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  1. Daming problema ng mga tao dito. Pati gastos prinoblema! Kesyo galing daw sa mga tax natin. We don’t really know how much DOT spent and how much front row spent, punta kayo sa office nila at humingi ng receipt of expenses. But think of it as our country’s investment to boost tourism. Sinabi na nga ng DOT secretary na nag increase ng 11% ang tourism influx dito sa Pilipinas. 11% na din yan kahit papano malaking bagay na din yan. Wag niyo iexpect na malaki maiaambag dahil di lang naman Miss U ang nakakahatak ng tourists pero meron pa din naincrease. Ibig sabihin effective ang ginagawa nila. Kung di yan effective eh di sana di na sila pinabalik dito. Logic mga bes!

    Source: http://www.fashionpulis.com/2017/12/repost-miss-universe-organization-wants.html

  2. Pakiusap lang po wag nang gawan ng intriga yung pagpunta ng MU dito. Kesyo san kinuha ang pera? Baka galing sa masama? Baka galing sa nakaw? Sinong gumastos? Sino ang nag sponsor? Kumita o nalugi ba? Problema na nila yun at wala tayong karapatan intrigahin sila! May gumastos ba satin at nag ambag? WALA! Kaya quiet na lang tayo kung wala tayong magandang sasabihin! Buti nga good press yan for the org and for the Philippines. Dati rati, di tayo pinapansin ng MUO pero ngayon at least diba kahit papano valued na tayo sa kanila. Pag di nagpunta sasabihin niyo kesyo iniisnob tayo or di tayo bet… Kung kelan naman andito may intriga pa din. Ano ba talaga? Nakakainis lang kasi good press yung nakalagay at nakasulat pero ang pangit ng mga comments! Crab Mentality kayo!

      • You are more stupid because you make assumptions without evidence. At least I am saying the truth. We don’t have the right to devalue and destroy the name of a person or a business. It’s like the classic jealousy of chismosas in the street wherein if they see rich people, they will say their money is from dirty deeds or dirty business.

      • Di natin alam so it’s safer to say NO. Di natin alam kung DOT ba ang gumastos or nag ask sila sa mga establishment kung pwede ba sila mag sponsor. Diba pwede rin yun! Kaya quiet na lang tayo. Kung gusto niyo malaman eh di punta kayo sa DOT.

      • “di natin alam so it’s safer to say no.” Isn’t that an assumption as well? san napunta yung “at least I am saying the truth”. Gurl, you’re contradicting yourself.

    • You are assuming dear that the Filipino people DID NOT SPEND any centavo on this. I don’t know if you are stupid or naive. But don’t ASSUME. It makes an ASS of U & ME.

      If your only goal in life is para “mapansin ng MUO at maging valued tayo sa manila”, kawawa ka naman. Lol.

      World Peace.

      • I am not saying that the whole Filipino nation did not spend any centavo. Where did that come from? Do you really understand what you are reading? Seems like you are making yourself the bigger ass here. LOL! Read the comment well. Comprehension dear with a pinch of logic! What I am saying is who are we to question if we didn’t spend any single centavo in this event?

        I agree with EJK!

        Did I say that our only goal is to get MU’s attention? Hell no! Where did that come from? Our main goal is to promote our country’s tourism and entice tourists to go here. Not MU’s attention, that is only secondary. And we must be thankful that they are coming here to our country. If this was in Trump’s era, he wouldn’t give a f*ck with us.

        You are so full of assumptions. And I can say you are POTASSIUM. P*ta na, assuming pa! Hahahahah!

      • Barbie and EJK , you are right by saying we cannot make assumptions and shoot th These people based on these assumptions.
        But then again , where could this money be coming from ? Yup , I’m from Missouri hihihi

      • We do not know so it is much better to shut up. What if DOT did not spend any amount at all? What if they just asked establishments if they can sponsor or lend the use of their resorts/hotels/establishments for the candidates? They can do that!

        DOT will not take partnership in this if there is no gain on our end.

        And I quote “Teo said the Miss Universe pageant helped with the tourism influx which “increased, up by 11 percent, despite the martial law and Resorts World [incident.] Naitawid pa rin namin.”

        Source: http://www.fashionpulis.com/2017/12/repost-miss-universe-organization-wants.html

        And so if you are from Missouri or other parts of the world? Does it make you a better person? Maka brag ka lang eh!

      • I’m sorry BArbie that you cannot understand the sarcasm in my statement .
        Pls go back to school so u can improve your reading comprehension .

      • Barbie , the DOT will not take partnership if there’s no gain on our end?
        Are u aware of the millions the country has yet to recoup from staging the 3 MU pageants?
        U r a blabber . Putak putak putak

    • Bakit Thomas? Masakit ang katotohanan ano? To be called out as the bigger idiot for making the worst of assumptions about something na wala naman talaga kayong alam- ni wala ka ngang idea kung sino and FrontRow PH. May nag-comment before- yang si Troll Queen AnaWindang someone ata- accusing them as a drug-front, imagine!

      Mas kawawa ka dahil it seems that your only goal in life is to devalue and cheapen everything that you see just because you can.

    • Di ba hosting ng MU was substantially shouldered by the private sector? Same thing with this event- a non-government company shouldered the expenses for their own promotions…ke saan pa kinuha yung pera, ke binenta ni RS Francisco kaluluwa niya to afford it, is no one’s business….what’s worse here are the insinuations and the belittlement which are so unnecessary and dangerous- napansin ko lang lately na some pinoys naging sugapa na sa paninira at pagkalat ng false and malicious news..hindi lang sa gubyerno kundi sa pageantry..

  3. the pain job cheapens the car. such a waste of good luxury car. why not just leave the original paint job and just put the miss universe logo? Money can’t buy class.

  4. Was this car used when we hosted Ms U early this year courtesy of the one and only Mr Universe Chavit Singson? I think there’ s also a helicopter they used going to Baguio and a yatch going to Batangas.

  5. Hmmm. The question begging to be asked is who are the owners of Frontrow and why are they awashed in cash ? I don’t think they are making any money at all for bringing in these girls and short notice at that. And yet were able to put up a jam packed activities and a pink luxury car with Ms. Universe logo,,,What d they get from this ?

    World Peace.

    • It’s not our business anymore. Who are we to question it even if we did not spend even a single centavo for that car? At least the MU Queens got treated like VIP which shows nothing beats Filipino Hospitality which might give us a better image globally and promote more tourists to go here. Who knows that car is just rented and will only be used for the event?

      • Barbie What makes u think none of our hard-earned money was spent for this ? Hospitality ? That should start at home . Hindi yung Pakitang Tao lang . It is a lot easier to swallow seeing foreigners getting treated well if our people are being done the same.

    • Ipa lifestyle check sa NBI and PDEA kung ano ang normal/abnormal daily routine lahat ng mga may position at lahat ng sponsors/financiers ng Frontrow including the dummies kung meron man hihihi wala lng kc itong c ibong chererette nagmamaldita na naman hihihi 😙

      • Bong700 , this is just a symptom of the whole sickness. Treating that will not cure what’s ailing our country .
        I think we should teach the youth proper values and the idea of ‘Bayan muna’ . that’s the only way we can see some change happening in our country . Of course , imposing stiff penalty is a must . Bomg700, what is Estrada doing outside the penitentiary ? He and his dad should rot in hell.

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