7 comments on “Sigrid Grace Flores: Starting 2018 with hopes of becoming a Binibini

  1. Kathryn Bernardo look-alike,…a Beauty that will be worth crowning for Minor pageants unless she has something up her sleeves… That would have come to anybody’s mind at first glance—But, let us not judge them from the Standards that we have come to know, bcoz Beauty alone does not suffice!.. Ms. Jamaica 2017 Bennet did just that,.. Somebody, who, if ever, she becomes a Filipina, and would join the Binibini, might have been bashed to the very core by the mud- slinging “, mouth- frothing and assuming beauty-critics! “…. Let, ‘s just give this lady her moment to shine, just as we are given that right to be heard.. and hoping to be respected just the same.

  2. I am waiting for the A&Q girls to be featured here. I believe this camp has a big surprise to the pageant landia. Kelan ba, Tito Norms?

    • They posted the pics of their girls na on their official IG account albeit blurred. Sandra Lemonon, Athisa Manalo, Patrik Asturias, edjelyn Gambo, Pearl Peabody, Michele Gumabao and Kaye Chua are some of them. Athisa Manalo is the most beautiful for me in that group.

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