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  1. May angulo na medyo Mila Kunis ang dating.
    Good luck to her if she’s going to join pageants again.

  2. I am seeing a little bit of MUJimena Navarete , let’s see if she will try to compete again. Rumor that KF is courting her again to join so let’s wait.

  3. I am just wondering what will Karen, a beautiful girl with towering height 5′ 6″ from Down Under will bring to pageant. She can be the next Miss Grand Philippines 2018.

  4. NEXT ENTRY! (Pagod na ko kakaisip! Ilang days pa before finals! Charette! Hahaha!)

    Thomas: Closer to Six Years Later

    If you are a regular in this site, you will see Thomas making comments and answering in debates ending in let’s shout it all…. 1,2,3….. WORLD PEACE! LOL! It is his signature style like a pasarela and pose at the end of the stage. LOL!

    He is fond of World Peace which is a great requirement for the pageant ever since the world began. If he continues that advocacy then he might be right for BBCP Grand International which advocacy is stop the war. He is a fit contestant for title holder. But then again, he might place too in some titles as well.

    He is normally a peaceful person but recently he just showed his fierce side with another contestant Angelo Reyes. They made a debate about camps. It started when Thomas suggested that Norman should have a camp of his own and then Angelo bravely commented that Norman has a camp which is “palapsinimudang” camp. Normally, we thought that Thomas will just evade the debate by saying one statement to end the debate and ending it with World Peace but Thomas just showed his fierce side. To our surprise and even I didn’t see this coming from him, Thomas just said that Angelo has a camp which is Satan’s camp! Angelo fought back and said that he just wants them to annoy each other but Thomas made another shocking rebuttal saying that he isn’t annoyed at all. He even made a sarcasm that Angelo is so cute, he deserves to be taken by the Lord. I didn’t see it coming from Thomas! From a shy and peaceful person blossoming into a fighter showing that Angelo cannot just step on him.

    Will Thomas continue his new found fierce side towards the finals and signature world peace style? Will he gain the upper hand from his new enemy Angelo? Or will he peacefully say goodbye to the crown?

    What are your thoughts dear commenters?


    • Dear Barbie,

      In the spirit of Christmas & Holiday Cheer, I am offering to you friendship, love and peace. All in the noble name of brotherhood, fraternal and political alignment. Lol.

      And in the classic beauty pageant Q&A manner, let me ask our dear readers this question:

      If a house is burning and there are two people inside it (Barbie and Angelo Reyes) who will surely experience slow, excruciating and painful death, and you can only save ONE person, would you rather go back to sleep or read the papers? Lol.

      World Peace.

      • Even if your question is not fit for a pageant, let me answer that question for you,

        I do not need a hero that will save me because I am my own hero! I am strong, independent, and intelligent which is the best qualities to save yourself. I would rather call the fire fighters using my cellphone since they are qualified and knowledgeable to save us in the burning house or I would work with Angelo so we can extinguish the fire on our own hands. Thank you!

      • Erratum: I am strong, independent, and intelligent which ARE the best qualities to save yourself.

      • True kaso parang Ariska Putri Pertwi MGI Indonesia 2016 ang peg. Pa sabi2 nga ng World Peace, maldita naman! Hahaha!

  5. ha, 2012…that’s only 5 years ago and BBP coronation night
    staging looks dated. maybe because therec ent editions had been
    really sleek

    what a difference 5 years can make

    for karen as well, in 5 years she went from baby face teen ager
    to a young lady

  6. I like her 🤗
    Height(contestant #1 remember hihihi ( doesn’t matter to me as long as she walks and talks taller than the other wanna be queens😚
    Join na girl para masaya☺


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