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    • Sa mahilig sa pelicula based on true events and celebrating the 120th year anniversary of siege of baler, u may find this movie interesting,

      Likewise, it is also a compass as to why Filipinas is included at Reina Hispanoamericana,


      Story of Teniente Saturnino Cerezo who refuse to siege the war in Baler despite the fact that the Treaty of Paris was already signed. The treaty of Paris is an agreement between Spain and United States that relinguishes Spain’s colonial rule in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

    • Claire , it’s hard to appreciate older movies due to poor quality unless they have been updated.

  1. Happy New Year Mr. Norman! =)

    And to all commenters of this blog too! Love, prosperity, health and of course, World Peace.

  2. Happy New Year, Norman!

    Despite your bashers, standing stiff ka pa Rin! Sa dosenang pageant blogger, nangunguna pa Rin sa Google search engine ang blog mo! Bongga ka talaga!

    Happy New Year din sa mga virtual friends like Laila, Dawn, Fabian, Jackiey! 💞💞💞💞💞

  3. Happy new year Norman! You’re the best pageant blogger. Tanong lang, Bakit di mo pinasalamatan ang dalawang alipores mo?

    • Kung Di namention ni Momma N to give thanks to Joseph and Joy, Ikaw naman ay nakalimutan mo c “ever” after blogger hihihi kacheretan lang😁

  4. may there be another exciting pageant year ahead.. and tons of gratitude Norman, for all the efforts… HAPPY NEW YEAR.. LOVE, everyone..

  5. Mr. Tinio, thank you again for the year that was. Now, the other members of team NN.COM are REALLY getting more known to us. Thanks to you as well, guyth!

    And thanks as well for the snowy-wintry blog effects! LOVE. And you are getting YOUNGER. Gondoh.

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