31 comments on “Press Release: Jollibee and Miss Universe 2017 give JOY this Christmas

  1. Kelan kaya mapapansin ang Malaysia? Magaganda naman yong mga pinapadala nila. Pinakagusto ko yong delegate nila this year, makwela… her life story is very inspirational at gusto ko ang beauty nya na kahawing ni Asunta Da Rosi.

  2. I think Yung mga in-invite nilang mga rep is Yung may large number of Filipino communities to encourage Yung tagline ng DOT na “bring home a friend” and this reps can amplify that through their social media and talaga namang genuinely happy Sila! The same enjoyment na na-experience din Ng mga ME candidates sa mga eco-tour nila!

  3. If ever may All Star Comeback Edition at pasok pa sa age limit:My personal Bets:
    MU-Kris Tiffany Janson
    MW-Christy McGarry
    ME-Rogelie Catacutan
    MI-Catriona Gray
    MS-MJ Lastimosa

    Mintercon-Bianca Guidotti

    • Miss Universe – Mutya Johanna Datul
      Miss World -Ann Lorraine Colis
      Miss International – Ariella Arida
      Miss Earth – Joanna Louise Eden
      Miss Supranational – Maria Venus Raj

  4. My personal bets for 2018 , I want new faces ,freshly looking :
    MU-Michelle Dee
    MW-Samantha Lo
    ME-Yung kapatid ni Dindi Pajares, sino ba yun?
    MI-Diana Mackey
    MS-Jessica McEwenn
    MIntercon-Maria Gigante
    MGI-Apriel Smith

  5. Pag wla tlgang pressure or iniintinding competition ang tao… MAS GUMAGANDA!

    LOOK AT ALL OF THEM… even Rachel… maganda cya during Miss U pero iba ang GLOW nya jan.

  6. Excellent marketing move by Jollibee, a fast-rising global brand! Equally savvy marketing initiative by Miss Universe, a brand yet in search for a clear meaning to its “confidently beautiful” tagline! This is another marketing coup by Jollibee after the much-publicised surprise visit by Justin Trudeau during the Asean summit. Identifying itself with a values-centric brand like Jollibee, MUO’s brand building efforts clearly point to the direction of advocating positive social change in the world by inspiring and empowering its global audiences to become confidently beautiful inside out. The MUO brand building program is clearly periscoping on “empowering young women to initiate advocacies in their local communities with the potential to reach a global audience”. What does this now tell us about the personal brand essence of the spokesperson and role model that MUO wants for its brand in the next editions of their annual search?

    • Incidentally, it is refreshing to see Miss USA in a photo being surrounded by kids. An advocate of science education for children, herself being nuclear scientist, one can can see the radiance in her smile. A confidently beautiful aura in the sea of kids who eke out life in the harshest of environments– the streets of Manila.

    • Scorg , I beg to disagree.
      Jolibee May have conquered the local scene but internationally? I doubt it .
      In places where Jolibee is next to Chowking , the latter has a lot more customers in the US . And it’s understandable. Jolibee’s chicken pales in comparison to what u get from the CV store or Chinese buffet And their spaghetti and burger are inferior to country restaurants. Chowking on the other hand provides something more unique … actually more Filipino.

      • Fabian, I opined that it is a fast rising Filipino brand internationally, not just in the USA. It is opening up branches in other cities in the world. I am not a drumbeater for Jollibee, because for chicken I would rather go for KFC, and its menu caters to Filipino tastes which is not necessarily appealing to other nationalities’ tastes. That it can break into other countries’ fast foods market is a proof that out is gaining ground as an international brand.

      • It’s ok Fab-B! Both Jollibee and Chowking are both owned by Tony Tan Caktiong! In both ways, kabig pa Rin ang Kita! Not to mention his other food chain like Greenwich, Burger King and Mang Inasal.

      • @scorg, I’m glad to know Jollibee is doing good somewhere else . I just can’t imagine so given the lack of uniqueness in their products .
        @ Claire , I didn’t know they were owned by the same entity . I was just surprised by the Pinoys’ very poor reception of Jollibee here in the US . … particularly in Vegas.

  7. My bet for MUP next yr is Lorraine Kendrickson. She is pretty youthful And very articulate .

  8. Looks like it has been a hectic schedule for the candidates
    I hope they are getting paid for the job

  9. Wow China! The make up and styling are just so unique . Is this MUO IMG way to grab a share of that huge market. I wouldn’t be surprised if the crown a MU from China soon . They just need to send a stronger candidate , they already have the sash factor it seems.
    Does anyone how much or what the prices are now for MU? Does the winner get their own crown or they just pass it along?

    • During Shamcey’s time, they were pushing for a China win. She just faltered in the q and a just like Venus.

  10. I thought when I saw her in person in Las Vegas that Italy will be suplada, … so refreshing to see it is not true…

    wonder why Thailand and Indonesia did not come… I would’ve expected also France, Germany & Australia to be there

      • Latin couñtries wasnt invited as well as africans with the exception of Demi kasi malayuan ang biyahe pauwe sa kanila makakailang stop over sila sa iba ibang countries atsaka di naman Tourist market ag mga tao sa kanila kasi mahihirap lang tao sa kanila walang silbi na kunin sila!!! AUSTRALIA,JAPAN , RUSSIA, NEW ZEALAND dapat sinama!!!

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