the “world” you’re the one that got away in 2016. This time, here’s wishing you a very fulfilling and a successful journey ! Go and prove to everyone that you indeed deserve what is rightfully yours – a true winner that is relevant and worthy of “the crown”. God bless and again, congratulations ! Love ya 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Congratulations Cat for making it into the official candidates. Let’s do this! Sana na naman wala ng hadlang in the next few days or weeks. And the top 40 remains as is.

    • I wish all the candidates the same, Dawn ! Sana sana tuloy tuloy na ito for everyone especially for Cat:-)

    • Nothing to worry kasi ung top 40 may madidisqualify lang thru marriage issues, giving bitth, criminal case, sex scandals and very sensitive issues.
      Nasala na po ang candidates according to age, height, contracts, previous magazine covers, at kung anes anes pa..

    • Yes!!!!

      Pasok say Banga!

      Catriona Gray

      Jerelleen Rodriguez

      Vicki Rushton

      Eva Patalingjug

      Aya Abesamis

    • Sabi ng reliable source ko ay muntik daw di makapasok si Catriona na super dikit ang score sa 41st placer na si Gillian Colcol. CHAR!!!!!!

  3. Eto na daw mge veksssss!!!!

    Muriel Adrienne Orais
    Stephanie Joy Abellanida
    Ena Velasco
    Agatha Romero
    Sarah Margarette Joson
    Loren Artajos
    Ana Patricia Asturias
    Juliana Kapeundl
    Michele Theresa Gumabao
    Karen Gallman
    Sigrid Grace Flores
    Athisa Manalo
    Trixia Maraña
    Shane Tormes
    Anjame Magbitang
    Eva Patalinjug
    Sandra Lemonon
    Samantha Abertruz
    Angelie Aubrey Asuncion
    Katherine Ventura
    Kayesha Chua
    Rosemarie Murphy
    Samantha Mae Bernardo
    Wynonah Buot
    Aya Abesamis
    Annalita Vizcarra
    Patrizia Garcia
    Catriona Gray
    Rose Antonette Mendoza
    Jehza Huelar
    Vickie Rushton
    Henna Kaizelle Cajandig
    Janette Roanne Sturm
    Jerrelleen Rodriguez
    Janice Roman
    Sophia Baino
    Edjelyn Gamboa
    Istie Cequeña
    Angelica Mae Corbe
    MJ de Castro

    • Paiba iba pa ng pangalan si Kristie Rose Cequeña na yan!!! Choserang frog parang Sissel Rabajante better known as Ria “Ang Dakilang Clapper” Rabajante

    • Without qualified basis. Halatang naninira lang! Saan ka kaya humuhugot ng kasamaan ng ugali? Kung minamalas ka sa buhay mo at kung nagkukulang ka ng pagmamahal, huwag mong ibaling sa taong walang ginagawang masama sayo. Pero kung hanap mo pansin, talagang papansinin ang kawalang hiyaan mo. Congratulations tokmol!

  4. murielle and patrizia!!! both look great in the screening photos
    jehza, too
    catriona looks great with the dark hair
    roshana’s make-up color looks washed out but she still looks like a winner
    aya looks great but something about the eyebrows is off, it looks to rounded
    and stiff

  5. Di ko makita si cat dun sa video ng first cut, pati si aya..from 53, down to 40 pa daw,

  6. Kung rampadora si Wynonah Buot, she’s my MUP.

    Pero to be fair, andaming magaganda this year na pwede mag Miss Universe. Cat, Aya, Juliana, Karen,Jehza, Eva, Muriel, Mara…..ang dami!

  7. Does anyone know how long is Katrina’s residency in the Philippines?

    Kat looking stunning here ❤️ Parang sure win na hihi she’s sooo gorgeous!!!

  8. omg, i am not much of a catriona fan, but wow, the aura is so different from when she was competing for miss world. ibang-iba. love itttt.

  9. I won’t be surprised if years from now, future applicants will be wearing stilts 😆
    Anglalaki masyado ng platform shoes. Madaya tingnan.
    Wear regular stilletos for goodness sake.

    • seriously, those platform shoes look so unnatural
      it gives them some added inches but it gives them an unnatural

      if you are not tall, just own it, there are other ways to shine
      and the past winners ha not been very tall anyway

  10. It seems that only 66 ladies from the first pool of 80 applicants showed up for the Final Screening today. That leaves around 14 girls failed to show up or backed out .Kimberley Pechon and Claire Olivio are just two of those who backed out at the last minute. It is still not confirmed but it seems one or two other girls earliercoerceived as front runners backed out from this year’s competition.

  11. Catriona showed up for the screening. Two applicants reportedly backed out at the last minute. One of them is Aces and Queens bet Kimberly Pechon. She had to back out because of work schedule conflict. Kimberly, a flight attendant is currently en route back to Manila working the PAL flight from London and won’t make it in time for the screening. Claire Alicia from KF Camp also backed out citing personal reasons. That leaves 78 screenees from the original 80 shortlisted from over 100 applicants. Does anybody know if Michelle Gumabao, one of the more talked about Bb applicants showed up for the final screening? Still have to see a pic of her from the girls who made it to the Kia Theater for the final selection of the Bb Pilipinas 2918 Official Candidates.

  12. @arawgabby we haven’t heard of rumors that Cat is no longer in the screening process. So I think, yes, she is still in the running.

  13. KAya pala super heavy ang make up ng KF, now u know na dahil pala to sa harsh lighting ng stage. Konti pa lang nakikita ko from aces.

    • I have a feeling that she will make it as an official candidate but she won’t get the top plum. I hope I’m wrong.

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