14 comments on “Throwback to the Final NYC Photoshoot of Iris Mittenaere and Fast-Forward to her post-Miss Universe life 

  1. It seems commenters take a break from this blog. To make this blog a little exciting to visit, I’d like to write blind items about beauty queens which I myself have personally bumped into in the past, or recent personal encounter with…

    During the time I went on the job training in the sales and marketing arm of a big broadcast network, a refreshing sweet beauty queen (“RSBQ”) was a guest in a show. I liked this beauty queen a lot because, for me, she had the most beautiful face that ever graced BbP. That time an equally beautiful BbP alumna (“EBBA”) was also a guest. However, these two seemed not in good terms because, although EBBA was the lead actress in the film, the limelight was perfectly stolen by RSBQ. In the studio, a lot of staff was fascinated about RSBQ. They liked her magnetic aura and friendly gesture. Most of the staff even rushed to RSBQ for photo ops, but a few of them went to EBBA who was as bland as dead woman. Accordingly, during the entire filming of the movie, the lead actor was head-over-heels to RSBQ. He pursued RSBQ a lot despite the fact that both of them were in separate commitment. But the actor did not end up winning RSBQ. The film outfit’s big boss was ready to launch RSBQ as the next important star in full stardom, because he, just like the actor, was also enamoured with RSBQ. Unfortunately however, RSBQ turned down the offer. She reasoned that she would leave for, and settle with her boyfriend, abroad. She then left the limelight and none had been heard from her since.

    A few months ago, my mom and I dined out in one of the posh malls in Makati. Next sitting in our table was RSBQ and her family. Yes, her family. Her partner (I am not saying he is the husband) who is one of the billionaires in the country, and two teen companions plus another lady. I could see happiness in the girl. Perhaps she did not only have the guy she loves, but also all the materials she could wish she’d have in this world . I was still amazed by RSBQ’s beauty despite her gaining a lot of weight.

    Disclaimer: This blind item is solely mine and does not reflect this blog and the blogger’s views and opinions.

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