33 comments on “Sunday Specials: Day 1-3 of Katarina Rodriguez in Miss Intercontinental 2018

  1. Feeling ko ng mukha talaga syang matanda, or sa make up lng. Hmmm gudluk Kat!

  2. She’ stunning in that pink dress, and bronze evening gown.
    If she was Ms PH-Universe 2017, she could go head to head against Demi in terms of facial beauty 🙃


  4. OMG ang ganda ng mukha. At ang bewang ha, lumiit bigla in fairness naman. Personality overload.

  5. When you know she should’ve been MUP 2017 and not that bland surfer girl with no personality.

  6. Miss International pala dapat pinadala ito. Walang energy gap. Yan ang gusto ng mga hapon, yung laging bibo sa mga pre pageant activities. At sa tingin ko lalaban din ito sa mga forum. Wrong pageant.

  7. love the pink dress on her!
    i think that with the aura she’s exuding now, she might have a good chance for our first crown.

  8. Loving her wardrobe & style choices, done with just the right mix of fun & glamour. I guess I really appreciate the fact that she doesn’t look so basic, you know, like she’s going to the office.

  9. It’s as if she’s competing in Miss Universe. Sunny personality, social media savvy and great outfits.

  10. Eto ang sinayang ni Lola SMA for a cheap pageant… hihihi… Her beauty is so ethereal. Hindi na kelangang iexplain.. I hope she brings home the first Intercontinental crown…

    • 4m, lesson learned from MU 2017 ..dapat articulate at may personality .
      Hindi dapat mahiyain .

  11. saan na yung mga nagsasabing walang ibubuga si katarina. saan na yung mga nagsasabing sayang lang ang pagpunta nya sa egypt. Nilamon kau ng mga pinagsasabi nyo last week? Bash pa more to prove that you are really belongs to the group of crab mentality.

    • Pls do not say anything yet
      The finals won’t be until 2 weeks later
      You May end up eating your own words

      Norman’s blog is a forum where all sides are heard, good and bad
      It’s not crab mentality to criticize a candidate
      Criticisms usually have a basis. In Katrina’s case , it’s her body.
      It’s up to the candidate what she does abt them. She may listen and learn… or .. or just simply ignore them .Basta pag pikon , talo… day .. attn Rachel!

      • Joyful , u r claiming victory already when the competition has just started.
        U wait until she is crowned … bago ka maghamon.
        It will be a double slap in your face if she goes home a TY girl .

  12. I hope that she maintains that energy all throughout the pageant until the coronation night.

  13. She has better outfits then Rachel!!! I love Rachel but she does show a lot of personality from what I have seen so far!! I hope she brings the crown back home!

  14. Anyare sa unang pic?! LOL

    And then it gets better and better…. I love it! 😀

    Just enjoy your experience…

    Whatever happens,
    you would always be a winner!!! 😀

  15. ooooh, that pink fringe dress!!!
    i must say, katarina is top of her game
    reminiscent of clenci’s performance

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