13 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: Desiree Verdadero-Abesamis

  1. Rachel Peters has a slight resemblance to Yvonne Ryding. Colombia 1984 looks like Colombia 2017. And South Africa’s face is stunning.

  2. Like Venus Raj, she was favored by many to win the crown during her
    time, pero hindi daw kumabog ang kanyang q&a.

  3. I hope Aya got the spunk and the vibe of her mom.

    Pero HELLO daw muna sa spanx ni Mommy Des 😂

  4. Wala pang sash factor Ang Philippines when she competed. Her placement was hard earned and well deserved.

    • I beg to disagree…ever since gloria diaz and margie moran won, Philippines has already weight on it’s sash…we’ve been placing as runners up and semi finalists numerous times

      • Between Margie Moran (1973) and Desiree (1984) the Philippines only had THREE placements for that entire 9-year period (1974-1983) in Miss Universe:

        1974 – top 12 Guada Sanchez
        1975 – 4th ru Chiqui Brosas
        1980 – 3rd ru Chat Silayan

        By the time Desiree competed in 1984, the Philippines’ MU sash factor was considered weak compared to powerhouses USA and Venezuela. It would take another 3 years (1987) for another semifinalist placement for the Philippines, then no placements at all for 7 long years, until 1994 when Manila hosted the pageant and the Philippines placed in top 6.

    • I agree with RyaN .
      Before 2010, the ‘sash factor’ could be only rightfully applied to the USA and Venezuela .
      U can’t claim sash factor if u miss the scene for 11 Long yrs

      • I agree with Ryan and Fabian. To say that we already had the sash factor when Desiree placed in MU is delusional. We were doing better than most countries for sure but, as Fabian correctly pointed out, we were not in the league of Venezuela and the USA in terms of the number of total placements.

  5. Taray ni momshie Des! Rumaravan pa din si mama! That pose though nag modelling talaga sa PMAP! Yung gown nya fashionable at stylish and age appropriate pa din. Hindi siya mukhang nagpapaka bata or super tanda kaya pak na pak at tamang pakita ng skin. Way to go Momshie Des! You still got it!

  6. mas bet ko ang aura si mama des! baklang bakla ang rampa kaya pak na pak! stand out kahit nung presentation ng past binibinis sa opening ng binibini gold! winner talaga! kaya kering keri kahit nagha ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ ng konti ang spanx sa photo above.. hihihi

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