11 comments on “normannorman.com for the CNN Philippines 2017 Year-Ender Special

  1. Looking forward to your CNN gig, Sir Norman ! You have come a long way indeed from when I started following your blog years ago. Congratulations 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. James Deakin so Handsome and has sense of humour, he will have another stint as Host of Miss Earth Next year for sure, probably the best host in pageantry this year.

  3. Congrats Kuya Norman. It’s a long-overdue recognition. You deserve it. You just need the right tv break. You are so eloquent and can give Boy Abunda a run for his money. Remember couple of years ago you were saying goodbye to us here because you have other important things to do in your life and blogging is taking a toll on your professional and personal life? Many, including me insisted, you stay and you did. Your sacrificies are now paying off. I guess better times lie ahead of you in 2018. All the best!!

  4. congratulations norman !!! you’re making a name in the world of pageantry…it seems your opinion matters…by the way, ang gwapo tlga ni james deakin

  5. Congrats Norman! All this media recognition you’re getting is well-deserved. Thanks as well for sharing your journey to success with us. It’s inspiring to see someone who used his passion & love for pageantry into building a site that has turned into one of the most significant forums for Philippine pageant-related discussions.

  6. Ayyy bekit kinilig ako ng bahagya dun sa Picture ni Titow N. at James Deaken. Ang sweet, sweet, sweet ng smiles. So happy to see you both looking all cutesy and giggly 👬👨‍❤️‍👨💕

    p.s. mabango ba siya, Tito N.? 🤭😍

  7. Congratulations Mr. Norman. All your hard work are slowly but surely being recognised.

    Minor comment, what’s with the hmm, ahhh ..less-than-attractive shoes Tito Norman? It looks stout and squared. Is this from Bragais? =)

    World Peace.

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