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  1. Sa susunod kasi para lagi tayu panalo, sa Miss Earth natin pasalihin mga candidata natin para panigurado taon taon may back-to-back tayo. Para kahit chaka basta brainy panalo padin.

    • Nagpakahirap ka pa gumawa ng ibang pangalan te, eh pareho lang naman comment mo using another name. Read before you click and think before you click while looking at yourself in the mirror closely and intently.

  2. Para lagi tayo panalo sa beauty contest, sa Miss Earth nalang natin pasalihin lagi mga candidata natin. Panigurado taon taon may back to back tayo. Para kahit chaka basta may bains panalo parin.

  3. I cannot help but compare Karen to the winners of the other two major global pageants. After all, ME, MW and MU all define beauty in a multi-dimensional perspective. It used to be only ME and MW which look beyond the outer into the inner facet of beauty. Post-Trump MU increasingly gravitates towards the “inside and out” definition of beauty.

    Three beautiful intellectually-gifted ladies, all outstanding in their chosen fields. Karen is a Physicist, Manushi a Medical student and Demi-Leigh a Business Management graduate. All espouse advocacies that reflect their exemplary values and character. All have personal brands that eloquently speak about an enduring passion for excellence, an unyielding willpower to succeed. Now that they are looked up and listened to by global audiences, never has the allusion to physical beauty popped up in the brand essence that they project. On life-and-death issues of global warming, the world is not interested in facial prototype. On emotional issues of woman’s access to health care, the world is not interested in vital statistics. On gut issues of women’s safety on the streets, the world is not interested in physical attributes. But the world will always be interested in what the advocate has to say. After all, when all has been said and done, it is their inner beauty that lingers in the mind of global audiences. It also happens to be the one that lasts.

    • Everything you stated is true. A lot of people in this blog speak so highly of themselves, speaking so well of the kind of people they are inside and out. Their superficialities are simply disgusting. Nonetheless, their despicable attitudes should not dampen us to do good, to speak well of others and to believe in us as a people. Ours is not a perfect race, but we can remain to be honourable and respectable in the eyes of the world in words and in deeds. Your presence in this blog Scorg is the fulcrum that counters the overwhelming negativities of a lot of people in this blog.

      • Gazelle, I agree that there is so much negativity in this blog site, coming from critics of all types, sizes and shapes. But for some of us who are familiar with the psychology of criticism, we know that criticism is an easy form of ego defense. Oscar Wilde said: “Criticism is the only reliable form of autobiography” because it tells you more about the psychology of the critic than the people being criticized. We don’t criticize because we disagree with a behavior or an attribute. We criticize because we try to improve our feeling of self-worth by negating the worth of the person on the other side. Psychologists agree that criticism has its base in self-hate.

    • I agree, scorg
      But it’s still a beauty contest . That’s why France won over Haiti who was more articulate and had a better advocacy .
      And to Mother Mary:
      I think it’s ok to say this so and so is not pretty enough . After all, they are the ones ‘selling ‘ it and we are the ones ‘buying ‘ it . As to what they do with the criticism s is totally up to them .Both Janine and Karen ignored them believing they were better than how people portrayed them .. and they succeeded.
      I’d like to think most of the hard critics here mean well . After all, we are the ones that rejoice and beam with pride when any Filipino wins an international crown. I still remember seeing Jeremi scream his heart out in Vegas when Pia won MU! !!

      It’s ok to speak out of you see something wrong … we need input from everyone to have the best candidate to rep our country internationally . It’s also ok to criticize those who criticize a candidate . But leave the name calling alone and concentrate on the topic being discussed

      • Addendum: Rachel , on the other hand, handled the criticisms poorly… at least based on her written reactions. When her name was not called in to the top 4 per continent , she lost her confidence . In her mind , she believed that maybe the negatons were right.

    • Putting it in simplest terms Scorg, projecting on others one’s idiosyncracies, weaknesses, and aberrant behaviours is his/her way of camouflaging the inner beings that wrap his/her personhood and warp his/her view of realities in the process.

      • That’s why, every time I read cruel below-the-belt criticisms in this blog site, I feel sorry for the criticised, but sorrier for the critic’s unbelievable dose of self-hate. My daily pilgrimage to this blog site is my way of easing the tedium of backbreaking work in the corporate jungle. My way of coping with the negativities that litter the landscape is the thought that I am in a territory where pathetic self-haters abound. I too had my share of bashings from hate-trolls. But I never dignify them with a reply. I simply smile at such incredulity.

  4. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder pero ang totoong kagandahan ay nasa Adobe Photoshop! LOL!

  5. Naalala ko when i was in High school, yung teacher ko will add 5 pts in prelim or final exam if we attend a certain activity hihihi 🙂
    Ayan, daming fans ni ma’am sa UST 🙂

    • Pwede naman kasi manahimik na lang. Birthday yan ng isang taong walang nagawang masama sayo. Masyado kang mayabang at mabaho ang ugali, amoy imburnal. Papansin ng wala sa lugar.

      • I agree. Unless si Jeremi super ganda and at some point nagbigay talagay ng mas higit na karangalan sa bansa at some point in her life.

  6. Go Karen! I will always be a fan! Pak na pak sumagot sayo nararapat yung term na “lumalamon ng mic pag nag Q&A” hahahaha! In the history of Philippine pageants this 2017 walang makakatalo sa sagot at knowledge ni Karen.

    Q&A Ranking:
    1. Karen
    2. Winwyn

    Yung mga nilait lait niyo noon sila nagwagi ngayon! Pati rin ang Mutya ng Pilipinas madalas di natin pinapansin pero this year dami nilang placements at nanalo pa yung si Jannie.

    • Barbie , napakayabang magsalita, feeling expert.
      Akala ko ba 2017 ka lang nag-start dito?

      • Talaga? Baka dinedescribe mo yan sa sarili mo! Talaga namang magaling siya sa mic skills ah. Name one in Phil. Pageant history na makakatalo dun sa sagot niya at bilis nya sumagot?

  7. Happy Birthday Karen, nevermind the bashers , mametey sila sa kakalait sayo gurl. I admit na hindi talaga kita Bet dahil I want Thailand or Venezuela to win but Fasai failed the q and a and Ninoska is overconfident thats why they lose especially when you already open your mouth, its like game is over.

  8. Wow, Beautiful Karen is like:

    Bayang Magiliw
    Perlas ng silanganan
    Alab ng puso, sa dibdib mo’y buhay
    Lupang hinirang, duyan ka ng magiting
    Sa manlulupig, di ka pasisiil
    Sa dagat at bundok,
    Sa simoy at sa langit mong bughaw
    May dilag ang tula at awit sa paglayang minamahal
    Ang kislap ng watawat mo’y tagumpay na nagniningning
    Ang bituin at araw niyang kalian pa may di magdidilim
    Lupa ng araw ng luwalhati’t pagsinta
    Buhay ay langit sa piling mo
    Aming ligaya ng pag may mang-aapi
    Ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo.

    Thank you Miss Karen Ibasco for raising our Flag high on this planet Earth 🙂 hihihi

  9. I can’t understand the term “ugly” as applied to Karen. She’s not ugly to me as she was portrayed on different pageant pages as evident on that picture. Nevertheless, just like Angelia who proved her bashers wrong, I hope she spread her wings high above the rest! Nandiyan na oportunidad pati qualification niya, she just need to put it all together to pursue her mission.

    • Karen is not ugly. It’s just that there are far more superior candidates (facial beauty category) and maybe people, given the variety of first languages, just can think of a universally understandable short word for “not as (facially) beautiful as…” other than “ugly”. And maybe also because she has bad angles lang talaga. But she’s definitely not ugly

    • Check out her unedited and candid pics and you’ll find out the answer to your question. Lol!

    • For a non-fan , it’s easy to dismiss her as ugly . And no language barrier there . If they say ugly , they mean ugly . U have to see her talk to realize she is pleasing to the eye.

  10. when i see karen’s progress with her reign as miss earth
    i can’t think of anything more apt than this phrase:

    “success is the best revenge”

    happy birthday!

  11. Pagod lang talaga si Karen sa Finals night plus Bobo pa yung nag make up sa kanya,sa lahat ng pages sa instagram mapa latin or not, Mga Indo kadalasan ang nanglalait kay Karen .Dito kasi ang fresh at sakto ang lahat.

    • ako rin! i never thought she was ugly!
      yun din napansin ko, maraming indo ang nanlalait, kung iisipin nga di rin kagandahan ang clapper nila doon!

    • She was actually ill that night hence her appearance…

      Maraming nanlalait na ang pangit niya at tingnan yung bukbukin umano niyang mukha sa finals night. Yun lagi ang pinangtatabla pero edited kasi un, ung pinakakalat ng nga basher. Yung mismong photo na may watermark ng Getty Image ang inedit nila kaya akala tuloy ng iba na hindi nagko-cross check, totoo. Hindi perpekto ang balat ni Karen pero hindi singpangit nung pinakakalat nilang edited pic as opposed dun sa orig pic.

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