11 comments on “Catriona Gray for Aura by Bragais

  1. Apriel confirmed she’s joining last year. We came from the same university and judged a pageant. We had the chance to ask her in person after asking for pictures with her 🙂

    She most likely had her nose fixed. It’s pretty obvious in person. Pearl white teeth and she’s pretty toned!

  2. She should join this year. I can see 2019 being a competitive one with potentially Apriel Smith, Alita, and even Liza Soberano getting fielded.

      • IMO, Pang runner up lang ang highest placement ni Apriel and Alita we BbP.

    • Liza just turned 20 yesterday. As much as we all agree that she’s of MU caliber, let us give her more time to mature (and enjoy showbiz). 25 is the best age for her to join though i think she’ll be persuaded to join sooner pero sana naman wag next year or 2020

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