34 comments on “Rachel Peters mulls on being a VLOGGER

  1. O commercial break….

    Nagsama-sama lahat ng Magaganda… Tinalo ang pa ang BBP2011, 2013 & 2015

    Waley ang Miss Brazil, Miss Venezuela, Miss USA and Miss Brazil…

    Lahat titulado maglalaban-laban…

    Dapat 50 contestants again this year….

    Si Michelle Marquez Dee, Aya Abesamis and Patricia Magtanong lang ang walang title.

    • *MissMiss Venezuela, Miss Colombia, Miss Brazil, Miss USA, Miss France, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss China & Miss India*

  2. Kunin nga itong endorser ng Red Bull. Kulang na kulang sa energy. Pabili nga ng personality. Tenks.

  3. Photo above just confirms everyone’s observations… the body is fierce but the facial expression is BLANK.

  4. Go mareng Rachel. push mo yan. Suggest ko lang na i pursue mo pa yung advocacy mo about developing an individual character. kasi maraming merlats at veks ngayon na nag struggle on identity crisis with the dictate of the media on its perceived idea of ‘perfection’. Im sure you agree that the lack of empowerment stems from very low self esteem and who else would fit the perfect role to advocate on self assurance than the woman who went to thru an annoying public pressure and scrutiny herself. Just make yourself more relatable kasi medyo alta and image mo. By formatting your vlog that way makes it a convenient medium in encouraging everyone not to be swayed by others contrasting opinion by not losing one’s sense of self while crafting a healthy lifestyle habbit. A good way of showing an example would be a casual/in depth interview with people of different shapes and sizes who gained success by embracing themselves despite their flaws to advocate self acceptance. Only when we truly accept ourselves then we could move forward. di ba mga sizst? mwaahhh! push mo yan ameygah!!

  5. It cannot be denied na maraming fans si Cat at marami din ‘haters’ who can be capable via social media to do anything to bring her down. These haters (local & foreign alike) are just threatened by her participation. I guess she is smart enough to not get affected with the bashings.

    I am a fan. Hinde ko na lang papatolaan ang mga nega para hwag na dumami ang negative energy surrounding the universe.

  6. No offense to Rachel, because I do like her and always have, but I don’t think I will follow her vlog.

    I just am of the opinion most Vloggers are full of themselves millenials and I just can’t with them.

    Plus, I find most Vloggers can’t keep most people engaged for more than 10 seconds… especially Filipinos who don’t know the concept of saying less is saying more.

    Peace and Love.

  7. Walang kaenergy energy sa mga photoshoots tong bilat na to. Walang personality at all. Nakakaloka.

  8. Next … can we just focus on the current batch . Do whatever Rachel . No one is stopping you . I for one will probably not watch. The last thing I’m interested in is another priveledge halfpinoy telling me what to do.
    So is it Cat vs Aya for MU?!!

  9. Catriona Gray all the way! Wag na mag-pacontest! ibigay na kay Cat ang corona! Obvious winner! pak na pak #CatGanern!
    I’m 100% sure that the MU Philippines crown will be for her.
    Its MU PHilippines Crown or nothing!
    #CatGanern #Cat4MUPhilippines #4thPinayMissUniverse

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