11 comments on “Global Bachelor Philippines: A Revitalized Search for the next Mister Philippines

  1. Juice colored 5’8” lang talaga para lang makarating ng participants? Sana naman gawing at least 5’10” ang minimum height requirement in consideration of the Filipino average height and at the same time para naman maging globally competitive ang representative natin. At para hindi maging kagaya sa Mister Supranational 2017 na ang pambato natin ay nagmukhang saling-pusa lang sa Top 20 no thanks to shortcomings in both height and built.

  2. Purpose-driven men. I thought the tagline is an invitation for a life in ministry. Can they not think of any other marketing pitch? It sounds like a contrived male version of “beauty with a purpose”. Well, speaking of contrived spiels, how about weaving around the idea of “confidently masculine”? Admittedly, it is more difficult to market masculinity than beauty in the pageantry platform. Call it global cultural bias where men historically are not treated as a commodity much as the women are. And even the concept of beauty in the pageantry platform has evolved to cover not just the physical but also the cerebral, spiritual and social. Unless pageantry can discover what masculinity is all about and its twin concept of maleness, it cannot properly market male pageantry. It will continue to attract contestants who are boys, not driven men.

  3. Good morning, Mr. Tinio. Same titles – (M)Global, MGI, and MUM? Any new ones, po?

  4. Hi Norman, you have stressed enough that the would be contestant should have never been married, but you didn’t mention having a child or children, can I assumed that this acceptable? Thank you.

  5. WOW! At least 5’8″. Sa dami ng nagsisitangkaran na kalahok sa mga internasyonal na patimpalak ng kalalakihan baka magmukhang maliit ang 5’8″. Sa tingin ko kasi lahat ng nanalo sa mga patimpalak ng kalalakihan ay magmula 5′ 10″ ang tangkad hanggang pataas.

    • Hindi naman sila mag set ng height requirement na 5′ 8″ kung hindi within standards ng international pageants. Pati hindi rin katangkaran ang lahi natin paano yun.

    • Height is not always might, but a handsome face with the right attitude can definitely bring someone to greater heights.

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