6 comments on “Merry Christmas from all of your Queens!

  1. Nag eexist ba talaga yang Miss Multinational Pageant?

    Yan lang ang beauty pageant na nasa industry introduced in 2011 pero until today never pa nakapagheld ng pageant!!!!

  2. I wish all our queens the merriest Christmas and happier years to come. I cannot thank them enough for showcasing with pride and dignity the inner and outer beauty of the Filipinos. They worked hard to present the best version of themselves so that the whole world will see beauty in its holistic sense—physical, cerebral, spiritual. Some may not have won the crown, but they have won the ultimate prize of any beauty pageant—having some young minds out there inspired to work hard in following their dreams. Amidst the cheers and the jeers, you inspired the youth of the Philippines and the whole world that true beauty is beyond the physical plane, and that most importantly, it requires the audacity and resolve to reach for their aspirations, and to strive for excellence in all their pursuits.

  3. Merry Christmas to the one and only Queen of 2017 Philippines Beauty Pageantry, Miss Karen Ibasco 😙
    Hihihi cherette 🤗

  4. Gosh Katarina! That face tho. How i wish you waited for BBP 2018 and trained more instead. MUP18 would have been yours

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