24 comments on “Klea Pineda for Asian Supermodel Contest 2017

  1. Ganda ni cabalen. In case she decides to join BBP, there’s a high probability she will suffer the same fate as that of Teresita Marquez (who is identified with GMA 7) should ABS CBN will be the network partner.

  2. Pageant serye update!!!

    BREAKING NEWS! Isang kandidata na-decline ang credit card sa isang designer store!

    Ayon sa aking sources itong si kandidata with a fake Louis Vuitton bag ay na decline sa store dahil di umano ay ginamit ang kanyang credit card na gasgas na gasgas na sa kakakas kas. Gusto nya sana bumili ng evening gown pang contest kaso wala na siyang cash on hand at mas bet nya daw ang credit card kaya ayun try siya using her magic credit card kaso pag swipe sa machine, pak! Wala ng magic! hahaha! Nilait lait pa nya ang staff ng store kesyo wala daw pinagaralan. Nag try daw siya kung pwedeng check ang gamitin pero to the store’s suprise ang pinakita eh gift check sa SM! Di rin umubra sa store management kaya mega makaawa si kandidata kung pwede daw i home credit na lang or magdodown siya kahit 20% tapos hulugan! Ahahahahah! Kaya ayun umuwing luhaan ang lola nyo. Kulang na lang itanong nya na tinuro ni Ms. Susan Roces na wag mahiyang itanong… “may rite med ba nito?!” hahahaha!

    The who? Tago natin siya sa pangalang Naibaf Seyer! Hahahaha!

    • Barbie here is my fearless forecast 1 week before the big night which can still change subject to the manifested behaviour of the candidate: Miss Universe Philipines – Ana Winter; World – Jeremi; International – Fabian Reyes; 1st Runner up – Bong700; 2nd Runner up – Baklah. Bubbling up Ana Windang, Angelo Reyes, Claire. Kindly finalize too the crowns to be given so I can customize their placements. Peace on the Galaxy!

      • Ayoko ng runner up! Akin ang Miss International crown! Ayoko ng MU, suffocating si Esther! Ayoko ng MW dahik ayoko Hulya!

      • The crowns will be Universe, World, International, Grand International, Supranational, Intercontinental, Globe. 1st RU, 2nd RU.

    • Miss Claire forecast lang yan. And I am not a judge, so stop that biatchniness at baka maligwak ka. Polish on your people skills. Work on your pasaringla at baka maging major winner ka pa. Good luck.

    • Makalait ka nanaman Fabian! Walang ka sense-sense ang comment mo! Inulit mo lang yung sinabi ni Johnny sa baba. Yung totoo? Nangongopya ka lang siguro sa mga honor student noon para masabing matalino ka! Mahiya ka naman uy! Hahaha! Pwede mo namang sabihin kay Johnny na agree ka kailangan pa talagang mag bida ka dito. Starlet! hahahaha!

      • Hihihi Yari Kah , to think that he is The one accusing people of bullying . U can’t even opine about a candidate without him budging in accusing u of this and that when u say anything different from what he thinks. That delusional piece of s—t believes his entries here are the Bible. Of beauty pageantry.

  3. And there Klea Pineda is. I hope this is a jump start for her to realize that there is career beyond showbiz. She should know the kilometrage range her beauty can reach. I know that she tries hard to be a teen actress that she aims to be, notwithstanding her talent agency’s over push, but still her star doesn’t shine bright like a diamond.

    Your season will come, Klea. Just enjoy what is in store for you. Join beauty pageants and bring home pride for the country. You go, girl!

    • True Ana! I hope that GMA Artist Center realizes that she has a very versatile look from acting to pageants. They should hire the best runway coach and enroll her in personality development courses so that she will shine bright like a diamond! This girl has the potential to be the next Pia in the pageant industry. She is the future of pageants here in the Philippines.

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