41 comments on “Best of luck, Chanel Olive Thomas!

  1. now I am frustrated, why did Chanel Olive not get included in the top 5 ? and why is Miss Intercontinental so far away postponed to end of January ? am frustrated …

    I wanted Ethiopia to win. I wanted at least top 5 for Philippines. This is the same thing I wanted for Rachel. I wanted at least top 3 for Rachel but not necessarily the crown … am so frustrated

  2. Another not -so great weekend
    But top 10 is better than nothing
    It goes to show how hard it is to get a crown
    Congrats batch 2017
    Good luck batch 2018

    • Jusko teh di mo ba alam??? May contract ang GB with MWO, MGI, at Supra!!! Miss Universe at Miss International lang ang legit nilang prediction!!! Misso has MIO. Kabahan ka pag ang GB magpredict ng MW MGI MS kasi 99% sure yan!!! same with Misso sa International at Intercon. Kaya nga nahulaan ng gb this year except Miss International where Kevin Lilliana is nowhere in their top15, while Misso get it right!

  3. This is NOT Aces & Queens year. From Manhunt, Miss International, Miss Universe (courtesy of Miss Indonesia) to Miss Supranational ay di nanalo, kahit runner up man lang #AllTeaNoShade

  4. Waley sa taft 5 si Chanel. At least di rin pasok ang ngngongo land. Can you imagine if she did? The horror, the horror!

  5. Yeheyyyy yahooooo party na to hihihi 😃
    Taft 10 now aiming for Taft 5 hihihi 😄
    Waley c Indian estate hihihi 😁
    Wala kc c pakialamerang Bhat India MS2015🤗🤗🤗

  6. Veth ko yung pagkakindergarten ni veckxs Chanel hihihi ventang venta😄
    Taft 25 ang bekla.
    Congratulations. ..
    Hahabol pa tayo sa Country of the year hihihi cherette 🤗
    Go bekla Chanel, smile and turn and jump a little like you’re playing in the park😄
    Turn that stage as your playground hihihi cherette 🤗
    I’m proud of Chanel 😋 Go veckxs, magpaparty ako sa u kapag maTaft 5 ka hihihi 😊
    May chance cina IndiaNesia hihihi😄
    Congrats Asia dami nyo sa Taft 25👏👏

  7. Parang ASAP tong miss supranational, variety show ang peg. Tagal pa ng commercial kaloka haha

    • Venus Raj , your good luck doesn’t sound inviting. It’s like saying .. ‘ u need a lot of luck !’

    • Well I can’t help it if you are cynical and jaded . I wish her all the best. I think she is a bright charming person . I hope she has fun and enjoys herself . It’s about her not me .

  8. She looks like ‘the ‘ winner for me
    But I donot want to jinx it
    It’s tiring to hope and not see the wanted result .
    If she wins , it will be s consolation prize
    it will not erase the bad showing At MU MW and MI. . In a way , it’s still a thank you that Rachel made 10 to think that there equally deserving candidates that failed.

    • Fabian, with all due respect I beg to differ – IMHO we did rather well in MU. Making it to Top 10 is most certainly nothing to sneeze at when there are a lot of equally deserving and outstanding candidates who were shut out with their respective country’s investments on them practically wasted no thanks to the new format. Think glass half full, dear sir. But then you already know that, right? 😊

      At any rate, I choose to be optimistic with Chanel’s chances. I just have this very good gut feeling about her. 😃

      • If you will read more carefully , it says it’s still a thank you that Rachel made top 10, a great accomplishment in itself .
        And I agree, a lot of equally deserving candidates did d not make it …. like Peru Russia Mexico etc . It’s a contest . The judges could only call 16 into the the semi-final round .

      • Yes I got what you said the first time. Which is why if you also read my comment carefully you will notice that I said, “But then you already know that, right?” I just feel that your saying “the bad showing At MU MW And MI” comes across as rather very negative and a disregard of sorts for the individual hard work out in by our representatives. Yun lang naman. Peace! ✌️

        And congratulations to Chanel for finishing in the Top 10! Well deserved indeed and could have been better, but commendable nevertheless. 😃

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